Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reflections, Outfits & Reviews - LB/SMooch

31.05.2012 -
Amazing, it's half way through 2012, can you believe it?!
Months by months flew and its true that life in SG is so fast-paced that we are rushing to keep up with it constantly, yet there's a need to take stock and reflect.
Procrastination is a common habit with countless "tomorrows" that will never come..

So far, I've managed to accomplish some the items I've secretly want to do in Jan
1) Set up a blog and blog regular (I've done that since Feb 12)
2) Continue running and improve my timings (Got a PB for 21 & 42 km)
3) Spend more time with my family

Okay the list ends there, kinda pathetic so here's more for the remaining year
1) Continue to wear retainers (I currently wear fixed retainers so am too lazy to wear the removable retainers though its a good option to do)
2) Save more (Set aside more money ever month for new house!)
4) Learn driving (No urge to do it don't know why)
5) Continue running, never stop
6) Sleep early!
Setting realistic goals help I hope. :)

Really looking forward to June for our 3 years anniversary teehee.

Managed to influence my sis to sign up with me for the upcoming Yellow Ribbon Run in Sept, mad exciting! :) It will be her first race woohoo!!
As for me, really looking forward to the 4 runs in the remaining 6 months to push myself more.

So how have your past 5 months in 2012 been?
Lets gear up and charge ahead in the remaining months!


An OFTD for Tues, slightly different as its the Gaga concert day!
Paired with the bling top from Smooch and i love it!

Smooch bling top / CWC Ruffled dress / TE Necklace / FCUK Watch

Attended Lady's Gaga stay real concert with Tess and its really awesome.

Tess's Gaga shoes, absolutely perfect!

To be honest, I am not really a fan as I find her abit over the top. But gonna admit she is a good entertainer and sings live throughout, without any signs of fatique. Right till the last song with 2 more songs during encore section, the song was sang perfectly with dance moves. Not to mention the changing of outfits during every single section, just plain fantastic! If there's any concert worth the bucks, it would be none other than Gaga. She don't just sing, she practically rock the whole house down!

I like the part where she talked and shared personal thoughts with the audience, on staying real and to live the life we want and to believe that there is a spotlight around us all the time.
Thoroughly enjoyed the concert with Tess, thanks to J! :D

Here's us in contrast with the other dressed up fans.

We had awesome seats right in the middle so it was really a good view :)
Too bad I didnt bring along my cam so had to use my iphone

Here's Gaga's wonderful castle, super duper awesome props!

Pictures from Maxine's fb to share (hope you don't mind! :D)


Lazy #OFTD - Mango Snake-print dress with flats.

I never hide my love for such animal prints, be it reptile, python, snake, zebra and especially leopard because it is kinda exotic in a way haha, though I am scared of these animals haha. Bought this during a sale and not sure if I can pull it off without looking too old but luckily it seems alright :) With bright accessories for a contrast.

Mango dress / Pedro flats / Kenneth Cole Watch/ MD Cuff Bow

It happened to be dear Sham 's farewell as well, a girl with the best smile and most sincere personality ever. My fellow soccer team mate and we have lack another netball player as well. However, we have gained another awesome friend to meet after work :)


Okay, here's the reviews of some items :)

SMooch Sheer delight in black / cobalt

Tough choice selecting the colour but somehow I turned to black/cobalt though I liked the hot pink, but this seems more toned down and refreshing for a change :)

To be honest, the length is too short for me and the only reason why I would sell it away. Sizing wise, it has allowances but I'm fine with it.

Length aside, the dress is fab with two looks. I paired a bling ASOS belt in the first with the mesh down and it looks so chic! Remove the belt and hitch it up for a casual feel, what's there not to love? Material is average and cooling for the weather. I love how the blue peeks out for the dress subtly :)

A steal at $25.50 and I love the design!
Email me at if interested, I will still think about it haha.

Love Bonito Peplum Skirt in Malachite(S)

The fourth peplum skirt I've own so far after having a white, black and nude version. I wanted cobalt but it was OOS so I got this colour instead. On a sad note, didnt manage to get the bralet as well, fingers getting really slow now haha :)

I love the design of the skirt, its less poofy than the MGG one that I have worn it here. This is less stretchy as well. Hard to decide which one I prefer coz both has different feel. This is more suitable for work while the MGG one is cuter and more casual.

Colour is duller than the website and more toned down. A pretty shade of green! Looks good with cream, black and yellow I thought. Size S fits me well with some allowances and very comfty. Nothing to fault at all.

