Monday, January 28, 2013

Give-away & Sponsered Review - Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water

Today, I will be sharing with you on this product, Bio-Essence Bio Spring Water!
 I'm sure many of you would have came across this product on the television commercials on Channel 8, especially between 8pm-11pm.

Bio Essence has kindly sent me their latest miracle bio water for review as well as 3 travel-sized bottles for my readers!

So what is this product about actually? Is it targeted for the face, hair or body? 
Well, it is for ALL OF THE ABOVE and can be used on your face, body or hair! 
How amazing is that, one product 20 efficacies!

For the face, it will help to brighten up your skin, refines your pores, reduces your dark eye circles/ eye bags, relieves tiredness, moisturise skin etc. It can be used AFTER your make-up, which will help to set your make-up and make it last longer.
For the hair, it helps to relieves dryness, split ends and frizziness.

Well, it works for both females and males as well so this innovation from Bio-Essence has claimed to have instant results after 3 days as well!


 Honestly, it sounds too good to be true right?
 I was sceptical as first as to how the product can be used for both the face and on your hair. I have too many different serums for my hair as well as my face.. so if this innovation is true why would we need to use so many products?
So, I tried it out on both my face and hair as well to test it out to see its effects!

Trying it out!

1) Trying it out on my hair first

As you can see, there's frizziness and dryness at my hair ends.

Step 1) Spraying it three times on my hair and not more than 20cm away!

Step 2) Gently pat it and there's no need to rub it around your own hair.

Let it dry naturally and in less than 30 minutes, you can see that your hair is LESS DRY and the ends look healthier now. More tame definitely and it's so easy to just spray on your hair in the morning even if you are rushing for time (like me).

2) Spray it on the face just 2 times!

Now, I'm going to try it on my face to see if it can work as well! As promised by the product, it will help to set your make-up better and make you less tired instantly. You can also used it before make-up to refine your pores and improve your dark eye circles.

For application over your make-up, there's no need to pat dry it. Just let it dry!

And I'm done!

Personally, I would prefer to use it on my hair as I can really see instant results and my hair feels less dry!
For my face, it feels more hydrated after application as well and good for instant perk-me-up moments. I use it after exercising as well and feel refreshed instantly. I have tried it before make-up application as well but have yet to see results like smaller pores and refined skin texture etc.
However, it works really well so it's now happily sitting in my office now. As my office is air-conditioned, my face and hair tend to get pretty dry by noon time.

Here's other areas that you can use as well to smoothen damaged skin or sunburn!

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water is available at Guardian, Watsons, NTUC, Cold Storage etc so grab yours today to try! There's 25ml - 300ml and personally, I like the 25ml one because it's so travel-friendly and light that you can put inside your bag daily!
The product is that amazing and there's no need to bring different products overseas, you just need one!


Yes, now you can stand a chance to win the above products!
It's the travel-sized bottle and really convenient for you to bring anywhere :)

I have three to let go in this blog-post!
 I will be randomly drawing 3 lucky winners and will mail the product to your door-step and throw in a necklace as well (as seen above).

It's that simple, just leave a comment with your NAME, EMAIL and SHARE A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOURSELF! I want to know more about you so you can share on your favourite blogshop, skin-care product, new year resolution or how boring you find my blog etc, just anythinggg!

Leave a comment and give-away ends on 4th February 2013.
All comments will be screened
I will be sending it to your house before CNY commences.
Good luck! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

B for Blue.


January is moving way too quickly but I've gotten used to penning the year "2013" on my documents by the second week.

So what have I been up to? Nothing much, busy with routines, work, exercising and shopping.. basically the usual and nothing special. Good thing is that I have managed to fulfil one of my 2013 New Year resolution which is to sleep early. No more blogging and sleeping at 1-2am right now so I've been sleeping before midnight almost daily. My body clock has been adjusted and I hope this maintains till end of the year. Feeling healthier and I feel more normal now! As for working hard and saving hard, sad to say I have been shopping way way way too much instead. CNY seems to be the perfect excuse to shop and splurge on clothes and things, just like Christmas. In the past, my mum would buy my CNY clothes for me yearly but now, we don't really need any occasion to shop do we? Can't wait for Feb to be here - Hong Kong and CNY visiting!

Also, my dear Veron organised a photoshoot for all of us and it's a blast really! Thank you so much for suggesting it and all the intimate girlfriends agreed immediately! Our theme that day was blue and of course, the necklaces had to be donned on! Location was at Fort Canning and it was a really sunny day with lots of mosquitoes.. but everything was worth it!

Blue outfit that day in a LB dress and a pink bag for lots of barang barang!

LB Dress // Balenciaga Bracelet & Bag// Forever New Heels // Intimates necklace!

