Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb 29 & Question Mark's Soccer finals :)

Happy Leap Year & Feb 29!

For working adults, its an additional day for us to work with the same pay.
For some countries, its a day where women can propose to men (i can hear men applauding!)
In America, today is the day you take a leap of faith and do something absolutely crazy.
So.. how was your leap year and what crazy thing you have done?

Last Friday we headed to ECP with butterflies in our tummy for the soccer match, even after several trainings.
We signed up for it for fun only. It was a uni-sex competition but we were the only girls team but luckily we had 4 guys in our team to help us out!
They were super awesome and surprisingly, we drew the first round 2-2, won the rest & went on to finals, before losing to the final team.

And... we won 2nd prize / 1st runner up!!! :))
mad happy & that's team spirit I guess!

Some of our training sessions!

So.. we knocked off at 5pm that day and headed to our pre-race dinner, Arnolds! The chicken was really super yummy and I kinda prefered it to KFC & Popeyes actually! :)

On E's car proceeding!

With our supporters before the match :)

Our full squad!

With pretty Junie!

Girls team!

Our team name was called Question Mark? as we forgot to fill in that part during registration, so HR took the name as our official name which was quite funny.
We drew the first round 2-2, won the second 3-1!

Final round VS Destroyers!

Us on the field! :)

Heres' our second runner up trophy & we won some vouchers as well !!!

All the participating teams- guys!!

Sorting out our vouchers haha

With my num 1 supporter who were there the whole night despite the lack of sleep the whole day, giving me tips throughout as well :)

It was a fun experience to get the legs active and team bonding, can't wait for the next! :)
I think work shouldn't be just work :)

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