Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's swing & dance!

Hehe I was uploading these pictures to my Facebook so I thought I just do an entry and spam these peektures! ;)

I had my second D&D this year.. this time at Marina Bay Sands!

I love D&Ds because you get to dress up, eat good food, laugh and chit-chat with friends, take pictures like crazy, get excited  in lucky draws, eat again, drink again and then swing home! What's there NOT TO don't like you tell me?!
*insert beaming icon*

The theme this year is Swing & Dance. 
I was happy because I have so many long skirts. Initially, I picked a TVD blue maxi skirt which I thought will be my skirt that night. However, I sold it away so I finally wore this assymetrical topshop skirt for the first time which has been in my wardrobe for the last 1.5 years at least. I like how it dips to the side and that it's polka dots. I should start wearing all the new pieces in my wardrobe before I start buying.. but I say that all the time *insert guilty face icon*

The saddest thing of the night was that I was late by a few minutes to take pictures with the topless hunks but the rest of my colleagues got their chance hahaha. *insert sad face icon*

But but but, I managed to have some luck to win the 13th prize that day so it was my lucky day, since there's thousands of people present hahaha. *insert happy tyco face icon*

Make-up for the night;)

And outfit for the night!

LB bralet / Topshop assyemtrical skirt / Zara Bag / Feragamo / Cc skye & Bal bracelets

With dearest Eileen, my colleague who run as much as I do!

The girls ;)

Photobooth time!!

Food was so-so but I like the crispy duck!

Lucky draw time - I won the 13th prize which was a 2 nights staycation in a service apartment!

More pictures before leaving!

The rare toilet shots in my blog

Last pic of the day taken in MBS ;)

Swinging goodbye till next year! *waves*

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