Saturday, May 12, 2012

To my mum.

A blogpost to my favourite woman in the world, my mum:-

I avoid sharing too much of my personal stuffs on this public space, but could not resist doing up this post to pen my thoughts in view of the upcoming mothers day.

I'm truly lucky to be in a family filled with love and with the most fantastic mum ever.

Sometimes, I wonder how she can bear with me from young till now and that must have taken alot of love and patience. I was quite a careless girl since young and she has taken care of me very well even up to date. I lose my baby-g watches, money, pencil cases, wallets and bus-cards, and she never failed to try to teach me how to keep them safely and yet, making sure I am well-equipped to school. She cries when I first fell down in school, fanning my bruises in front of the fan.

My grades were not very fantastic either because I was more occupied in playing, having fun, chasing stars and anything except for studying. She would try her best to coax me to attend tuition lessons (which i didnt listen much) and motivate me to put in more effort. She even bought me a lamp and radio to put in my room, to pacify me to study harder. To her relief, I managed to wake up before it was too late. It was Sec 4 and she was invited to the ceremony, because I managed to improve from the bottom 100 to the top 100 in the cohort. She was beaming with pride with my dad that day. On graduation day at NUS, she looks like the happiest person ever. I would be if I was her, because her efforts had paid off over my education life.

When I entered the working world, she will still be there listening to me and making sure that I am on the right track in life.

Even till now, she is trying her best (still trying) to curb my shopping habits with my endless spilling shoes, clothes, accessories, bags and whatnots.

Even if I have a family in the future, I know she will be there to watch me to make sure that I pick up cooking, house work and all.

She calls me daily to wake me up for work during my first 2 years of work, to ensure I reach work on time. Everyday, she cooks dinner and whataps me daily to check if I am eating my dinner at home.

To her, I will still be her baby daughter even though I'm in my 20s right now.

Being a mother is really not easy, and esp being my mother is even more tough I must admit.
When I'm a mum, I will even understand more on the pain and sacrifices she made willingly over the years.

She never shows her love by mushy words or hugs, but I know she loves me dearly via her sacrifices and actions over the past years that I can never repay with my life.

I love you mum.
Happy mothers day! xoxo

...celebrating and baking our cakes since young (im in floral hahah :P)

... celebrating CNYs together

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