Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Gojane!

Post-marathon day and my legs are kinda sore!!! :(
I thought Project Shoes should halt, but flats are part of shoes right (quoting Huiyi!)

#Project shoes - An old nude pair from TW, kinda worn out but mad comfty so its a keeper for now :) So here's my very slack OFTD with no make-up (to let skin rest), with the new $5 necklace from m)phosis sales. Have always like m)phosis accessories! :D My slack outfit will usually consist of a dress and statement accessory with flats/heels when I ran out of fashion juices haha :) I like this dress coz it has really pretty details but kinda demure for me hahaha.

M)phosis necklace // Swivelle White Dress (selling this!) // Taiwan Flats //Massimo Dutti Cuff


OKAY, and finally finally after chasing speedpost for one whole week, GOJANE IS HERE!

Its really frustrating dealing with Singpost, according to USPS the parcel was here last Monday. And I checked the status daily and it states "Still in transition to destination - Singapore" DAILY. Hello, it takes 5 days in USA to send it here but 7 days in SG?! Ridiculous and I called and emailed in. But their replies take ages and ask me to be patient and "we understand your agony but please let us check". So after lots of ding-dongs, i finally got it today, and I had to limp down because they were too lazy to take the lift with the heavy parcel.. good job i love you.

Back to the gorgeous shoes, we had such a fun time opening, fashion-showing with our dresses and taking photos. Bad influence of me to introduce such websites beside ASOS, but good things must must share right? Especially to nice people!!!!

I cannot help the excitement!

Opening the big box

The colours are all so awesome and bright, especially the printed ones!
I bought only two actually which is the printed heels and toe-cap pink flats, awesome self-control! :D

Here's the shoes-whoring haha.

my colleagues look awesome in their ASOS dresses with the shoes! :D

here's mine!

& Ending with a sticker that they sent which is pasted on my computer now
I don't agree the quote though haha :P

Gojane - Quick review
Been ordering quite a couple of times and it is really affordable even after shipping. A good pair usually costs $60 in stores but its usually between $20-$40 and the design is so unique! The heels may look high but its very comfortable and comparable to the newlook and pazzion ones. I like that they are trendy and not so common. Shipping is tiered so its only worth it to get about 3-4 pairs (USD 100). For sizing, they fit true to local sizing. I'm a local 8/39 and usually I take 8 or 8.5 from Gojane. So far so good! Hope the information helps for fellow shoe-aholics!


Okay, I'm selling this damn chio glitter pink cap-toe flats (Size 8.5) because they are slightly too big.
They will fit a UK39/40 best. Super pretty with glitter in front and the pink is too sweet!! Super sad but it didnt make sense to exchange for a smaller size :(

$35 with a meetup (at a loss already but hope to find a better owner!)


Okay, gonna spam myself with the OSIM Uphoria leg massager. Climbing down the stairs hurt so much and I'm still kinda limping so hopefully heels can resume next week!! :(


pippophant said...
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Spicy HotCake ❤ said...

Omg! can you share the sizing for both Gojane and Asos? THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Hi hi, for this batch of Gojane, what size did you take for the printed heels? 8 or 8.5? The size left only 8 though. No more 8.5.I love your colleagues's printed shoes as well! Feel like putting the green one and printed wedges in the cart.

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

exactly the same as the size chart babe! :D let me know ur sizing i try to help?

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

i took 8.5 for everything! all fits well except for the flats that runs slightly big this time :( u can try 8 if u r a 38 and small 39. yes IKR her shoes are damn gorgeous la!!

ApPle5 said...

The flats are so pretty!! I would buy from you but my shoe size is 1 size smaller than yours!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

super chio right!!! :( i have big big feet hehe :( nvm better shoes come along the way girl!

Anonymous said...

My dear babe! You look so radiant even w/o make-up! /envious much :D

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

you are too kind!! i think its the post marathon radiance hahaha. lets hope it maintains for at least a week :D

Anonymous said...

Hi babe can you help me with the size..I'm a size 37/38 will have a lil gap so which size should I get :( would really appreciate your help :)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

anoymous: hi! i'm a size 39 and take 8. perhaps you try 6.5? :)

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