Thursday, March 29, 2012

My morning lover - lets toast to good times!

A good cup of coffee is really really important for me in the morning
It tides me through the day, keeps me active and stay in the *work-mode*
I've tried not drinking coffee because caffeine can be really addictive
However, I ended up going back to it again like a drug because my mind drifts away after a while and I consciously know I skipped that cup this morning.

Been re-reading my psych textbooks and it triggered this question:-
I've always wanted to know if it really IS the coffee itself that is effective or its in the mind
Say if I substituted it with something else and imagined it to be coffee, will it work?
It could be that my brain has gotten conditioned itself to the taste that even the thinking and looking at the coffee keeps me alert physically
During one of my psychology module, it was explained that dogs start to salivate while hearing the owner ringing the bell, because it has gotten conditioned to the sound before food, knowing that its food time. Just like my heart pounding when I step out of Orchard MRT, even before I start entering any shops.
So unless I un-condition myself and replaced it with other substitutes, I'm sticking to my morning lover for a long long way to go, not that I mind.
Still, I'm limiting myself to one cup a day & only on weekdays :)
Not sure where this post is leading to, please pardon this coffee and random funy post.

Have been failing my shopping ban happily recently and this is no good:(

Monday, March 26, 2012

My first bellabox & prints galore!

This is what I have been to up to recently other than work!

Taken in the spinning room with cool blue lights! Quite addicted to the exciting spinning lessons x3 times a week and it really pumps the heart alot. It helped that blue, yellow and green lights were installed in the room so the whole session looks like a discoball with the music and us pumping on the one-wheel bike haha. Unlike the usual bike, this only has one wheel and stop turning when your legs stop pedalling. Its fun trying to learn the new tactics and standing up cycling for an hour with hair in your face. I'm still trying to learn the tactics and be better at it, hopefully won't get bored soon! Of course, nothing beats the real cycling outdoor still :)

Been running outdoor and training hard as well, for the upcoming 2 races in April & a full marathon in May. They are about 79 km when combined and I hope I survive! Signed them all up early in the year so I'm trying to find new ones to sign up for the later half in the year. Its a never ending cycle and absolutely hooked.


Subscribed to my first beauty box- Bellabox in March due to the wonderful reviews online.

Its like subscribing to a magazine monthly where it will arrive in your mailbox and you will eagerly await the contents. Just that this comes in form of beauty products, super awesome!
Suits me alot since I really like beauty and skincare products, so this is my first month. I stopped all my Cleo / Her World/ Shape subscription so this is sort of a replacement.

Subscribed at $15/month, you can stop your subscription any month. After subscription, I completed my beauty profile, stating your skin-type, preferences, hair type etc.

This is really a slow review but pardon me. I received the registered slip at my doorstep, but finally collected it 8 days later after 2 reminders due to my schedule now, its impossible to reach my sk postoffice before 6pm.

Tada! Here's the secret contents this month:-

Royal Cosmetics Royal Herb EX Cream
A'kin Lavender, Geranium & Jojoba Hand and Nail Creme
Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
Pure Therapy Intense Nourishing Body Moist
Dermalogica Multi Active Toner

Love the super pretty packaging, all girls love that! Comes in a nice box and ribbon which is like unwrapping a present, exciting!

The contents are definitely not the pathetic sample size, but travel size bottles which can be used for at least 2 weeks i supposed.
So far, I have tried the Dermalogica Toner and like it, as you can spray it over your face instead of the usual bottle toner which needs a cotton pad. Replaced it with my SK2 toner for fun, so I doubt that I will be purchasing the Dermalogica Toner.

Honestly this month, I wasn't too pleased as I hoped some useful make-up items to be in it. Like an eyeliner or a make-up remover. Not that toner and serum are not good, but I have my own set of skin-care that I kinda rely on, so will be more apprehensive to replace any with the products. However, I read that it is good to try out new products occasionally, as reliance on your skincare over a long period of time will make them lose its effect on your skin.

Can't wait for April's box since April is coming soon! Will probably be trying for 2 more months before deciding if I want to continue.

