Friday, October 19, 2012


Have you ever had any regrets in life? I guess everyone has at some point or another.

This quote really strikes a chord with me.
There can be so many what ifs questions & the scariest part is that we have absolutely no answers.

We make decisions all the time. Trivial ones would be like "Should I get this dress now or wait till sale" and sometimes we end up regretting not getting it.  We tend to make impulsive decisions only if the consequences are not so serious.
However during major decision-making at important cross-roads in our lives, we tend to consider more and sometimes worry way way too much that things will not work out. Most of the time unless we take the leap of faith, we tend to make conservative decisions after weighing the pros & cons.. which led to regret of not going the next course of road.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have been thinking about this quite abit during quiet moments or running days on the things I have regretted so far. 
I have always been an impulsive and stubborn girl. I make decisions on my own, be it the school to go to, the job to land in and etc. Too stubborn for my own good and once I have set my mind on something, I will seldom budge which irks my mum alot. This applies for shopping; once I really like something I will get it even if peers might not like it and it can be bad for the wallet really. Joining the gym myself years back and my first race on my own was an impulsive decision I did not regret so far.  

I guess the only thing I regretted really was not spending enough time with my late grandparents during young and it seems all too late now. My memories of them are still fresh in my mind and I would really envy friends who still can have the opportunity to talk and care for their grandparents.
For now, it's really spending quality time with my parents and making the extra effort to do so instead of being so caught up with the hustle and bustle of your own life. I do not want to regret it anymore.

Recently, I have decided to plunge into an overseas race which has been on my to do list for the last one year. The moment I saw the news launched, I knew I need to do it even if it means travelling and doing it all by myself. I'm not sure how the experience would be like, but it is a definitely exciting and meaningful decision for myself and I do not want to live in regrets. Soon, I will like to try a trialthlon or an ultra-marathon in the near future before my legs give up on me.

Follow your heart, follow your dreams and do not live to regret :)

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