Thursday, February 9, 2012

Striving for the skies & Giving thanks ♥

credits: instalgram

I always believe in striving for what I want and aiming for the skies even if it may be too optimistic..
probably that's my nature & being a stubborn scorpio
Even if I end up falling on my ass on the ground reaching for dust instead, I won't live to regret not trying.

I've failed several times, be it in my studies, career or even love.
but glad to make it this far and rebounce & get back in shape each time.

For now, I'm really blessed and contented with life in general :)
You know everyone has their set of problems & things they are unhappy with, mine included and I always hate whining to others about it coz it will never make things better.
To be honest, I really detest people who complain/whine but do nothing about it.
Nothing is perfect, your perspective will make alot of difference
That's one aspect I've learnt from my psychology major, how positive thinking & powerful the mind is.

Being in a big company right now allows me to gain experience & learn as much as I could,
especially with the career line giving me satisfaction & suits my personality, especially how its related to shopping somewhat.
I'm thankful.

Blessed with a somewhat close-knitted family & wonderful buddies,
as well as TC who is my best friend & only guy I have eyes for
We are hitting 3 years soon which is my longest relationship & I'm not taking anything for granted

For now, I just need to keep improving & working hard and keep loving life, living each day to the fullest
Easier said than done, but lets keep trying :)


Wendy said...

Jiayou Ying Tian!!

I love your blog~^^

Keep it up and thanks for being my friend and giving me encouragements....

Stephanie Low said...

Totally love this post! :D
You are one of the most optimistic people I know. I'm sure only people who keep on trying will succeed in life, in all aspects. So don't give up! Gambatte yo! :*)

yingtian said...

no problem dear :) keep smiling & live each day to its fullest as well wendy!!!

yingtian said...

hehe thanks for your support steph!!! :)

We can't avoid buggers or problems but life is too short to let them affect too much :) Keep striving also babe, may this year be a good one for us all!! jiayou!!! :D

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