Overall, I thought $15/month is quite reasonable for products which valued to much much more and allows you to try out new things before purchasing :)

Met the girls on a laid-back Sat over a very fun Sushi tei and Nike shopping!
Thanks to Mel's BFF Nike race, we had 25% discount off our stuffs whee. New sports wear and it looks like a set that I wore it out for spinning & attack class the next day :)

Some recent outfits!

A pretty LBD with chio blings, thanks to emmy :)

LBD from Australia // Swivelle Nude Blazer // Diva Necklace

Wore this crochet skirt out and took less a minute to piece them together. Looking at it now, it was quite sloppy which reflects my mood back then.

Feeling really sick that day with eyes infection once again and it sucks more than having fever or flu. Not able to see with blurry vision is something I hope would not happen again, not worth it give them up for vainity really.

BC white tank dress (altered to top) // Labellavita Crochet skirt // Bugis reptile flats // Diva necklace // HK sling

Oh yes, went to Newlook and there's so many printed stuffs that I was really happy! These two dresses caught my eye, the first one was wore by Sheila Sim during the fashion show and the second look prettier in real life!
Somehow, I'm steering towards the second one as its more comfortable and looks good with a contrast belt. First dress is really pretty but the combination of prints + bodycon is not really my style and I might not even dare to wear it out though its pretty!
Might return to get the second one though!
First one costs $49.90 and second costs $64.90 i think.

In case you were wondering, I got the above heels because I love such prints on heels and pointy design adds another 10 more points to it haha. Can't wait to wear it with pants & shift dresses next week! :D


H&M's Conscious Collection: Spring 2012

Absolutely cannot wait for this collection!
The Conscious Collection will debut on April 12, with vibrant colours and red carpet looks.

Some of the pieces, I really like the neon green, pink maxi and floral dress.
So cheery and can be toned down with black outerwear and accessories :)



Random though, You know the thing about online, it can help to foster relationships or break them, depending on how it is used. Its amazing how I foster new friendships and renewed old ones online. Also, it is also via MSN that I talked to TC for months before we first went out for a date. Tech is kinda amazing in that way to combine with fate as well :)

PS/ Decided to just post this up instead of the combined AE / AA / CWC review as my camera went out of battery at 1.43am, telling me its time to sleep!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mid-week and a 5 min outfit post!

Been so busy recently with work & all that alone time is really really precious
But despite those silent wishes of having more chill time instead of running here & there, I'm really glad I STILL like what I am doing, especially the interaction with people from different walks of life and making a difference in my own way.
In primary school, I used to get "talkative and should learn to be quieter" remarks in my report books but now, I've learnt how to turn that negative trait to a slightly more positive one haha.

I'm targeting to finish this entry within the next 5 minutes so here goes the outfit spamming.


Here's my default outfit on weekends apart from dresses, basically a tank top and bandage skirt and necklace!
I have too many bandage skirts of different colours and they are super duper easy to match. Used to tuck my tops in but now I kinda like the tops tuck out so the torso won't look so short :)
Paired with a leopard prints flats to add prints to the whole look!

American Eagle lace top // Gojane Skirt // HK flats// C&K Mustard Bag // Diva Necklace // BCBG Watch

Balaclava @ ION

Met up with W & T for a quick dinner and then drinks at Balaclava.
First time at this awesome drinking place in Ion (accessible from carpark at L5) and its such a cozy nice place, I really like the atmosphere. The feeling that you can just lie on the comfortable sofa seat over drinks and fries, without a care and just sitting down forever, just soaking into the music by the band.
& Ngak is awesome as usual, he still plays at Wala, definitely an under-rated local talent.

Here's us with Ngak!


A Shimmery white shift dress that I bought on sale at $39.90 from Ion's Bershka last year.
It was during Xmas period and I was in that glitter/ shimmer-y mood that I got shoes and clothes like that haha. I like how simple it is and the leather trimmings that outline the silhouette, slimming effect! There is a curved hem at the side as well.
Only thing was that it came in L size but I still bought and altered it to fit anyway. Tried to convince myself that it is still cheaper than the original price at $79.90 after alteration. Oh wells, silly things I do at times, hope to wear it for the 3rd time to maximize the cost per use. Probably with a scarf or outerwear :)

Bershka shift dress // Diva Necklace // HK Heels

(Please pardon the dirty mirror and gym bag)


Here's a new peplum top from Bysi that I bought over the weekend. The perfect white top I have been looking for actually, with peplum design (!!), white collar (!!) and leopard collars (!!!!)
Grabbed it immediately and it was about $35 only. Really happy with the quality and all :)
Worn it with the trusty olive pants for a contrast and mustard heels!

