Monday, October 22, 2012

Shape Yoga by the Sea

I've been practising yoga for a few years but doing it in an out-door setting is definitely a first so I'm really really excited about Shape Yoga By the Sea. Chose to join the event though it clashes with Real Run & Nike Run and no regrets really. Another to-do-list item checked off this year :)

Unlike the usual running marathons where I get butterflies in my tummy the night before, I was not nervous at all for the yoga event. There was no timing or personal best to look at, but more of your own concentration and being calm during the 1.5 hour. The thought of being close to nature and practising yoga on a lovely Sunday morning got me really excited the whole week.

True enough, the event didn't disappoint at all and it's an event super well-organised by Shape Magazine.  It was an amazing experience to be there on a Sunday morning at 6am doing yoga under the sky with the rest of the ladies, feeling the wind, hearing the sound of sea breeze and chirping of the birds. The host said that we are lucky and blessed to have the ability to drag ourselves from bed to gather at the sea and our body is fit enough for the entire practice. Indeed. I'm one blessed girl.

Definitely jotting this event down and hoping to make it yearly!!!

Picture taken by my iPhone- panoramic function of the whole event.

Lovely stage situated in the middle of the beach along ECP just a metre from the waves. Sky still pretty dark at 6am.

Collected my mat and found a good spot just third row from the stage.. Shape calls it the front row yoga concert seats haha. Reached early close to 5.30am so it was still pretty dark.

At 6.30am, the event started and Pure Yoga instructors took over the stages. It was so well-planned that there were different stages so everyone could get a perfect view just in case they need someone to refer to. 

Event started and we did all our poses for the next 1.5 hr. Started with the usual breathing exercises and ended with my fav savasana :P

We were served breakfast after the event with healthy food such as yogurt, juices and kiwi. Ate them while sitting on the mat and looking the the yogi demonstrating some power yoga moves. Lucky draw event with 8 prizes on the spot as well so it was quite exciting though i didn't win hahaha.

Picture with TC who was mad patient during the event and enjoying himself lying on the bench and looking at the sky as well.. thanks baby!

Went home with the Reebok yoga mat & their goodies, really worth it for $30 i thought!

I went to collect my Adidas KOTR racepack at Suntec since they were distributing mint for the tee on that day. Last year they gave out all colours for three days at Suntec so I thought separating the colours this year was really unnecessary. But oh wells.
I'm really loving the mint colour and that adds to the collection since I got pink for KOTR in 2011.

All ready & all in for Adidas KOTR 16.8k this weekend with the girls! :)

Last 3rd race of 2012 and cheers to a short work-week!!!!

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