Saturday, February 4, 2012

Accessories Talk - Necklaces

To me, accessories are a must with any outfits.

Necklaces talk for today!
(Since it is the easiest to talk about than shoes & bags haha)

When I was still schooling, I was crazy over necklaces & bangles. However, the necklaces were mainly long beaded, boho, 30" with charm to match the tanks, tees & tube dresses, which mainly were bought from Diva & F21.

Since I entered the working work 3 years back (how time flies!), I have stocked up on many one-tone shift dresses for work, especially cream, nude, black, coral and pink. Will grab them if they are in its perfect length (33"-34" for me), perfect cutting and of good material. Which is why those past necklaces do not match as well and I have been grabbing nice choker/statement pieces along the way. Been getting questions on them so I thought I will elaborate abit.

Got these choker pieces mainly from:-
* M)phosis - love their accessories now after I have out-grew their clothes)
* Forever 21 - sometimes they do have nice ones
* Tracyeinny - their weekly wed launches do not have nice necklaces & I have bought at least 5 from there till date!
* Diva - quite the hit-and-miss. have been stopping these few years as they do not really seem to last and tarnish quite often.
* Aldo - quality is awesome!
* Overseas - Bangkok, Hongkong mainly!

Storage for them were a problem initially (& maybe upcoming) as I have so many of them. Till the extent I have about 6 big boxes for them, making it impossible to hunt through the boxes for just one necklace.

Thank god for 3M, my saviour! After doing a marketing project on them in uni days, I have been quite a fan and their things do last and the money paid is really quite worth it. Sometimes, it can even exceed the weight that is stated on the box.

Recently, I found a perfect one for necklaces at Home-Fix. Meant to hold cord phone lines, there is another rubber hook on top to secure the necklaces!

These are some of the commonly worn necklaces which were hung on the wall by trusty 3M.

The rest which were more delicate & seldom worn (once fortnightly) were in this Diva Pink Accessories Holder. At a steal of $20 last year and I really love it! It can store quite abit and you can zip it to protect it from dust. Also, can fold up as and when you like especially overseas!

Of course, the rest (especially bigger pieces) are sorted out in another two boxes. Hopefully I will be able to stop buying for now to settle my storage problem!

These are the pieces I got from Hong Kong in Jan 12, bought everywhere when I see something I like. Not really cheap at average $18 per piece but quality is really not bad! :)

Got these babies at Aldo few months back, loving the silvers!

Beautiful gold pieces at TracyEinny last year.


Some of the outfits in the necklaces! :)

Absolutely love how the dresses were perfect canvas for you to experiment and just don on a necklace, changing the style immediately!

The boyfriends will never get it, but its a girls thing indeed. Why do we like to hang these items around our delicate neck haha.

Do share if you have any new shops to recommend for nice pieces, especially gold or blings! :D


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