Sunday, August 5, 2012

NDP Parade Preview 2012

Had NDP tickets from my company so we went for the preview again this year :)

It was a fantastic show and it's not the fireworks, performance, hosts or colourful outfits that touches my heart, but it's the sea of red and people..
I was really touched seeing the unanimous cheers from our fellow Singaporeans donned in red, waving their flags excitedly and proclaiming their love towards the nation together. I felt like I was teleported to my primary school days and seeing the nation as ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION.
That day, I could feel that sense of belonging from everyone together and we are still united and proud to be part of this beautiful nation, Singapore.. despite all the crazy spate of events in 2012 like the elections, FT complains, endless TSKs and squeezing on the MRT on weekdays, SMRT woes, online forum debates and all that I could not help but feel that people are drifting within the small dot..
Singapore IS our home and always WILL BE.

Happy birthday Singapore.


Funpack (almost typed it as racepacks) was awesome with alot of goodies and even a book which contains all the lyrics for all our NDP songs.. they had 6 designs of SG tattoos so we put it on our faces for fun.

my new scarf haha

Ending the night with fireworks :)

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Val Is Me! said...

i love NDP too! but always not lucky enuff to win the ballot. >.<