Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Project Shoes & Amazing Gojane !

I've lost count of which Project Shoes this is, but I think its at least 15 so far because the remaining shoes to continue wearing are reducing by the day, which is good!

Every shoe has a small story and I must have bore you guys with all the shoes and feet talk, the torture will end soon!


#Project Shoes - Gojane Leopard Print Heels that I got early this year. Its still sitting prettily in the box and never worn. I bought this to finish my leopard prints collection, so this was the first printed leopard prints heels I got. Came in hot pink too but I went for this for the cleaner look, since the prints itself is loud. However, I have never worn because I wasn't too sure how to match and it can seem very ah-lianish if match wrongly.

So thanks to my Project Shoes, I finally wore it with colourblock black-pink to match the shoes. Usually if the shoes is printed or loud, I try to keep the rest simpler for the attention to be on the shoes. Wore it with an old F21 pink drape skirt years back when I was super into such drapes haha. Its loose so hopefully its because I lost weight haha :)

The shoes were amazingly comfortable for its 5" height and I could even jump in it no kidding. Its padded inside and super comfty, with rubber at the bottom of the sole to prevent slipping.

F21 skirt / Bysi Top/ Gojane Heels

Favourite Fish & Co for dinner.
I still prefer it over Fish Mahatten, more authentic and can never resist fried food.
Seriously, I exercise to eat because I never count my calories because life is too short to diet forever. Trying to strike a balance and exercise more that week if I have sinful dinner dates haha.

With Mrs Lee :)


#Project Shoes - Probably the oldest heels from Taiwan to date.

Never wore it for a super long time. Used to be one of my favourite heels due to its unique cut-outs and my fetish for toe cleavage back then. Also, it had red heels and sole as well.

This morning, I wanted something monochrome to accentuate the shoes, so went for a all white-black outfit and pulled out these pieces. Kinda like how the whole thing turned out and added a gold necklace with big turquoise ear studs to make it less plain.

Okay but the heels didnt last throughout the day, coz it got super shaky and I realised the glue was giving way and decided to throw it away sigh... :(

ASOS earrings / TE Top & Necklace / SMooch treggings / BCBG Watch

Seriously cheating with this outfit to elongate the body and look taller, as vertical stripes always have that kinda effect especially matched with black pants :P



Ordered on the 30 May and it came today, super duper fast or what?!
It was shipped on 1 June and it arrives today smoothly, with no hiccups from Singpost.
It took just 6 days for it to arrive, which is the first time ever, thank you!
Guess it helps to have GoJane and Singpost "friends" who helped to expedite and all hahaha.
Shall not order extra more due to that though haha.

This time round, I ordered two pairs with the rest for my beloved colleagues & friends.
And I'm so happy to share the shoe love that its contagious, couldn't help smiling to myself when the box arrives and snapping pictures, trying to picture it on my friends' feet and their outfits. More excited than looking at my own shoes really. Shoe fetish or what?!? :(

However for the first time, a pair was packed wrongly but still in the same size.
First time happening and thank god they packed the pretty blue medallion flats instead of another ugly pair. Sorry Wendy! :(

Super worth it for the 25% discount this time round :)

So here are the pretty babies for my friends!
Mad chio!

Here's the pair for my dearest BFC MEL with the hot wedges and coral heels!
Can't wait to see you in it my dear!

Okay, here's MINE, the tweed pink flats and snakeskin heels and look more gorgeous in real life than website seriously! :)

This time round, I took half a size down for the flats (8) because the other time round, size 8.5 was loose on me. Luckily I did that as this time round size 8 fits nicely and 8.5 would have been too big. Guess it really depends on luck sometimes especially online shopping!

Got the heels in 8.5 and honestly, its rather snug than all my other Gojane heels so perhaps its the cutting? I hope it stretches out otherwise I will have to sell this pretty hot heels off. Other than sizing, its of super good quality and stable heels and rubber soles. Nothing not to love really.

Cannot stop shoe-whoring with the new babies....

Mad pretty right?!?!

Enough of shoes I think I sound really excited that its no good for bed time!


Anonymous said...

Hi babe, Congrats to getting the shoes so fast! I also ordered on the same day with you. I noticed it has been accepted on the 1 June. The status is only up to 2 June and not sure how it go later. Will we be able to see in our Singpost tracking system? * crossing fingers about the sizing* I took 8.5 for all the shoes. I ordered 4 pairs, i don't know whether the box will be so big or not.

Anyway I am inspired by your Project shoes, though i never have so many shoes that you have. I inspired to wear each of them soon so that it won't fall apart when I wear it next time.

I have encountered a few times, the shoes fell apart bit by bit when I am outside. There was this time, the shoes fell bit by bit, first the strap, then the soles and it just disintegrated, i have to use this word because it was really like that. After that and I have to walk discreetly barefooted to the nearest shoe shop to get a temp pair of shoes. How embarrassing was that! GRR

Funny thing is they always feel okay when you first wear after sooooooo long, and it just fell apart like this after you walked for a while. Oh well. :)

Anonymous said...

Forgotten to add, i first wore this new pair of Everbest shoes at the event yesterday. It cost nearly $90 and it make my legs feel like breaking. I don't know why i bought it in the first place, it feel okay for me to pay for it. Now i feel like stepping on some 'metal' piece. I have another patent loafer heels form Clarks that cost $100 but is not comfy as well after wearing for a while. Now in the storeroom collecting dust.

What will you do with these kind of shoes? I can't pass to my sister as well as her size is smaller than me. :X

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Your long comment made me smile, are you a shoe-aholic too? Don't worry it will probably come his week! I have one more batch ordered a day after my previous batch and its in SG now, all belongs to my colleague though. You go to Singpost web, key in the tracking under SPEEDPOST, it will appear too! :)

8.5 means that you are the same as me, local size 39/ size 8 right? Should b able to fit! Can you post your shoes to let me see please!! *excited*

On your encounter, oh dear totally agree with you!! The disintegration is so true, first few hours are okay until a while it slowly gave way and fell apart right? ^5 Happened to me so I threw it away, new shoes can come I guess...

And on your Everbest shoes, if you can't wear them or give them away, then have to throw it away. Better than letting your legs being tortured at least it gives us a lesson in future.I'm learning to become a less impulsive shopper and think three times haha. Sometimes we will wonder why we bought certain things, feeling happy, due to lighting or what haha. For those shoes I have threw away if it's super painful, my mum n sis are the same size as me so I don't want them to feel painful too :)

Can't wait for your shoes to come!


Anonymous said...

Hi, the shoes have rrived. Will drop you an email to show you.

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

yay just replied you!! THANKS FOR THE PHOTOS!

Sherie said...

After reading your post I'm so tempted to order the tweed pink shoes from gojane too! but there's no more size 8.5! :( is the black one just as nice?

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hi sherie! this one runs big so i took 8! my friend took black and its not bad quite pretty too!!

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