Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yes I'm going to flea flea flea!

I'm going to flea flea flea how about you you you!
That's right, I'm going to my third flea this Saturday at Scape with my fellow girlfriends!

♥ When : 6 October 2012 (Sat)
♥ Where : Scape Level 4
♥ Time : 2pm - 8pm

What to expect?

Nothing will be above $10 I promise and mostly brand new in bag / with tags. 

I'm going with Shermaine & Valene who are fellow shopaholics.. so cheap and good buys!
There will be three sections, $3, $5 and $10 and all selling at first-come-first serve basis.
For all my items, they will fit a UK 6/8 best and some for UK 10.
We should be there by noon!

I wish I could bring more but due to space constraint, I have just packed two luggages for more than 100 pieces.  Most of my items are dresses that I have pulled out from my dress wardrobe.. tops will come in my next flea. No shoes, bags or accessories this time as well coz I really have no hands and the dresses are enough to kill me haha. :( So apologies if you could not find the item that you want.
Do drop by to say hi to us girls! Blog readers get better deals! :)
I'll be doing another flea next Sunday, 14 Oct at Scape as well.

So see you there this Sat at Scape, rain or shine!♥

A girl can never have enough dresses and accessories, right? 

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