Will be letting go of this because I have too many green skirts!
$30.50 shipped
Email -


Oh yes, I've got a couple of enquiries and emails on my Gojane orders.
I have ordered it for the last 4 years and really love them to bits haha.
For some who emailed me, apologies if I am unable to take in your orders but I will definitely try my best next time.

Been a naughty girl and there were two batches in two days again for my friends & i..
They had the discount code (Memorial31) which takes 25% off entire order. And those codes have lead to me being such a loyal customer from them over the years haha.
I have only two pairs though, coz my pretty mint ribbon skirt went out of stock! :(
More pretty shoes for my friends and colleagues yay!

Here's the tweed pink cap-toe (yes again!) & reptile heels that I've ordered.
Love at first sight for both that there were zero hesitation really.

For now, I will try to curb the shoe-aholic in me to keep my hands off that website for a few months and refer to my reflection above haha :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Selling GoJane for friends!

Selling these Gojane babies at cost for my beloved friends as they didn't fit too well. Looking for the perfect Cinderella! :)


Cute and crisp! The cute bow completes the suede peep toe and slight chunky heel. Cover your feet in cuteness! This shoe is a perfect touch to that little black dress. Heel height: 5 inches. Women's whole & half sizes. All Man Made Material. Imported.

Size 5.5.
Fits UK 35 to small UK 36 best. My friend is a UK 36 and slightly snug

$35 with a Meet-up


Add some manageable height to your look with these canvas upper peep-toe wedges featuring stitched accents and a leatherette insole. We think they look particularly delightful when paired with a flirty frock, but as always, you are free to write your own fashion adventure. Wedge height: 3 inches. Women's whole & half sizes. All Man Made Material. Imported.

Size 5.5
Fits UK 35 to small 36 best. My friend is Size 36 and slightly snug

$27.50 with a meetup


Size 6.5
Fits UK 36 to small 37 best. My friend is Size 37 and slightly snug

$27.50 with a meetup

Price is fixed and at cost, exclusive local shipping.
Everything is brand new in box except for the wedges that came in plastic!

Cinderallas interested -

PS/ Previous pair below is pending, thanks for your interest!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Gojane!

Post-marathon day and my legs are kinda sore!!! :(
I thought Project Shoes should halt, but flats are part of shoes right (quoting Huiyi!)

#Project shoes - An old nude pair from TW, kinda worn out but mad comfty so its a keeper for now :) So here's my very slack OFTD with no make-up (to let skin rest), with the new $5 necklace from m)phosis sales. Have always like m)phosis accessories! :D My slack outfit will usually consist of a dress and statement accessory with flats/heels when I ran out of fashion juices haha :) I like this dress coz it has really pretty details but kinda demure for me hahaha.

M)phosis necklace // Swivelle White Dress (selling this!) // Taiwan Flats //Massimo Dutti Cuff


OKAY, and finally finally after chasing speedpost for one whole week, GOJANE IS HERE!

Its really frustrating dealing with Singpost, according to USPS the parcel was here last Monday. And I checked the status daily and it states "Still in transition to destination - Singapore" DAILY. Hello, it takes 5 days in USA to send it here but 7 days in SG?! Ridiculous and I called and emailed in. But their replies take ages and ask me to be patient and "we understand your agony but please let us check". So after lots of ding-dongs, i finally got it today, and I had to limp down because they were too lazy to take the lift with the heavy parcel.. good job i love you.

Back to the gorgeous shoes, we had such a fun time opening, fashion-showing with our dresses and taking photos. Bad influence of me to introduce such websites beside ASOS, but good things must must share right? Especially to nice people!!!!

I cannot help the excitement!

Opening the big box

The colours are all so awesome and bright, especially the printed ones!
I bought only two actually which is the printed heels and toe-cap pink flats, awesome self-control! :D

Here's the shoes-whoring haha.

my colleagues look awesome in their ASOS dresses with the shoes! :D

here's mine!

& Ending with a sticker that they sent which is pasted on my computer now
I don't agree the quote though haha :P

Gojane - Quick review
Been ordering quite a couple of times and it is really affordable even after shipping. A good pair usually costs $60 in stores but its usually between $20-$40 and the design is so unique! The heels may look high but its very comfortable and comparable to the newlook and pazzion ones. I like that they are trendy and not so common. Shipping is tiered so its only worth it to get about 3-4 pairs (USD 100). For sizing, they fit true to local sizing. I'm a local 8/39 and usually I take 8 or 8.5 from Gojane. So far so good! Hope the information helps for fellow shoe-aholics!


Okay, I'm selling this damn chio glitter pink cap-toe flats (Size 8.5) because they are slightly too big.
They will fit a UK39/40 best. Super pretty with glitter in front and the pink is too sweet!! Super sad but it didnt make sense to exchange for a smaller size :(

$35 with a meetup (at a loss already but hope to find a better owner!)


