Sunday, April 1, 2012

First race in 2012 - 2XU 15k Compression Run

Went for my first race in 2012 on Aprils Fool - 2XU Compression Run

Did the 12km 2XU run last year and I was really impressed with the wonderful logistics and smooth organising (very impt), quite a fan of 2XU apparels as well, so I decided to pre-joined it again this year round :)

For every run, waking up at 5-6am is always a challenge and even tougher than the run itself
Part of me would want to go back to sleep, but I'm glad I've not back out for the last 3 years, probably due to the money paid and the pride haha :)

TC went again with me despite the lack of sleep, thanks dear!

About 10,000 people joined this time, for both 10k & 15k category
It was really really hot when it started at 7.30am and it was a sea of black-blues

Crossed the finishing line with a satisfactory timing so I'm really glad to combat the mad hot sun!

The 2xu medal this year :)

& its brunch time for us who are mad hungry!

Really appreciate how TC woke up so early, waited patiently, take pics, walk around and carried my bags without complaining for all my races. <3
During the last 2 full marathons, he waited patiently close to 6 hours under the sun which is really tougher than running, delivering me water during several checkpoints
Biggest supporter ever!

To me, every run is not the same which is why I'm so damn addicted
Each run IS an experience and even for the same route or distance, your body condition and mood that day differ and its all in the mind to push you through
I like training for them and even if after putting in effort and the race timing didn't meet my expectations, I will know what to improve on the next time round :)
Each run makes me learn something more about my body & the thoughts during the run are always different, and I like how you push yourself through the end, looking at the distance markers, finding water points to reach the destination
There will be slight thoughts on giving up or to just heck it and walk, but ultimately the mind will overcome these weaknesses hopefully
To me, that's probably the best thing about running, it trains the mind- I find that I overcome obstacles in life much better, without the fear or constant thought to quit.

Life is like running, you stop, you take breaks, you gain support from friends/family/ partner along the way, but you have to decide the way to proceed to reach the destination yourself without giving up.

Can't wait for the next run in 3 weeks time, its gonna be my second half-marathon! :D


valerie said...

your post and words are so inspiring.. I think that sentence in bold is so true... running trains e mind.. no wonder my mind Is weak!!! I should start running too. really admire you for all your run achievements! seriously 25k???!!! I think I have trouble finishing 2.5k leh... no wonder your figure so good! and tc is so sweet to wait for u. btw your outfit for the run is pretty!' makes your waist so tiny again.. you are my exercise ou Xiang hahahaa

veronica said...

you are also my running idol man!! omg, when can i ever run such long distance w/o breaking my legs!!! OMG!! amazing la you.

yingtian said...

babe ur first comment on my blog goes to running and not shopping?!?

haha its really true, running makes me more determined, less geh kao and more optimistic!! your words are too kind, what exercising idol?!?! jiayou for your fun run this weekend and enjoy the process whee!

yingtian said...

no pls veron what running idol?! im just normal!!! u try running abit with ur XX, the after effect and the flush in cheeks feel good. u swim so much so ur legs shld b power too!

valerie said...

hahah.. here goes my reply again!!

actually this was not my 1st comment, but i cant seem to publish via iphone.. so previous times i gave up and twit replied u instead :( i hope to get my heart to start pumping and my legs to start moving.. Hahaha...

maybe someday somehow i can even complete 10km (wishful thinking now) hahaha..

acty i like hot yoga!! but last time i join true fitness the yoga classes always full and i cannot go in :( so i sold my membership.. is yours like that too? Its also difficult for me cuz my working hrs are irregular.. im looking for those fixed yoga classes like attend ten times pay X amt.. sure got space for me kind. Do u know any? :DD

hot yoga helps me sweat.. cuz i dont sweat easily even if i run or what.. LOL.

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