Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Red Heels, Project Shoes & May Bellabox

So Project Shoes resumes....

One of my basic heels for work from Gojane that I swear by. I like that its just 3-4", super stable, patent, pointy and has a V-shaped in front. Bought it at a sale back then and I just add insoles coz its slightly loose after a while :) Black pointies are my staples for work!

Wore it with the famous LB Edinburg in teal dress finally, first time wearing! Didnt wore this out previously coz I was conscious about it being too body hugging but I'm glad I didnt sell it, its quite flattering and hides my tummy well. Was wondering if I should make it shorter but I'm glad I didnt coz it looks best at this length, very sophisticated and OL! Added a scarf to it to make it less plain, will try it with other accessories next time. Can so picture it on weekends as well with a bling sandals and hobo bag.

LB Edinburgh Dress / Gojane heels / Kenneth Cole watch / 'Little things she needs' scarf

My mum takes quite good photos in fact teehee :D


Another work staple - nude pointies from Mango. Its of the perfect height, comfortable with padding inside and nude colour elongates the legs!

Something different today, paired all whites with animal prints. One of my favourite vest from Bysi from my vest collections haha. I quite like how it all turned out to be and not PAP-ish I hope. Its quite fun experimenting with different pieces and how they can turn out to be on a whole.

Zara Top / Bysi Vest / H&M White pants / Mango Heels / Kenneth Cole Watch


One of my old heels from C&K, which runs big so I seldom wear it. I like how chic the orange cap-toed heels stand out and at the back as well. Made of cork and very unique!

Inspired by Val, I finally dug out my white shirt for today :) Bought it from Bysi and I love how cooling it is and comfortable the chiffon is, with the right length for sleeves. Finally wore out the MGG skirt (reviewed previously) with a necklace to match the heels. Professional but not boring I hope.

Bysi shirt / MGG Peplum Skirt / C&K Heels / Balenciaga Triple Rose Bracelet / Diva Necklace

It was dear A's last day as well and we took some photos :) She's part of my soccer team previously.

We will miss you dear.


Also, glad to get my Bellabox for May and this time round, it didnt came so late.
Here's a quick review!

I'm glad for new brands and the environmental friendly bag as it is more useful to me than the pink box really :)

Here are the contents in this month for me:-

My fav would be the Macadamia Natural Oil for hair and Elizabeth Arden capsules!

Like what I mention earlier, I have my own skincare regime so honestly the extra moisturizer or toners wouldn't really help me much, so I would prefer more hair care, masks or make-up really. It wasn't that bad this month so I think I will continue for a month. Can't wait to try the above products.

However, I was disappointed when they missed out the Sally Hansen nail strengthener though it was mentioned in my box that it will be in it. Have emailed them and they apologised for the error and will send it separately to me soon :)

It came with some vouchers in a pink envelope, which includes a $20 Elizabeth Arden voucher.


Finally got my first red box after looking at it for quite some time -
The perfect little red heels from Ferragamo.

To be honest, I don't invest in expensive shoes because I do not take care of them well and I simply have too many shoes! My most expensive pair would be an Aldo pair at just $100.
I've been looking at them in stores for quite some time and because of my credits with Reebonz that would expire in less a month and their FB's promotions, I decided to just get it because it was $300 off retail price :)

Its so gorgeous in real life that photos do not do it justice.

Wanted nude or black all along but this time round I decided to pick red because it simply stands out and goes well with my wardrobe. Red shoes go best with black dresses I feel!

Glad its leather and not patent, which means easier to take care. Went to do resole it at Mister Minit to protect the heels. Also, I bought the leather stretch spray on bottle because it was quite stiff in front and after spraying on, it is much softer :) I suck at protecting my shoes so hopefully this pair can last quite long *cross fingers*

Spent few days staring at it and hopefully I will wear it soon... hopefully!


Ending with some random instagram photos!

Heading for gym later after running consecutively for the last few days!