Okay, gonna spam myself with the OSIM Uphoria leg massager. Climbing down the stairs hurt so much and I'm still kinda limping so hopefully heels can resume next week!! :(

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sundown Marathon 2012 (26 May 2012)

Highly anticipated marathon for me, because this year its held in the city -"Live up the city" instead of the boring changi costal route
It was my 4th full marathon as well and how time flies!

Did not expect it to be the most memorable 42km ever, so this is going to be an emotional blogpost that I have to pen down before I forget :D


Prepared my essentials (Mp3 and stop-watch) and taping on toes/body before heading for the race. That day, I slept the whole afternoon, had a carbo-load dinner and was feeling okay until PMS finally struck again 2 hours before the race. Always like that ever since the first SCM, so it kinda made my tummy felt weird for a second but after a hot bath that made me feel calmer, I felt ready to go.

Wasn't feeling confident actually, because my training sessions were up to 12km max. I trained 3 times a week, two short 45 mins sessions and one 1.5 hour session. During the last week, I did tappering, with 2 30 mins sessions and that's it. Glad the previous 15km 2XU race and 21km RUN 350 race gave me extra training and confidence.

It commences at 12.30am at Cityhall and it was really exciting to see the lights in city around.
Its going to be quite a long and dark night alone I thought.
The first 20km was generally okay, I went at my usual 10km pace and it was smooth. Weather wasn't exceptionally cooling with the thin air but the sweat cooled our bodies down. Then at 20km, we reached ECP after the 21km and 42km routes were separated. The breeze from ECP was good and I felt lighter and happier.

Then, it came the drizzling!
Thought it was just some dark clouds passing by so I went at a faster pace and the wind felt good against my face. By 23km, the rain has became so huge that it really seems impossible to continue. The raindrops beat furiously against my face and eyes, and I had to wipe the rain off my eyes when I run. We were all soaked drenched and I was so tempted to take shelter at the pavilion with the other runners. After all, there is still more than half to go, with at least 3 hours, so I cannot run and get sick like that right?

Decided to continue running as the rain seems never ending really. It became a thunderstorm with lightings. Went faster to try to "beat" the rain, but it got heavier and heavier up till 30km. The longest 10km journey and after a while, I kinda like the coolness of the rain which wipes my sweat away. The runners around were mostly male and quite motivating, going forward and splashing water with their sports shoes. At the drinks point, I've no idea if I'm drinking rain water or H20/plain water. Shoes were soaking wet and I look super duper cui that I'm glad there are no photographers around in the rain! Glad I wore blue (:P) that day and not the white Sundown singlet, so that saved me some modesty haha :)

Found the whole scenario quite amusing and romantic, seeing some couples strolling in the rain and holding hands. Just that I'm alone with all the muscular men and TC is alone waiting for me at the endpoint. That kinda spurs me on to be back to his arms! The markers along the way spur me on and instead of being too bothered by how much more to go, I focus on being engrossed in the process so that the mind will perceive it as less daunting and painful. All in the mind!

Didnt really help that some parts of the route was dark and scary with the lack of lightings. I had to look out for stones or holes in the floor at 3-4am. Lots of concentration despite the fatique. Music from MP3 was really comforting with lots of songs I like which made the whole journey much better. Rain got better at the 37km mark. I sprinted, as I realised the 5:30 pacers were behind me.

Finally, I reached the ending point at 6am and got my personal best at 5hr 27 mins, which was a 18 mins improvement.
All thanks to the rain that made me run much faster, without any breaks and my crazy mind.
Its not the timing that I'm happy about, but rather the whole process, how I defeated the unexpected thunderstorm and pressed on to the ending point.

Its such a memorable experience to run in the rain for long hours alone, to go on without giving up.
Looking back I think I'm really nuts and hope I don't get sick tomorrow!

Also, super touched with TC for waiting so long again, stoning and doing nothing and yet not complaining at all. He said he wanted to go and find me at ECP but didnt know which part I am. Treated me to breakfast to reward me and I'm so blessed really :)

Preventing blisters!

Heading to Cityhall at 12.30am

Usual stretching before the long run!

Pre-race happiness without knowing what to expect. Love races because no need to doll up, no make-up needed!

Flag off for 21km/42km, huge turnout!

After the rain and long journey, most cui photo ever! Still super glad to finish :)

PB thanks to the rain!

With my top supporter :)

& finally, the medal and finisher tee that I got with my sweat mixed with the rain haha..


What an emotional run that I actually teared after that LOL, it certainly made me stronger this time round.
Till the next Shape Run in July! :D :D