Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 minutes to midnight

Here's a 5 minutes entry before midnight:)

& I got a random haircut on a Friday because it has been a while. I need to stop being lazy to visit my usual hair-dressing salon at least once every 2 months. Haircuts always have that mood-lifting impact on me, no idea why. Another happy haircut though there's not much difference but my hair feels so much lighter! I have thick hair since young and not very good for our weather now...

& here's my new studded leather bracelet from The Closer Lover. Love it to bits.

& Here's my #OFTD that day. Outerlayer from Hong Kong and printed dress from Cotton On. I secretly wear it to sleep because it's so comfortable but I decided to wear it out that day :)

& I met up with my girlfriends & their boyfriends for Sashimi and another drinking session. Love carefree sessions like that :)

& Here's my fav dish from Soup Restaurant. The ginger samsui chicken is a MUST to order!
I'm a chicken fan btw, I love KFC & Popeyes, anything chicken basically.. including chicken rice!

& I went nautical on a weekday, in the cobalt Missypixie cut-out dress. Love black-red & navy-red combinations best!

& I went to the Wondergirls concert with Clar since she is a Kpop fan and I had free tickets. The concert was surprisingly fantastic and I enjoyed myself alot though I only knew one or two songs.. impressive vocals and dance!

& Here's my #OFTD, an attempt to blend in with the below 20 yo fangirls at the Kpop concert. Not very successful i think..

MGG pink blazer / BKK shorts / H&M top / Aldo Wedges

The "fans"...


Next entry on the review of the Sexylook & Lovemore face masks :)

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