Sunday, May 20, 2012

Colour-blocking with Teal

Quite like teal recently because its refreshing and looks somewhat like green at certain angles. Green is actually one of my favourite colours beside white actually since I'm not really into pink right now. Paired the teal midi with a simple beige tube for my Sunday. Love such tubes esp those that came with anti-slip, can be match with anything!
I like colourblock-ing and its interesting to see how different colours can be paired together with different effects.

TTR Skirt / Hollyhoque boob tube / Pedro flats/ Bali Bangles / BF Watch

TC brought me out for a date that day. Its not that we don't go out for dates but normally, we will just chill and hang around esp in the recent year that I wouldn't call it a date.. so it was really quite refreshing :)

Steak and Grilled chicken set at Jacks Place

Oh yes, this is the photo of the dumbbells weights that I've been getting questions for.

They are at 2kg each I think and I might be getting it from Royal Sporting House. I bought the pink ones (1kg each) 6 years back and they are still doing fine, just that 1kg on each arm is really too light to see any effect, so normally I used both on one hand. You know its too light when after 20 reps, you do not feel any strain or any effect.
I will recommend these dumbbells as they are the perfect BFF at home to tone up your triceps/biceps and arms, you can do them while watching TV or even sitted on a chair.
Exercises to try out - Dumbbell Curls, Overhead Triceps Extensions, Lunges, Dumbbell Upright Trapezius Row, Tricep Kickbacks, Shoulder Press, Front Raises, Hammer Curls.
This link might helps! :)
Still, it requires discipline so normally I use them more when I'm in the gym than at home lol. Will do up a post on it if I have the time for exercises involving the arms!
Till laters!

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