Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Love Bonito Kassel Knot Skirt (S)

Received LB Kassel Knot Skirt in wine (S) from the latest BO so here's a review! Honestly, I was kinda thinking of letting it go before BO arrives as I have the lilac (as reviewed previously). Nevertheless, its in such a pretty shade of wine that I would be keeping and absolutely flattering. Runches and knots are tricky as they can make you bigger or smaller than what you are but for this case, it has a slimming effect (or so I think).
Won't usually match white with red but for this wine-maroon colour, the new Zara basic top matches quite well :) Absolutely thumbs up!

Here's the lilac piece I've reviewed previously, this time round I added a Mango demin jacket for a different look.

Its an extremely popular item but its a basic, just like the famous Topshop 2 for $39 spags and you can jazz it up in your own way even if there are four of the same item in the MRT cabin. Confidence, style and rock it your own way :)

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