Thursday, February 28, 2013

B A C K!

This trip has certainly been a MEMORABLE one though it didn't turn out the way I expected it to be.

It's just 5 days but it felt way longer than that!
I felt like I levelled up slightly abit and became more appreciative of everything around me that I have been taking for granted; my life, health & legs. I fell really ill just one day before the trip but I decided to proceed because I was anticipating THIS TRIP and have trained for it! However, it got so bad there that I was contemplating the idea of going back immediately, skipping the race, food, shopping and not be a burden to my room mate.
But well, I survived and am back in one piece right now!

I didn't made it for the full marathon for HK SCM because I decided not to risk my life for it and that there's other races in the future. My family & TC were worried sick and persuaded me non-stop to skip the whole thing. