Thursday, December 6, 2012

Perfect Moment.. & i said yes.

Ended the last day of November on an extremely magical note...

So we attended his Dinner & Dance event at Fort Canning Hotel, one of Singapore's most iconic heritage hotel with its beautifully manicured grass and rustic colonial architecture.

I thought that it was an ordinary event in which we could sit down, enjoy our dinner and enjoy the event. However, just when I was enjoying my main course, I was ushered away by Mag to the garden and didn't thought anything about it even if the tables beside were all empty.

Only until when I finally made my way to the gorgeous garden in my high heels, it struck me that the whole situation seems a little odd with music surrounding me with all the different couples beaming and my Prince Charming walking up me with his nervous twinkling eyes locked into mine.

He took my hand and went down on his knees, with his friends surrounding us forming a heart shape along with the violinists, sparklers and bubbles... I must really have been the luckiest girl that night :)

And I said yes.

It was the most romantic night for us and I will not forget it for the rest of my lifetime.
This also marks the opening of a new chapter in life.

When I asked him after the whole episode if he ever hesitated before the proposal, he said without thinking there were absolutely no reasons not to marry me, but a thousands reason to do so. No fanciful words, just his frank words and it touches me so so so much.

I was really touched by all the efforts put in and he even engaged a videographer, photographer, violinists and prepared 99 roses, making sure that the plan went on flawlessly. It was so flawless that I did not suspect a single bit and had the shock of my life. It was totally unexpected from his nature as he does not give me surprises usually. However, he did it all to make me the happiest girl that day. Surpasses the Meteor Garden standard really because it was done with love.

I know that we will run hand-in-hand together for the rest of our lifetime with love and it will be a never-ending marathon together. And love never runs out of energy.

I love you my dearest Fiancée :)

This is my moment
this is my perfect moment with you
this is what god meant
this is my perfect moment with you

O wish i could freeze the space in time
the way that i feel for you inside
this is my moment
this is my perfect moment with you

tell me you love when you leave
you're more than a shadow that's what i believe
you take me to places i never thought i'd see
minute by minute you're the world to me

i wish i could frame the look in your eyes
the way that i feel for you inside
this is my moment

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