Friday, February 3, 2012

♥ Hello BLOGGER, here we meet AGAIN!!

Hello all!! *WAVES*

(some random pic koped from instalgram to start off!)

So I've finally decided to re-blog FINALLY after thinking so long! :)
Finally settled the blog layout & did my banner on top with the lack of practice after so long!

I've been an avid blogger since 04 till I decided to stop the habit. For those years, I was blogging almost daily and religiously do picture collages & all. And I even had a shopping diary to contain the things I've been spreeing and buying to keep records.

Pity I stopped after I graduated from NUS and entered the awesome working world. Procrastinating and after awhile, the blog grew dust and I stop recording my daily thoughts.

Finally decided to stop being a lurker online to read blogs, but to start it again, because I need that avenue to write my random thoughts, post nice clothes & shoes and do my reviews! Blogging is very much different from twitter, random scribbles in notebooks. That was one of my resolution in this dragon year in fact! Partly motivated by many blogs I've been reading daily & what Shaun said about the lack of friends' blogs to read anymore! :D

So.. I'm very much determined to write here for a very long time, this enthusiasm will continue till I have grand-children! :)

Decided to start a brand new domain to start recording from 2012 onwards. My previous blog had too much memories which I still hold dearly till this days.

*Phew* Thank goodness this didn't feel as awkward as I've thought, since I'm worried thata my rambling thoughts will bore all and sound too odd on blogger again. However, it didnt really matter coz every blogger has his/her style and that makes every blog unique!
It seems that my writing style has changed really alot over the many years, which is a good change I hope.

So.. this will be a lifestyle & fashion blog mainly, because I'm really a hopeless shopaholic and I love anything fashion, mainly shoes & clothes!

Aren't they mad pretty??!

This is going to be a public space so will be quite careful but yet carefree and not restricting myself too much!
So everything is gonna come from my shoes, in my words :)
Spent like 2.5 hours doing this up, which is really a girl's thing indeed! :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shall start with some recent outfit post (#OTDs)

(Loving the Bysi Leopard Print Dress which matches the ASOS fuschia bow belt quite well!)

Mango striped Dress, F21 necklace, Bysi Red Bag

TVD floral dress, ASOS pink clutch, BCBG watch, Newlook necklace
(CNY Day 6 outfit- going floral & pink!)

(With Tess's dog - Ashley. Went her new place for CNY visiting and thanks for the invite I'm honored!)

Stradrives lace skirt, H&M top, LV speedy, Bal douple loop bracelet, Prettyfit wedges

CNY Day 2 outfit - super cute polka dots top from H&M with lace skirt. My mum looks uber young *grins*

Close up of the prints, loving how the feather necklace tame down the ruggedness of the Bal bracelet

With my awesome & pretty colleagues for our office lohei & photoshoot :)

HWC pink cheongsam, F21 pearl necklace, Newlook heels
Pink lace cheongsam with pearls!

(Fav item from mail this week - ASOS @ 22 pounds, super flattering and fits me perfect!)

Zara purple dress, ASOS black bag, Prettyfit Wedges, Aldo necklace

Purple Dress for Timbre after bathing due to office soccer training!

LoveBonito White Top & skirt, ASOS Pink Clutch, Pazzion flats

(CNY Day 6 Outfit)

With my favourite boy for CNY visiting

Outfit today to work - FEP Pearl Collar, ASOS Coral Dress, Hongkong bag

At labrador park - the crazy sat i woke up at 5.30am to run with the huge running group around keppel bay, kent ridge park etc for a leisure 12.8k run with eileen. am loving it!

the awesome view that greeted us at 7am.

CNY visiting - we were almost transported to school days. wearing green in ties during jc days.

Lastly.. ending a picture with my favourite jc girls whom i've known for almost a decade! :)

Will share more to come, gonna sleep for a whole day of work tomorrow!
Meeting my primary sch BFFs tml for dinner as well, can't wait.

Thank you for reading so much text so far, TGIF all!


Anonymous said...

helllooooo ruffle skirtsss. first to comment yayy! huat ah

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know where u got ur bcbg watch fr n roughly how much? I love it!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

haha this is my FIRST entry! Got at Tangs BCBG outlet at about $180 after 20% discount! it's so pretty right. Ion's BCBG has it too

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Ur very pretty :) enjoyed reading your entries!

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