Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yoga. Namaste.

It was a love affair with Yoga ever since I picked it up by accident years back.
There was no turning back as besides the physical benefits, yoga kinda shapes my character and is something I will probably do for a long time. (never say forever haha)

From young, I have always been very active and love to try new things. Bad part about being an energy bunny is that I can never ever stay still in my seat for too long. During the first few classes, I was bored and cannot stop fidgeting in my postures.. thinking why is 15 seconds so long, when can I go to the next posture, what time is my water break, why so slow? It was too slow for me, I could not concentrate and lose my balance in my postures. I have no problem bending myself but I could not control my mind at all. My active mind will wander to random thoughts even before ten seconds is up, or stare at the clock or someone in class. I could not focus on myself and grew to realise it is due to my impatient nature especially with the growing fast pace in life. I walk fast, eat fast and talk fast.

After practicing for the first year, I became a more patient and happier person. Everytime I enter the yoga room, I feel more zen and calm. It helped me to cope with negativity, stress and anger better. During the classes, all these thoughts were put aside and I concentrate on just myself, my postures and my breathing. Every class feels like a retreat and my body feels much calmer. I do not stay angry at people for long as after the class, it seems that whatever negativity and anger have went down for a few notches. I sleep better, breathe better and sit up straighter.

I started to go for more classes like Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga. My favourite was Hot Yoga because of the sweating involved. I love how fast my heart is pumping in the room and after all, body bends best under heat conditions. Started to attend Bikram Yoga in 2010, which is a similar form of Hot Yoga just that it is done in a 40+ degrees room with 26 fixed postures. Now, I'm totally a fan and try to do it at least once a week. After every class, my body feels toner and my mind feels stronger. It is very hard to describe that kind of feeling without sounding crazy but the post-yoga effect can last up to the next day.

Picked up running along the way and yoga then became the perfect combination with it to stretch the hamstrings muscles and making sure they are not too tight. After long distance races or marathons, I will stop running for 1 week and go for more yoga classes to speed up the recovery process. I love both exercises as they are really different forms and are different. Running keeps my mental mind and legs going strong while yoga helps me to focus better and it is a whole body workout.

Different exercises like spinning make working-out more exciting. I try to vary my exercise routine so as to prevent boredom esp for hyperactive individuals like myself who do not like doing the same thing week after week. Pushing myself to new levels and trying different things help me to remain enthusiastic and prevent myself from getting lazy. Also, it is to avoid myself from reaching a plateau in workout performance and training results. Fat burns more when there's variations as well and when the body is not adapted to the repetitive training routines. Spicing up your workout routine by boosting the intensity of the run and set different goals work as well.

My dream is to practice Bikram daily during my retirement days, remain active with a healthy spine and being happy from within even with numerous wrinkles, that is if I do not have any grandchildren to take care of yet:)



Anonymous said...

nice post. couldn't agree more esp your first paragraph!

Anonymous said...

ure making me keen to take up yoga! may i noe where do u go for ur classes? and what r the rates?
also, do u go for the classes alone? :)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hello do you practice yoga as well? so glad u kinda understand what i'm saying coz some may think i'm siao but it's hard to put it in words!:)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

you can try and may like it!! strongly recommend it actually :)
i go for my classes either at true fitness, true yoga or bikram.. i rotate between them coz my membership can access all 3! about $100 per month! yup i just go for my classes myself most of the times!