Bysi leopard Top // ASOS earrings // HVV pants // Zara Heels


Wore the LBD floral dress from VRG again, this time with a Bysi hot pink jacket.
This jacket is terribly under-used mainly because it is below $40. I wanted something bright to contrast again the black colours and a jacket not too long as well.
I quite the simplicity of the outfit and colour contrast!
I don't like too matchy colours, so I like that the hot pink shoes and pink jacket are of different tones, while the black dress is different tone from the shimmery-black Bysi bag. Finally, paired with a Moschinno scarf watch for some prints :)

VDG dress // Bysi Jacket // Bysi Silvery Bag // Gojane raspberry heels // Moschino scarf watch

PS/ OFTD pictures taken by TC above. He's getting really really good at it, whipping the cam like a pro when I go "baby otd!" and he started snapping the details. Now I barely need to tell him the angle or to go to details haha.


Wanted to blog about the H&M Exclusive Conscious collection but have met my five minutes target mark for this entry. Shall keep it for the next post! :)
Bed-time for a long day ahead, can't wait for the evening!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reviews - Love Bonito, Kristine Yunny & The Tinsel Rack

Back with reviews once again!

I'm not expecting any parcels after these two items as I'm on my saving mission for bigger items & future ahead. Yes, no ASOS, no GoJane, nothing at this point in time.
So hopefully reviews will be kept to a minimum (i hope) though outfits of the day remain.

Love Bonito Tazelle Top in Sand (S)

(Paired with: ASOS sandals, Gojane skirt, Aldo necklace)

All thanks to dear mh again for helping me get it and passing it to me when it arrives, so sweet! She looks really fab in the tank top so I can't wait to see it.

A plain tank yes, but I have the habit of collecting basics because they are so versatile. This top had eyelets at the bottom and I love eyelets (which explain my twitter nick!). Price for the tank may be slightly steep considered its an internet apparel, but definitely worth it as compared to retailers like Topshop and Zara.

Reason why was the material used was really good and not the usual thin Cotton-on kinda cotton. Slightly sheer but not obvious under strong lighting at all. Sizing wise, S had allowances on me, though XS might fit just right. Would prefer S fora comfty fit and to layer with skirts, tops etc :)

Will pair this item with bandage skirts, tank dresses and fitted pencil skirts. Chose this as I have too many white tops! Heard that the colour was the least popular, but I really like it as its versatile and can be match with almost every colour. Would love to get a vibrant coral next, but one colour is definitely enough (rule of thumb for now!)

Kristine Yunny Drapey Cowl Dress in White (S)

Up next is this white cowl dress, which really kinda exceed my expectations. It looks kinda sheer on the website and I wonder if I will really wear this out.

When item came, I was happy at the material used and how it looked on me. Length is nice above my knee and able to wear for work. Quality of dress is relatively good and not very sheer, though nude garments are recommended. The cowl details are front and back and nicely done as well without adding bulk to the frame.

Able to wear with one side draped and that's the versatility about cowl dresses. First cowl white dress and it looks quite grecian and angelic, so I may be keeping it though on second thoughts, its abit too demure for me.

Can picture this in gold accessories and heels, with the hair up! Priced at $35.50, I though it was not as expensive as her other apparels since the quality made up for it. Only thing was that Size S was slightly loose though still alright. Pretty glad KY will be launching more XS items.

Interested buyers email me at

The Tinsel Rack Maxi Skirt in Cobalt (XS)

Was at KissJane earlier and nothing caught my eye in the shop surprisingly. Funny how online items look more appealing, with the lighting and all.

However, this maxi skirt caught my eye as it looks fab on Lihan and several others! Tried the cobalt piece in XS and it is really pretty. Love how flowy it is and requires no alterations at all. Very nice colour and rich!

