Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keep calm and finish strong!

It has been a annual tradition to end the year with Standard Chartered Marathon - my last race of the year. How time flies and we will be into Dec just this weekend.

Counting down - 3 days to SCM 2012. 

After weeks of counting down, it's the last week before SCM and I'm really feeling quite nervous about it. For the last week, it's mad crucial so by right, we should really run less, drink more water and rest more! There's no need to worry about losing fitness during the tapering week as your fitness doesn't change at all and your training sessions will pay off. 

This week, I did two yoga classes, a run on Monday and just completed my last running session of about 8km this evening to prep myself for it. I have tried to eat healthily and cut down on fried food but sad to say being a foodie, I have failed slightly. :( I'm really afraid of getting girly periods or fever with this crazy weather especially during this crucial moment.

This is my fourth year joining SCM and fifth full marathon. Sad to say I haven't been training as hard compared to the previous Sundown marathon but thankfully, the last half marathon 2 weeks ago gave me quite abit of confidence. One thing for sure, I know I can finish the race on my own and survive! Till now, my reason for running would be to challenge myself as running makes me feel that i can overcome any obstacles in life. 

For those who emailed me on their first full marathon this Sun, I thought I would just share more here. It takes quite abit of courage to click on the button and sign up, so take it easy this Sunday and you will do really fine! Joining is already courage, attending it and training for it take double effort as well. It's not the timing, what matter most is that you cross the finishing line and completing 42.195km is already a personal accomplishment  It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go, just have fun, smile and soak into the atmosphere. Your first full marathon is going to be a really good and memorable experience to remember for a long time. It's mainly your mind, concentration, focus and determination. The mind is really powerful so once you have decided to join and go for it on Sunday, your mind will take you through the distance. Till now, I can still remember my first full SCM marathon two years ago and the joy of crossing the finishing line in 6 hours. That excitement lasts for two weeks at least!

Also just for sharing, do run as light as possible and wear something really comfty. Don't wear new apparels, shoes, socks or shoes, you want to be as comfortable as possible! Wear something you have worn before, or your favourite apparel. If you have sports tape, you can tape your toes, sports bra straps, nipples or waist, so that you will not get blisters during or after the run. There will be bananas given out after 30km and energy bars after 20km, so there's no need to carry them with you. Water points will be sufficient at every 1-2km so stay hydrated and keep drinking water. The hardest part would probably be 30km-40km with the sun coming up, so wear a cap if you can and hydrate yourself! Just don't give up, tell yourself that you will be ending really soon and there will be a break through soon. Don't ever feel pressurized to over-take someone as it is more important to maintain your pace for the rest of the distance.

Here's the beautiful scenery along the way, so just enjoy the skyline and all!

Some Standard Chartered Marathon Pre-Race Rituals:

• Have sufficient rest the night before, don’t be too happening or stay up too late
• Plan your route to the venue, better to reach there early don’t reach just on time in case any traffic
delays or you need to locate where to deposit your belongings etc
• Remember to bring along your race bib, hydration belt, energy gels
• Have a light breakfast or snack avoid spicy, oily food
• Warm up before the run
• Get into your positive state, it could be listening to your favourite music, telling yourself you can do it etc just go ahead do it be in that positive state don’t need to be shy
• Keep yourself hydrated even though at times the temperature may be cooling
• Don’t keep thinking how far more to go or how much distance I have covered, enjoy the scenery, smile and enjoy the run
• If half way you feel like giving up, tell yourself breakthrough is coming soon after the pain
• Manage your energy supply, pace yourself don’t because you see other people running fast you also feel pressured and want to run fast else end up not being able to complete the run it’ll be worse
• At each milestone give yourself a clap and tell yourself well done you have made it
• After the run, celebrate and salute yourself for another milestone cleared, being there done that!

Most importantly, enjoy your run as it's not any exams, just a test for your endurance level! Run strong and with passion. It's your life, your race, your mind, yourself.

Let's all enjoy and have a good race this Sunday!! Run for a reason, we can do it, yes we can!

"Run the first mile with your legs, the second mile with your mind, and the
third mile with your heart."


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