Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review - SMooch Willow & Triselle Belted Skirt

Totally relaxed and listening to Adele's music curled up on my bed so I felt like doing up this entry impromptu-ly..

Had my usual Hot Yoga & Spinning session after work today and this time round, MH came along and I'm so glad that she likes them too! :) Definitely tones up the body and butt so much. Main reason why I like spinning so much because it's mad effective apart the catchy music! :)

Wore out my new accessories from Forever New and Smooch as well, mad love!
I have too much of such big stud earrings because they are so easy to match :)

& received my shoe organizer ordered last month. Bought two so it can fits 24 shoes. But sadly it can fits only flats and not heels :( Got my shape mag and Wong Li Lin is mad hot at 40, her abs are to die for and she's such an inspiration!

& Starbucks 1-for-1 frap drinks during 3-6pm this week, don't miss it! #cheapskate


Attended the Spiderman Gala Premiere for work this week and had extra tickets, so my friends could come along as well!

Wore the polka dots tee from Zara with a Chilli Belted Pencil Skirt that Triselle has kindly sent me :) Quite like the whole combination and match it with my black studded heels from Newlook, probably the last few black heels for #ProjectShoes.

Got a M for the skirt and it has allowances and fit me comfortably, without being snug at all. I like how striking the colour is and glad I got it over basic black :) Just that it did not have any slits at the back so no big movements for that day = ladylike. Goes best with black for work especially for that contrast to tone down the CNY shade!

Zara tee / Triselle Belted Pencil Skirt / Newlook Heels

Pics of us! :)

Met Kexian for the first time and she's so sweet in real life and mad petite, feeling like a giant beside her hehe :) Really sweet!

The movie will be launching this weekend on 29 Jul so I will avoid giving spoilers! Would recommend all marvel fans as it is highly entertaining despite the change of cast this time round. Emma Stone is quite an eye-candy and I think Spiderman is amazing :)


So glad I got S as it fits comfortably and the inner lining is mad mad comfty!! Good quality as well with the mesh and all, super worth the $32 paid :) Love the back waterfall design as it flows so nicely and mad pretty! Very classy and perfect for weekends or dinner dates :)

Got pastel blue for a change and it is really really sweet and something I do not have in my wardrobe. However, I think I will pull black off better as this is kinda too sweet for me.


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