XS fits me alright but I would prefer a S for a more comfty fit. There's only L in the shop so I didnt really try it. Didnt get it coz I have too many maxi skirts (in white, cream, forest, burnt orange, brown, green for reference) and on weekends I normally wear shorts.

Still a very lovely piece!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Outfits & Reviews - LRH & TE

Starting the entry with a food-for-thought non-fashion note :)

Its really hard to describe love, how do you start?
I have never figured it out actually, its not like a question you can flip the dictionary & there's so many kind of love. Is sacrificing love, is relying love, is being happy love?
So what's your definition?

Simply and perfectly written, not the best english but I thought it depicts that silly fuzzy feeling quite well. Sometimes, you just know, you just do.

Back to town so there's more effort to dress up recently :)

TC has been helping me to take the OFTD pics and he's getting better at it I must say.
Much better than the self timers or mirror shots.
Please pardon the tired face expressions though.

The usual LBD on Monday, here's one from VRG.
Paired with black-gold bag, earrings & watch, my fav colour combi to go with black.
One of my picks for brick&mortar shops for work clothes, thought BYSI is still my top fav.
This black structured dress has floral prints though not too obvious and perfect length for work, awesome for every Mondays :)

Then, it was another cheery turquoise skirt for work in my fav blue shade.
Been kinda wearing this khaki/pink Newlook heels quite often, need to start rotating my shoes!


Today, I tried a all white combi with pastel peach and I'm loving it!
I paired a cream chiffon top with a white pants, so that it will look less PAP-ish.
At least there's some colour contrast but still maintaining the clean lines
And paired with the Peach Blazer to add some colours, with my matching heels :)
Whole outfit is from H&M btw, except for accessories which is same as above.

Its really fun trying out new colour combination and I was feeling quite chirpy the whole day, though I reached home at 10pm deadbeat.

Review - Little Red Heels Hooked Bustier Floral Top (White S)

In love with the prints that I joined the BO, which is a first in many months since I am very impatient. Top was awesome as per the reviews from the other babes whom I trust alot, since they have the best taste ever!

The prints did not disappoint and material is thick enough though no lining, not sheer at all. Able to go with almost any bottoms (except floral), from demin shorts to pencil skirts, flared skirts or bodycon skirts.

Picture above worn for a weekend look or weekday look. Its not short either and does not reveal the belly! I sold my LB Walsh top coz I dislike the length alot though the quality is wonderful, so was happy to know that this does not give me the same problem. Definitely a keeper and a score from LRH this time!

& ending with some statement pieces from TracyEinny which I love :)
I can so picture them over a plain black tank dress.

Its been 6 days since I last jogged and I am feeling all sorts of withdrawal symptoms sigh. Feeling really restless, weird and something different. Will be home late for the rest of the week to do so as well sigh.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Of fun & weekends!

So much fun during the weekends & here's a picture post :)

On Friday, we went KPO Bar for Ash's bday eve :)
It was awesome to see the group after a long day of work!

Here's the TGIF outfit - trying out a new combination.
Finally wore my Melissa shoes out and I like how the heels are not tall at all, very minimal actually.
Together with the Smooch purple knotted skirt which was barely utilized till date, the colours complemented each other quite well :)
However, do not really like how black drains the purple and would try a lighter colour next time hmm.
With the group at KPO, over drinks & dinner :)
They were extremely hot on Friday and N is how lucky to be the only guy haha.
Happy birthday darling!


BBQ session at Pasir Ris.

Thank god for the rain which stopped minutes ahead of the BBQ so we could have our chill-out,food and fun.
TC & I cycled there and it was quite a cooling ride, though I was kinda lazy to cycle back after that.
Love the gatherings, more to come!
L brought along her two dogs as well and we had fun taking pictures with them haha.

Here's the dogs!

This is Muffin, the very pretty white Japanese spitz dog!

While this is Jolly, the dark sleeping dog.

Pictures with the dogs

Started our BBQ after the rain with Q& TC's help!

Feli came and helped out!

With TC, i like this pic :)

And S brought Mere along as well and she's full of smiles, so cute!

Group picture to end the fun night :)

Spent the entire Sun afternoon in gym and dad picked us up for his bday dinner!

