Thursday, February 28, 2013

B A C K!

This trip has certainly been a MEMORABLE one though it didn't turn out the way I expected it to be.

It's just 5 days but it felt way longer than that!
I felt like I levelled up slightly abit and became more appreciative of everything around me that I have been taking for granted; my life, health & legs. I fell really ill just one day before the trip but I decided to proceed because I was anticipating THIS TRIP and have trained for it! However, it got so bad there that I was contemplating the idea of going back immediately, skipping the race, food, shopping and not be a burden to my room mate.
But well, I survived and am back in one piece right now!

I didn't made it for the full marathon for HK SCM because I decided not to risk my life for it and that there's other races in the future. My family & TC were worried sick and persuaded me non-stop to skip the whole thing. Being the usual stubborn me, I insisted on doing the 10km and changed the category illegally just to experience the whole atmosphere. And I kinda regretted during the second km as it was the hardest 10k I have ever did. Had so much thoughts throughout the whole journey and unexpectedly, I was accompanied with the cutest bear ever. Disappointed for my first overseas race yes, but I'm glad to reach the finishing point in one piece in my pathetic state.

Many visits to Hong Kong before but this is the most intensive experience.
Definitely unexpected but really it's a a totally new experience that tested my endurance in a different way that cannot be exchanged with anything in the world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's been raining so heavily these days that the trusty umbrella and comfty flats are my daily BFF. There's occasions where I am stranded with nobody to rescue me so I had to purchase an umbrella from the nearest provision shop.. just so my shoes & bag don't get wet hahaha. #truestory.

Anyway, I'm really EXCITED for my first overseas marathon this weekend! Just 3 more days I will be doing an item in my list since forever! I'm so glad I went ahead even if TC issn't free. And I'm lucky my girlfriends didn't call me crazy and are equally enthusiastic about it too! I have always been an impulsive person and I'm glad I made this decision seconds after seeing the advertorial on Facebook! Don't hesitate, just go!

I have been to Hong Kong numerous times to shop & eat but running there is really something new. I'm sure it won't be the last adventure for my sports shoes, I will bring you to Bali, China, Bangkok next. One step at a time, baby steps! Planning outfits is equally exciting and my luggage has been packed with the winter #OOTD I thought of.. scarves, boots, coats and skinny jeans. SO FUN! Now, I just need to pack that sports shoes in on Thursday night ;)

Not sure how it will be like this Sunday! I have memorised the 42km route and looked through photos of the past years races. The runners are all clad in just singlets and shorts. It's 16 degrees this time round and I hope it won't be too cold! This time round, I hope I'm more well-trained than the last SCM. I have tried my best to follow my training schedule despite the rain. On days where it rained in the morning, I made up for it  at night or the next morning. Clocked close to 170km this year beside cross-training and doing yoga. It's just the temperature and body condition that's making me nervous right now. Need that extra confidence to walk/crawl to the finishing line on my own and bring back that medal & finisher tee. It will be such an experience and I can't wait to blog about it!!


Love is like a marathon indeed and not a sprint.
Lots of commitment, determination, patience and discipline towards a growing relationship.. no matter how tough it is, you hang on till the end and don't give up if it's worth the efforts!

This year's Valentine day was like the usual years, a quiet affair for both of us. We didn't celebrated that day together since it's a weekday nor exchange presents. Used to be really into such celebrations and during the first year, I was disappointed that he didn't give me any surprises nor planned anything. Glad I got over it and soon, I realised the day-to-day effort is far more important than just one day of surprise.

With my soul mate, supporter, personal trainer and fiancé that I will be spending the rest of my Vdays and lifetime with ;)

And thank you for agreeing to join this Sundown Ultra Marathon (100km) with me.
 It's another crazy thought I had in me since last year to try it at least ONCE this lifetime. Be it crawling, running, limping, walking to the endpoint, I'm glad I have you together with me in this long journey to guide me along. Clicking on the button and paying up is the first step but I really need triple the courage to train and turn up on that day.
September we shall see.


