Monday, April 9, 2012

ASOS 50% Sale!

Its been a really long time since I ordered ASOS, so with their latest 50% right now, I could not resist!

Somewhat they make up an outfit, when you place the lace shorts, pastel cami, nude clutch and toe-capped flats altogther.

Basically, I'm having a lace & pastel mood this April.
Carted these in minutes, there's other items I saved in my account but I do not think I will wear them more than 3 times so I didn't cart them out. Like that rainbow dress.

Also, I'm having this toe-capped craze at the moment and still thinking & trying to resist the nude-gold toe cap Zara flats seen last weekend.

Happy Monday!
Do check out ASOS 50% Sale @ and that eye candy might make your monday better :)

yr fellow shopaholic (for today only)

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