Outfit on Sunday

I really like how the lace complemented the crochet together with the accessories :)

American Eagle Lace White Top / Labellavita crochet shorts / F21 necklace / Bal bracelet / Havaianas slippers

At his favourite restaurant with the salted butter crabs:)

We make it as a point to celebrate birthdays together as a family or occasions.
It may be a simple meal but its the small things that bond the family as a whole, like how mum would cook dinner daily and kept in contact with us via whataps daily.
You know despite all the differences and all, family are the one who will stick together with you without expecting anything in return and I wouldn't trade my family for any other things in life.
Blood's thicker than water, cliche but how true.
Don't wait till regret before cherishing them, lets make it a point to express love more explicitly.


Review Post - Labellavita & Love Bonito & ASOS

Finally able to take some time off to post these reviews, as the photos have been sitting in my phone since last week (:

LaBellaVita Imogen Crochet Shorts & Imelda Crochet Skirt

First purchase from them & got to know from dear Fel, who look extremely pretty in their items!
Review on their Customer Service first, which I think should be the top thing to look out for in any online shops beside their apparels. It plays a very important part and may stop someone from buying if response is slow, item never reached, defect items or rude replies. Since shopping is such a fun experience, noone would want to make themselves angry or pissed right.
So far, it has been a fuss-free experience for my first and i won't mind patronizing again!

Here's the items :)

Imogen Crochet Shorts

I've tried those at Zara which costs about $79.90. However for this shorts, its at more than half of the price and IS really flattering!

Good quality and of decent crochet details which I do not think will be ruined easily via washing. Comes with elastic band, but do no cheapen the shorts as it kinda blend in with the rest of the crochet parts. Able to fit up to a uk 10 with the elastic band.

Comes in a very nice cream and not the very yellow nor white sort, which would pair with outfits very easily! Able to pair with a flowly pastel tank (since its the S/S collection now!), cotton shirts or with cardigans. Who says shorts need to be boring? Definitely a good addition to my trunk of shorts which were mainly coloured, eyelet or demin.

Would say that it is definitely a good buy for its price & I love it! Wore it out today since its the weekends and outfit post in the post above this.

Imelda Crochet Skirt

Honestly, I got the skirt as well since I could not decide between one. Shorts are extremely casual and easy to wear or match while skirts are dressier and can be wore to dates/towns! So I got both as they were really at a steal as compared to retail prices.

No regrets, as the crochet was not exactly similar to shorts and its equally pretty. Comes with black elastic band which can be easily concealed by longer tops. Just that its slightly short so its best to wear with flats for me. :)

Really no complains and it makes any basic top looks dressier instantly!


Love Bonito Taffie Top (S) in White/Black

Paired with my new Gojane skirts!

Both are extremely good basics to have, though I feel that the white seems to be smaller than the black. Of good material which may not fur, so its a good buy at $19 each. White is sheer so best to wear under nude garments while black obviously is not. The U shape is extremely flattering, as well as the low back top.

These basics match with almost everything, and I foresee them wearing alot under high waist skirts, demin shorts and pencil skirts! They kinda conceal the arms abit to make it slimmer, so its awesome! One thing is that they slip off my shoulders quite abit but its still fine at the moment.

Carted out two blacks accidentally but I have sold one already, do not PM me :)


ASOS arrived as well, together with the pink Melissa shoes in the right size (UK 7) this time!

Love the purple and colourblock dresses, the colours are extremely rich and vivid in reality! However, alteration needs to be done to make the purple dress shorter and the colourblock dress tighter, though they were both in size 6. Of good material and can't wait to wear to work soon :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Red VS Black & GoJane loving!

Quick entry before heading to bed.

Usually it will turn out to be a super-not-quick entry because I have the habit of re-reading and making sure everything is all in place like a compo, html in-tact, pictures loading etc. Bad habit because it should be more candid I guess!


With my favourite friends at A's baby shower. Two years ago we attended his wedding and now really glad to see their baby girl Shannon out and turning 1 month old :) Mad sweet.
Amazing & awesome for ex-colleagues to have all "graduated" and turning good friends, keeping in close contact. BBQ session this weekend and next wedding would be Felicia's woohoo!

The graduation picture:)

My fav shopping buddy!