Had our annual CNY visiting with BFC & it's so fun!

It's a MAC breakfast party at Mel's place!

Looking forward to yearly CNY MTV shots and growing old together chio-ly.

Self-timer rocks!

Meet their funky shoes, mine is the most boring hahaha.

Coffee time at Shaun's place and thank you for all the nice coffee!! Best cafe ever.

The enthusiastic fans of the cafe.

The candid shot with a gush of wind at the right moment.

The perfect backdrop at Shaun's place

Ordered these tiramisus desserts from The Tiramisu Hero!
Wouldn't say it exceeded my expectations but they are not bad.

And CNY with the dearest pinkies at Mrs Lee's place! :)

Had the pleasure of having these girls over to my place for steamboat as well!
Glad you guys had fun and hope TC & my family have been good hosts!! :)

Finally met dear Gwen!!

Theme that day was crochet & lace!

Surprise desserts teehee. Pics credits to gwen! ;)

 & Yes the photoshoot pictures are finally out!


I'm extremely flattered to be featured on styleXstyle by fashion guru Kim Reyes!
 I'm seriously no fashion expert as I know nuts about labels, trends or season. I just like to shop and dress up because I believe you dress up for yourself and do not need an occasion to do so.
Make yourself happy, you don't need to please people all the time! ;)

Life is like a camera, focus on what is important, capture the good times, Develop from the negatives, if things don't work out, take another shot.

How true indeed.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Advertorial - Rainbow Mochi

I LOVE ACCESSORIES and my whole room is cluttered with many necklaces, bracelets and shoes. Somehow, they make me happy especially colourful ones!

Today, I will be sharing some pretty and quality HAND-MADE accessories with you guys!
Hand-made accessories are such love because it's more unique as compared to those sold in brick & mortar shop.. but they usually come at a heftier price-tag.
 A pocket-friendly price but still with quality, what's there not to love?

Karen from Rainbow Mochi asked for my colour preference for the chain and threads.
There's too many pretty colours to choose from, spoilt for choice!
Finally, I decided to go with a gold chain (somehow silver does not suit me).
 For the colours, I chose pastel purple, mint and baby pink! All along, I'm looking for a pastel bracelet (along the lines of my pink pony colour) to complement the rest of my armswag collection but somehow those that I chanced upon are either too dark or not what I want.

She emailed me 2-3 days later that the parcel has been sent out via AM mail. It came in less a week before CNY, too awesome! The item is wrapped up in a secure handmade bubble wrap bag to prevent damage while shipping. Unwrapped the bubble wrap bag and tada- here's the bracelet, contained in a pretty glittery drawstring bag!


I love the drawstring bag and have started using it to put my spare accessories in my bag. It's the perfect gift for your friend as this hand-made gift is really well-made and pretty! You can choose the colour combination that is suitable for your friend according to her personality!

Close-up pic and it comes with a brown hand-made tag ;)

Wore it out various days with the other armswag and they go pretty well :)

To work :)

AE top // ASOS skirt // Zara heels // Lousia &  Rainbow Mochi accessories // Fie Japan Watch

On another casual day with a Marc Jacob white watch.

Love how the bracelet complement the pastel outfit that day ;)

HVV top // Topshop skirt // Marc Jacobs watch //  Rainbow Mochi bracelet

Wore it out yest for CNY visiting as well with a pink Miumiu bracelet

You can customise the length of the bracelet even according to your wrist size!

Quality & pretty bracelet and good customer service assured ;)

Get yours today at just $10.90 shipped! 

Many pretty colours and I'm so tempted to get another one!

Credits to #rainbowmochi ig

Start customizing today with Rainbow-Mochi!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Snakey Year!

