Thursday, March 29, 2012

My morning lover - lets toast to good times!

A good cup of coffee is really really important for me in the morning
It tides me through the day, keeps me active and stay in the *work-mode*
I've tried not drinking coffee because caffeine can be really addictive
However, I ended up going back to it again like a drug because my mind drifts away after a while and I consciously know I skipped that cup this morning.

Been re-reading my psych textbooks and it triggered this question:-
I've always wanted to know if it really IS the coffee itself that is effective or its in the mind
Say if I substituted it with something else and imagined it to be coffee, will it work?
It could be that my brain has gotten conditioned itself to the taste that even the thinking and looking at the coffee keeps me alert physically
During one of my psychology module, it was explained that dogs start to salivate while hearing the owner ringing the bell, because it has gotten conditioned to the sound before food, knowing that its food time. Just like my heart pounding when I step out of Orchard MRT, even before I start entering any shops.
So unless I un-condition myself and replaced it with other substitutes, I'm sticking to my morning lover for a long long way to go, not that I mind.
Still, I'm limiting myself to one cup a day & only on weekdays :)
Not sure where this post is leading to, please pardon this coffee and random funy post.

Have been failing my shopping ban happily recently and this is no good:(

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