Monday, February 6, 2012

Review Post - TracyEinny & Catwalkclose

Was hesitating if I should start doing clothes review on this blog or just post the pictures on the forum instead. Ever since I think the reviews are going to be quite frequent. Should I? Hmm, will just post for these items and think about it again.

However, have stopped my purchases quite abit and looking at the bigger picture for now, so its good. Save up girl!

Review - Tracyeinny !

Not a very regular of their stuffs but I have been buying their accessories & bags during the last few months. This time round, they had a 40% sale off their web till end of Feb (i think), so I carted out these items after battling with their server for 30 mins! I got 4 accessories & 1 dress at just $50, so its really quite worth it!

Their customer service was quite prompt as usual and they have two outlets (Chinasquare & J8). Normally I picked it up from Chinasquare since my gym outlet is there but this time round, it was at J8.

Accessories - 2 gold necklaces & a colourful scarf

Pretty necklaces at less than $10 each, I had to grab them! Very pretty and of good material, will wear them quite often.
Being a scarf fan, my collection has grew quite abit. This scarf was different from the rest and initially, I was disappointed as it was quite long and bulky, not the usual square scarf or light weighted kind. However after playing and tieing them, its really chic and will brighten up any basic tank and shorts combi! Bright orange, red and yellow :)

Pleated Pink Dress (Size S)

Paired with the two necklaces from above! Very pretty shade of pink, not too dull nor too bright that flatters my skin tone. Good material as well with lovely pleated details in front. Length was perfect for work at 35" as well. Definitely a keeper this time, perfect with black heels!

* * *
Review - Catwalkclose Alysse Pleated Skirt in Wine

Paired with a F21 cherry tank & VS floral tank as above.
Got this from the Restock post recently on impulse, after recalling the past reviews. I have quite a bit of maxi skirts but this material is quite different from the rest. Weighted cotton and quite heavy, but yet not too bulky. Very comfortable and comes with belt loops (no belt though but it doesnt matter). Reminds me of the Love Bonito maxi skirts, but different material. Definitely keeping this as the length is perfect without sweeping the floor. No alteration and I love the wine shade! :)

* * *
Managed to collect my entire pile of altered clothes at Far East today. :) Used to think alteration is a waste of money but during the last year, I have been frequently them quite a bit. Mostly lengths for pencil skirt to end just above knee cap & dresses with too big arm holes. At least, you won't chuck the ill-fitted clothes aside so the right fit is quite important!

Posted the LB pleated dress online since the size was too big. But finally decide to alter to wear after months of posting! Fits perfect this time and I'm loving it! Loving the fit of the ASOS skirt as well, thanks to dear emmy :)

* * *
Craving for Yami Yogurt again!

Heading to bed and loving the post Bikram Yoga sleepiness effect! Namaste!


Stephanie Low said...

Hello Ying Tian! :D

I think you should post it on your blog coz... I don't check out the forums! Hahaha.. :p

yingtian said...

Steph thanks for reading hehe:) okay I will think about it, partly coz I think spamming too much reviews and all will make it cluttered haha:)

Cheryl said...

hey hey.. not sure if you remember me.. :) i am one of ur followers in instagram.. :)
love reading ur post:)

yingtian said...

of course i do you pretty babe!! nice knowing you & thanks for reading this page!!! :)

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