How was your CNY celebrations and holidays? Hope it was awesome!
CNY is my favourite festive and celebrations were a blast as usual! When I was still studying, angbaos are more significant because usually they will double up as my extra shopping money for two months at least. I would join sprees, bid on items on yahoo auction or visit Forever 21 at Vivo. However right now, I do feel slightly embarrassed getting them since I'm already in my mid-20s and working for quite some time. It could also be my second last year getting angbaos before distributing them so I will enjoy it right now hahaha.

 Still, it's really good seeing everyone gathering under one roof and all, especially when I'm blessed with a big family. Like the past years, TC & I did visiting together and things are getting more comfortable right now :) Perfect occasion to binge slightly more (but I still felt a lil guilty after that with the bloated tummy and missing waist) and lots of gambling. Ban luck!!

I will be doing visiting at my friends' places as well like a yearly tradition and the process is really fun! Looking forward to it as on usual days we rarely visit each other places. I have different groups of friends  coming over to my place this weekend & next week .. really looking forward to it!!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!
Lots of happiness, joy, luck and good health in the snake year!


Of course, CNY is the perfect time to dress up slightly more and be slightly more hiao though I honestly do that almost everyday actually hahaha. #buaypaisehNo longer believe that new clothes are kept for special occasion as they colour up our moods instantly.
My lucky colours this year is white, red and purple.. so I made sure I wore these colours because there's nothing to lose! HUAT AH!

Reunion dinner at my house & it's just food for 6 people!

Reunion dinner at TC's place. I'm still amused that we actually both have the SAME TABLE and CHAIRS. What are the chances really.
Day 1

Outfit of the day with Oh Vola's crochet dress that my alteration aunty altered in time for me! :)

Couple pic that mum took for us! Ordered his FCUK polo from ASOS teehee.

Super red accessories hahaha. kiasu is good.

More camwhoring while waiting for the bus.

Drenched from head to toe in the evening and even the umbrella didn't save us. But still not killing the CNY mood at all! Big smiles!

With my dearest sis & cousins! :)


Day 2

In our colourful accessories!

Wore the lace ASOS peplum top and I love it so much! Mad flattering with asymmetrical hemlines. I bought it in Size 6 and it's pretty loose. My alteration aunty adjusted the pit-to-pit and shoulder portion so it fits better now! :)

ASOS top // GG>5 Skirt // SMooch clutch // Zara heels // CC skye & Bal bracelets

Sis in an LB dress!

Usual visit to the temple!

My mad cute kiddo cousins!

First work outfit, 开工大吉!

H&M Dress // Chanel, Louisa, Balenciaga accessories // New look heels


Had some me-time as well to burn off the new year goodies and last minute training for next weekend's marathon in Hong Kong. It's just a week away, excited!

Beautiful scenery at my usual route.. so serene, so relaxing.

Testing out my uniqlo heat-tech gear! Bought it to keep myself slightly warm as it will be quite cold in Hong Kong.. not too bad but I still prefer my Nike gear!

Revamped the room a little and threw out quite a bit of stuffs.
 Loving the instagram shots on the wall teehee.

& some Pre-CNY #OFTDs

Lunch date with the pretty intimates!

Wore out the SMooch bandage skirt and here's a comparison with the mint Intoxiquette skirt I picked up from Val that day as well ;) I got both in size S.
Well, both are equally chio and of good quality just that SMooch is slightly thicker. Too pretty and a wardrobe staple so it's justifiable to get it in more than a colour I hope. The mint colour is so refreshing while the mink colour is so lovely!

Colour-blocking in one of my fav Zara dress.

Review- SMooch Love Affair Dress in Pastel (Size S)

Topping the chart as my favourite SMooch dress now! To be honest, blue was my first choice so this was an alternative that dear Serene kindly carted out for me! However, it turned out much prettier than the website and it's so romantic looking!

Quality is extremely good and not sheer. Will take a proper picture when I wear it out soon (I hope) coz the above picture does not do it any justice at all trust me! Size S fits me comfortably well. The lace details is extremely pretty and not delicate on both front and back. Joined the backorder for the Camillia & Belle dress as well teehee.


Will be back to update more! :)