Friday, July 27, 2012

Instagram outfits @ eyeletskirt

Some recent outfits on instagram; I'm like super hooked on this app for photo-sharing that I check at least 10 times a day hahaha.
add me at eyeletskirt :)


Finally wore the SMooch peplum Milly dress bought a while ago. I really like the beige colour as I have always been a fan of white & light coloured dresses. Paired it with a super old Bysi blazer which I removed the contrast white flaps for the blazer as it is removable. Contrast it with my favourite cap-toe heels and new bag candy. I like how the accessories add colours to the whole outfit.

Bysi Blazer / SMooch dress / C&K Heels/ PS1 Bag / BCBG watch / TE necklace

A slack day in an ASOS bling peterpan dress, my favourite till date :)

Trying something different and inspired by Val's outfit the day before. In a neglected burnt orange high waist pants with LB bralet and a colourful scarf. Love the colours!

LB bejou bustier / KY high waist pants / Newlook heels & scarf/ Bysi Blazer

A more casual outfit for a non-work day. Wore the crochet denim top from BKK with a peplum skirt, so it looks quite preppy like a school uniform haha. So blue!

BKK denim shirt & cobalt bag, HK flats, Bysi peplum skirt, Miumiu / Massimo Dutti/ Twistband bracelets


My last subscription for Bellabox
They have increased their price and i really have too much unused samples in the last 5 months so I have decided to just stop the subscription :)

For this month, the highlight was the SK2 products for their cleanser, facial treatment essence etc. I have the full-size products so these are especially useful for travelling or gym trips.
The other items didn't really appeal to me with the shampoo/conditioner but I really like the lipstick pen, pretty cute and is such a conversation-starter don't you think so?

& Received the Backorders for Vanitytrove.
I did not subscribe to VT so this was a one-off box received. I could not resist the Tangs Beauty box especially when it is reviewed and raved by others. Many many products with my favourite perfumes so I would say it's worth it for the month.


Anonymous said...

Hey babe which edition of Vanitytrove did you BO? Was it the aug version?

Anonymous said...

Hi babe ;) Would like to consult with regards to the bejou bustier! Usually when you wear bustier do you still wear a bra or just the bustier itself? What size did you purchase for the bustier? I've been skeptical about it bcs I've a rather small cup size... thanks in advance!

Ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Hi it's the tangs june edition and they opened bo coz response was good:)

Ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Hi dear I took a S for this bustier and it fits nicely with slight allowances:)
For my review I didn't wear but go to work with this I wore la of course haha. It is really flattering so should fit u fine!

Anonymous said...

Thank youuuuu<3 I just carted out one of their corset from the extras from backorder! Hope it fits!! ;)