Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Shoes #2, #3 & Fashion Inspirations

Project Shoes #2

One of the oldest pair I had from C&K in cream, its just 2-3" i think, before I upgraded over the years haha. Still kinda like it for its T-bar (its hard to find nice T-bar heels somehow) and goes well with nautical dresses especially. Despite not wearing for so long, it did not gave way coz my fav cobbler at Beach Road back then nailed the whole sole down and its damn stable!

Smooch beige jacket / AE skirt / Random Tank / C&K T-Bar heels

Project Shoes #3

Bought this mint peeptoes from HK years back and I love its colour. So hard to find a mint pair of heels. Sad to sad this is its last pic as it gave way half-way, so I slipped into another red pair at the office. Okay blessing in disguise that I start clearing shoes unexpectedly (more to come)
Paired it with a M-shaped classic dress which is equally old, but I have a thing for M-shape tops/dresses so I kept it! Been really low on fashion inspiration this week.

The hot gojane shoes in office.

Random Dress / Newlook necklace / Monfae watch / Gojane heels


Here's some styles I really like from my favourite fashion bloggers.

Super effortlessly chic and so refreshing! Chriselle & Wendy are my among my favourites.
Fashion blogs and lookbooks give me so much inspiration sometimes and I love reading them :)
Love love love the shoes and the styles below!!!

Credits to Chriselle & Wendy for the pics.

Fashion is simply simply too amazing, its a form of self-expression and a self-identity!



Anonymous said...

Hi there! I love your styles, accessories and shoes. Can I check with you, how do you buy from gojane? The heels look high, but there is this platform in front. I hope its comfortable? Thanks!

My feet are broad, so i always envy those girls with small feet that can wear pointed heels.

Would like to get it for work.

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hi girl!! :) thanks for leaving a comment!
i buy it directly via international shipping. its priced by tiered, like 50usd - 100 usd at a certain rate, 1-50 usd at a certain rate. usually i buy 3-4 pairs so that it will be more worth it. not v ex and usually cost me $30+ per pair including of shipping! :) it takes abt 2 weeks and so far all reaches me nicely.
as for the comfort level, so far they are all comfortable, esp for the flats n sandals. as for the heels, it sometimes take luck really but all that i have are manageable without blisters, and im quite blisters prone. do rem to look at the height before ordering as most of the times it looks higher than pics! they are usually 4-5" for heels, and its comfortable because of the platform in front and very chic. so i dont feel any strain when i walk, something like the newlook heels right now.
im actually looking at the site right now before your question came in LOL. i like this - . now they have some lower heels (2-3") that u can look at .
My feet are broad as well so it takes me some time to find the perfect pointed heels that wont hurt. comfort is really damn impt and over looks, because if it hurts u will dread wearing it no matter how pretty it is! i found some nice pointed ones at mango, zara, new look and forever new that are priced between $40-$80 :) so don't give up, only point the pointed heels if you feel okay and good in it! :)
oops didnt meant for such a long reply but its a topic i really love so i hope it helps girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your detailed information! I will do some research and maybe if I really order, will probably get it with some flats/sandals and heels just to test out the sizing and the comfort level.

As I mentioned previously, my feet are broad, so I usually go for round-headed designs. And your red heels look comfy to me. :)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

yes its really quite stable hehe :) mayb coz its suede! im ordering a few with my colleagues soon, alot of gorgeous designs! good luck babe let me know how it turned out to be hehe.

Sherie said...

i like your mint green pair! looks good and just nice for the season right now. spring colours! =)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hehe thanks! so sad it gave way, its so hard to get an affordable mint shoes now! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey ask size is hovering 38/39 depending on their cutting. So GoJane sizing is like Size 8 for for 38/39 and Size 8.5 for 39. This is so confusing! Now i have about 3 pairs in Size 8.5 in my shopping cart, not sure whether should i get those. My thinking is i rather get bigger than 'just nice'.

Do you actually read the comments on the respective shoes? Some will say get half a size smaller or bigger,etc.

I am the girl who asked you earlier :p


ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hi!! i take 8.5 and im a size 39 sometimes 40. fits okay so i think 8.5 will be too big for u. take 8 okay? :D

i just ordered this week too. can't wait to get them! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi!! have already ordered...combined orders with your colleagues?

How long do you need to wait to receive upon payment?

So nice! So you think should just stick to Size 8 hmm okay. I take Size 39 for RUBI shoes. The ones from Cotton On..rounded head flats that come in Gold, Silver, Black, etc. :)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hi!! yes i did and with a blog reader, total of 12 pairs. MADNESS!!! LOL.

normally i wait between 2-3 weeks. i also take 39 for all my RUBI shoes.. u can take 8 or 8.5!