Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pictorial post & Smooch Reviews!

Love the "chillax" weekends, catching up on sleep & exercise
Roaming around & full of spontaneity :)

Tuition was cancelled this week so I had a 3h gym session on Sat
& another 3h today, am loving it!
On leave tomorrow so maybe going for both Muscle Sculpt & Cardio Shape, sounds interesting!
Run350 (21.1km) is in April & the Sundown Full Marathon (42.2km) is in May
which means they are about 2-3 months away, oh man.
Been religiously running outdoor & stamina has been improving quite abit, so hopefully I will be able to survive them & hopefully improve on my p.b for both.
But somehow, each race is just different, be it the 10k, half or full, we just gonna listen to our body while focusing our mind :)

* * *
Pictorial update!

Pictures taken at 112 Katong, Parkway & Nex for food hunts.
Cannot resist icecream & jap food (esp sashimi!!!) in particular heh.

* * *


1) Smooch Delia Tiered Dress (French Rose) S

Was torn between colours during the launch because I love the turquoise, yet wanted a different colour in my wardrobe as I have few blue dresses by Smooch so far.

Settled for the French Rose & no regrets really. Colour is in between red & fuschia, very pretty shade. Love the aysmetrical hems, long at the back and shorter at the front, so flowy & look good with heels & flats. Material is smooth as usual with inner lining. Was worried the tiered design will make me look big but it does not, but yet with a romantic/flowy feeling. Love the knot design at the shoulders as well, not a normal chiffon dress definitely! :)

S fits me perfect with some slight allowance still, perhaps it will be my Vday dress!

2) Smooch Tori Dress in Mint S

Couldn't resist it due to the back design & uniqueness. Hardly own anything like this so decided to comment for it.

Wanted the peach but somehow I thought it will be too girlish for me so I settled for Mint. However, colour did not complement my skin too well (what I feel) and will probably like it better if it is cream or peach?

Love the design and zipper front, so easy to wear. Normal bra can be worn as well and the back part is so chic! Bottom fits me well and not snug as well *phew* Lovely material as well and very comfortable and super worth the bucks.

Another thing, it's too short for my liking but I guess for the design, too long wont look nice & its meant to look cute like this!

Selling this at $29.50 shipped
email me @

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