Behind the scenes pics - we have yet to receive the edited pics from the photographer, can't wait to see them!!!!

The dearest intimates all in blue and our props!!!!


Here we go!

Not kidding when I say many barangs - we have soft toys, cameras, magazines, fans etc!

These girls are absolutely too cute, see how serious they are!!!!!!

Dear emmy looking absolutely like an angel

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Karl Lagerfeld

Our partners joined in and we headed for brunch at Kith Cafe at Park Mall.
The truffle fries were not fantastic but pasta was good!!!

I'm tired from the shoot and he's tired from waiting haha.


#OFTD for the pinkies lunch on Sunday! :)

One of my best buys from BKK during my last last last trip- the blazer!
BKK Blazer // Cotton On tank dress // LB Flats // Accessories same as above

With the dearest girls and it's amazing how we change year by year, but still the same within.

Lunch at Royal China @ Raffles City - super awesome dimsum and lobster esp!


Other outfits for Jan that I actually bothered taking pictures of-

Found my trusty crochet racerback top at Hollyhoque unexpectedly. Not my fav shop to purchase from but I was pleasantly surprised how awesome that basic was that I bought white too. With a bright pencil skirt for work that day :)

HH crochet top // Fie Japan Watch// Cc Skye bracelet// Zara bag

I rotate my bags weekly because it's really too much of a chore to take out everything and put inside another bag. #firstworldproblemsOne of my fav watches from Fie Japan because I'm a fan of Eiffel Tower :)

Fav prints for work!

H&M Leopard print dress // Hong Kong Cardigan // Mango Heels

& wore this tweed red flats to work the other day to rest my feet teehee.

A black skater dress for the i-don't-know-what-to-wear-days. I've it in three colours at least! Matched it with the under-utilised Melissa skull heels! Still smelling like gum after so long :)

MGG Black Skater Dress // Bysi Jacket // Melissa Skulls Heels // BCBG Watch

Trying to maximise my clothes by turning the aztec dress into a top haha.

River Island dress // H&M Skirt // Balenciaga bracelet// HOH Necklace


And what's weekends without feasting?


An entire SMooch outfit & cobalt blues are meant for Monday.

SMooch top & skirt // Zara Heels & Bag

Then, it's neutral day the next with my oldest ASOS shiftdress.
ASOS Shift dress // Bling H&M Necklace // Zara bag // Monfae bracelet watch

In my favourite TE peekaboo top, luckily it's pretty subtle :)
 My seamstress did such a fab job I can't love her more enough! Matching it with a H&M turqoise skirt that I had since forever but with tags on #horriblethingsido

TE Top // H&M Skirt// Ferragamo Heels // Zara bag


Clothes received recently (that I took pics of)
I'm really too lazy to review items nowadays hahaha.

LB Taia Kate Dress in Burgundy (S)

Previously, I owned the cream and black version from the last Taia Kate batch but sold it coz it was too baggy. I'm a UK6/8 and usually wear Small for all my LB purchases. Was super glad to cart this out in time when I read that it was an improved version. True enough, the waist part felt more snug and not so loose. It's flare at the bottom and racerfront at the shoulders. I absolutely love this cutting much better than the last that I just bought it in white again. It fits nicely for me and comfortably as well.

The perfect dress for those days where you do not know what to wear. Too easy to accessorise and every girl should have one, at least one shade!

Klarra Lace Midi Dress in Red (S)

This red dress marks my first purchase from Klarra. Not a fan of their items but this red dress caught my eye as it's super similar to the ASOS one, but at half of its price. Thank goodness, the red is not as loud as the website but a darker red, so it can be worn even after Chinese New Year.

It is super flattering as well and fits up to a UK 8 for Size S. It ends at the knee for me and looks very good with high heels. This should be my CNY dress! :)

Anyway, my friend is selling hers in S as well so email me at if keen.
$32 shipped

SMooch Jacquard Circle Skirt (White S)

I have been purchasing less from SMooch recently but this skirt caught my attention. It's really a good staple to own as the material is thick enough with some floral patterns on it. It's extremely feminine and the length is good for work as well! Size S fits me nicely and up to a small UK 10 I should presume.
However, I will be selling it because I have something similar!
$29 shipped - if keen


Ending with this awesome SEXY LEGS WORKOUT I found recently!

I have been doing it 2-3 times a week currently to try to tone my fat legs abit. All it takes is just 15 mins, that simple! By the end of the 100 jumping jacks you will feel quite tired. When you have completed, your legs should feel quite sore. Very good for the legs glutes and hips! No pain no gain! :)

I will be doing a give-away post in my next entry so stay tuned! :)
There will be three Bio-essence miracle water (that product that is on our tv screens these days) together with some necklaces to give out and review! Till the next!