Friday, December 21, 2012


Neglecting this space because I'm having such a good time soaking in the joyous Christmas atmosphere and returning home close to midnight daily. But it's supposedly doomsday so I thought I will just type something for the "last" entry of the year. Proper updates after Christmas before 2013 if we all survive! Also, I have put on so much weight but I tell myself, heck it, eat first exercise later/tomorrow/the day after next. I've been over-shopping too much like I'm earning Obama's pay, what shopping ban really? Ordering ASOS, TE & LB way way way too much not forgetting brick & mortar shops with all the sales going around.
Hopefully January will be better for the pocket!

Here's some outfits so far ;)

Wore the LB leather skirt with the TE basic tank (thanks to emmy for grabbing for me during the sale), coupled with my leather babies and a Louvisa believe bangle.
Quoting Audrey Hepburn, I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
TE basic top / Bali necklace/  LB skirt / Ferragamo heels/ Balenciaga City / Louvisa Bangle

Packing for my flea and found this Zara skirt still new in tags (gulps) so I wore it out on a Friday.

H&M dress-to-top / Zara studded skirt / PS Bag / BCBG watch

Slack weekend outfit for the 3 hours THE HOBBIT movie at IMAX Shaw with TC.
  Super happy with the new leather shorts from H&M! 
Enjoyed myself and had my favourite coffee from White Town Coffee. Usually I will sleep during such long movies but I actually pay attention throughout the whole show. Watch IMAX, very worth it for The Hobbit! ;)

BKK studded top / H&M Leather Shorts/ TE Quilted bag / HK cardigan

I've received my collection slip air-mailed from HK, bib number #30021.
Can't wait to tick it off the bucket list for my first full overseas marathon.
Gonna be running it alone and TC will not be there as my supporter, but still I'm very very very excited!

New Touche Eclat Pen & lippie from YSL. Too sleek too chio, can't resist pretty things!
 I like the renovated Tangs Orchard and how pretty each counter looks like. The salesgirl gave me many sample and there's a free nude pouch for purchases over $80 as well :)

And yeap, I will be closing down my Formspring end of the year!
 I believe that either I do things with passion or not at all and unfortunately, at this point in time it scales towards the latter. I find that I no longer enjoy answering them as much as before and sometimes at the end of a workday, it can be quite tiring to go through the questions to reply one by one. Not so much because of the repetitive questions but sometimes the questions can be rather intrusive and people are demanding for instant reply. I usually answer only before I sleep or when I'm on public transport so there's a delay really. Currently, there's quite abit of questions accumulating (currently about 50+) so I'm gonna try to clear it before I bid FS goodbye. You can still leave me comments on IG / Blog or rainbowbangles@gmail and I will try my best to reply as fast as possible ;)
Thank you FS readers for being so nice!

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