Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Outfits & Reviews - LRH & TE

Starting the entry with a food-for-thought non-fashion note :)

Its really hard to describe love, how do you start?
I have never figured it out actually, its not like a question you can flip the dictionary & there's so many kind of love. Is sacrificing love, is relying love, is being happy love?
So what's your definition?

Simply and perfectly written, not the best english but I thought it depicts that silly fuzzy feeling quite well. Sometimes, you just know, you just do.

Back to town so there's more effort to dress up recently :)

TC has been helping me to take the OFTD pics and he's getting better at it I must say.
Much better than the self timers or mirror shots.
Please pardon the tired face expressions though.

The usual LBD on Monday, here's one from VRG.
Paired with black-gold bag, earrings & watch, my fav colour combi to go with black.
One of my picks for brick&mortar shops for work clothes, thought BYSI is still my top fav.
This black structured dress has floral prints though not too obvious and perfect length for work, awesome for every Mondays :)

Then, it was another cheery turquoise skirt for work in my fav blue shade.
Been kinda wearing this khaki/pink Newlook heels quite often, need to start rotating my shoes!


Today, I tried a all white combi with pastel peach and I'm loving it!
I paired a cream chiffon top with a white pants, so that it will look less PAP-ish.
At least there's some colour contrast but still maintaining the clean lines
And paired with the Peach Blazer to add some colours, with my matching heels :)
Whole outfit is from H&M btw, except for accessories which is same as above.

Its really fun trying out new colour combination and I was feeling quite chirpy the whole day, though I reached home at 10pm deadbeat.

Review - Little Red Heels Hooked Bustier Floral Top (White S)

In love with the prints that I joined the BO, which is a first in many months since I am very impatient. Top was awesome as per the reviews from the other babes whom I trust alot, since they have the best taste ever!

The prints did not disappoint and material is thick enough though no lining, not sheer at all. Able to go with almost any bottoms (except floral), from demin shorts to pencil skirts, flared skirts or bodycon skirts.

Picture above worn for a weekend look or weekday look. Its not short either and does not reveal the belly! I sold my LB Walsh top coz I dislike the length alot though the quality is wonderful, so was happy to know that this does not give me the same problem. Definitely a keeper and a score from LRH this time!

& ending with some statement pieces from TracyEinny which I love :)
I can so picture them over a plain black tank dress.

Its been 6 days since I last jogged and I am feeling all sorts of withdrawal symptoms sigh. Feeling really restless, weird and something different. Will be home late for the rest of the week to do so as well sigh.


Anonymous said...

Hi when did u buy the bracelet from tracyenny? It's gorgeous! Do u know if it is still in stock?

yingtian said...

hi babe! i got it from TE two weeks back :) think its oos but there's other colours.

Anonymous said...

think they r doing a backorder. Btw i added you on twitter cuz I found your blog interesting, hope u dun mind. =)

Cheryl said...

i love your white pants! where you bot?

yingtian said...

h&m babe! level 1! :D

yingtian said...

ok quickly join its worth it! :D just approved some twitter followers, are u lynn? :) thanks for reading again, i will try to update more :)

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