PS/ Any idea how to resize pics properly? I absolutely dislike how photobucket compresses the photo that it looks weird and pixelated but I do not have photoshop in my computer :(


stella said...

hi babe, u have great skin! can you share ur skincare routines and makeup in ur blog? thanks ^^

Candice Koh said...

oh my u r truly a fashion icon lahs babe!! i really love the way u dress up & mix & match lehs!! gives mi inspiration!! :DDDD

btw try photoscape!! i love it way better than photoshop :)) it does collage easily too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ying Tian,

Chanced upon your blog from bestofshopping.lj and am fascinated about your passion towards running! My stamina sucks but I've been running twice a week ever since I signed up for sundown :) I'm not sure if I can tahan the first ever marathon of 10km of my life but I hope I could~ Any tips? :P

And and, LOVE to read your entries cuz you look good and toned in all the outfits :)


ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hi babe thanks for the compliments! its the lighting actually, i have average skin!
my skincare routine quite simple, just cleanser, toner, sk2 fte, moisturiser. masks 3 times a week. i don't go for regular facials but ad hoc when i feel like it :)
as for make-up, just the usual concealer, primer, blusher, eyeliner coz usually morning im in the rush so i skip mascara and foundation:)
may do a simple entry on the products next time. thanks for reading!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

haha candice what fashion icon??!? i mix n match like rojak like that haha, coz always wear one simple dress too boring!! finding inspiration frm asos, mags and fashion bloggers :)
where to download photoscape? i go and try!! im currently using picasa for the collage! :D

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Hi Nancy,
you are another fellow runner!! High 5!! :)
I have did a running blogpost before maybe u can click on it! Don't say that about yr stamina, it takes alot of mindpower more than leg strength actually.. that's good that you run twice a week! actually the more you run and the shorter the break, the easier you find it to run when you go for your trainings :) You will do 10k well don't worry!! As long you have run for min 5km, its enough. The rest of 5k will be in the mind!
I can go on forever about running really hahaha. Just relax, don't give yourself too much pressure, run at a comfortable pace at the front, build up in between (5km-6km), then comfortable pace, then sprint during the last 1km!!
Its such an exciting experience and its your first, gogogogo!! I'm doing Sundown as well, 12.30am this time so hoping to survive as well! :) Its at city this time round so at least more things for us to see so it issnt bad! My last sundown was at Changi and ECP and mad monotonous just had the music to keep my legs going and not sleeping hehe.
Just follow your body and dont exert too much pressure if you dont feel well, there are more runs next time. And drink small sips of water along the way at the water points.
Good luck good luck!!! And thanks for reading! <3

Anonymous said...

I am so worried about my run really :( Been sick last week then resumed running this week only.. Sad to say, I always run 4km only as my lunchtime dont allow me to run any longer!

Your mind definitely stronger la... I'm thinking that 42km runners are KI SIAO ppl. hahaha.. how to run slow at first then build up in between when you are already tired? First time running and doing it alone, freaking out hahah :(


ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Dont have negative thoughts now, that will make you lose confidence right before the run and dreading it is the worst thing that can happen. Just take it easy, go easy on yourself and enjoy the process.. you will find that your legs feel lighter and will go on faster really!
During my first 10km, I did about 4km as well and was amazed at how you will run with the others, seeing the different distance markers and how your mind will help you go on!! Now keep drinking water and during next week, don't train too much, just a short run will do :)
I used to think 42km is super ki siao coz 2.4 km scares me, but after I embark on my first 10km there was no turning back... and its my 4th 42km marathon right now, really madness but I quite enjoy it! My BF does 100-180km before so I'm nothing compared to him!!
And being alone is good actually, not much distraction and its abt yourself yourself and your mind!! Can't wait for you to get your first 10km medal whee! <3

Candice Koh said...

babe!! i just saw ur reply cos no email/notification sent to me at all :( ohh i dl photoscape from its pretty easy to use. try it kk :DDD

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I heard they say no extreme runs in this coming week! okay I'm just saying but I know I will wanna make it la hahhaa... But not doing the full 10km on the roads and just hitting gym with 3-4km in 30 mins gives me fear :(

I'll try to keep up with my stamina, even if I got to walk the 10km! Excited yet gancheong! :D


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