We had a cosy hang-out at S's lovenest after that over beer, pizza and chips and watching TV. What could get more shiok than that on a Sat night with happy people, happy food and plain chilling? :)
Can't wait to start the house-hopping session really soon when our flats are all ready!
Her baby girl, Mere is an absolute sweetheart and she's super duper smart for a 2yo.


Was in a cheery and chirpy mood this week, so most of my outfits are in a red-pink-CNY tone!

Its that kind of feeling when the crows do not seem that irritating, MRT waits do not seem that long, sun seems brighter and air seems fresher. All in the mind that influence your perspective.
No particular reason though I suspect a one day leave can make that difference.

A casual hot pink mesh dress one day.

& I wore this pink ASOS ribbon back dress on Monday.
Super love the back design though it was kinda loose even being a size 6. Looks kinda like LB Taia Kate Dress in front, with the slight flare design and meant to be worn like that.
It comes with black but I took pink so that it won't be more fun and less formal!
Went to alter some dresses as well and aunty told me it can be altered smaller and less flare, yay to that!

Before and after fringe hair-cut at Maison@FEP (absolute longtime fav!)
Jeremy cuts the best side-swept fringe and very dedicated, making sure everything is in place, blow-drying to make sure it curls and wax it in place.
I've changed a couple of salons due to convenience & work, but Maison is still my fav.

3rd pic before cut

Here's my mold teeth by my dentist - before & after braces.
I did my top row braces (plastic) for 10 months last year impulsively without much thinking.
Its quite minor adjustment for 2 tooth on the top row, didn't put braces for bottom as its pretty straight. There was no extractions and very little discomfort, eating goes on as normal :)

(Before VS after)

Went up with the sec sch gang at Ding Tai Fun for dinner & here's with pretty grace!

& another ASOS red dress for work again.

The shade is different from the previous two dress, more work appropriate & structured.
Paired with black accessories head to toe & red-black is one of my favourite combi
Rotating my shoes abit to air them and here's a GoJane black studded heels!

Finally went to work today with a LBD after the reds :)

Its a super old dress that I can't rem where I buy it from. Normal cotton but the halter-cut-out-design makes up for it, even the back part is cut-out! Love it as no necklaces are needed at all:)
Paired it with a ASOS cut-out belt and my trusty mustard heels!

Skipped the blusher and went with just bronzer & concealer & eyeliner
Kinda like the tanned look!

Colleague passed me the GEO lens she helped me to get from KL!
Feel safer buying from authorized dealers than online.
Read from it from dear MH's blog and her recommendations never go wrong! :)
I ordered the GEO Angel, Fresh Colour, Nudy lens in mainly brown, black and grey.
They had the buy 5 pairs-1 pairs promos so I got 6 pairs in total at 35RM each, total being about SGD73, which is really quite cheap with each being less than $14.
Came in really in time since I am using up my last pair and usually buy them half-yearly at the cheap Hougang place!
As I have different degrees for both sides, I have to buy minimum two boxes each time.

I'm currently wearing the Sparklers Pink Series from Freshkon btw, though it looks like brown in all my pictures LOL. So far, I swear by Freshkon (alluring/dazzlers) and GEO as they are most comfortable for me as I tend to wear them for quite long hours (not good!)

Here's the address if you are interested!

Can't wait to try them soon! :)


My Gojane parcel has arrived and I'm loving both heels and skirts!

Absolutely gorgeous heels!
The gold one looks way prettier in real life, resembling mermaid's scales with the scallop design. Pink cut-out looks awesome against black as well.

Been wearing Gojane shoes for few years. One thing is that they are really quite high but however with the platform and cushion inside, its really comfier than it looks.
Comes with anti-slip at the bottom and of good quality so I'm a fan of their heels :)

Shipping is 35USD for items between 50USD - 100 USD. All shoes were on sale but after calculating the shipping, it works out to be about $35 each, since the USD currency is really in our favour, as compared to UK's ASOS. Even with shipping, I thought they were still cheaper than our local shops (Aldo, Pazzion etc)

& I got these crochet loving from the mail today, absolutely loving both the skirt and shorts.

Will review them in another post as its 2.30am & I really need to stop like now!
this is so not a quick entry at all, good nights!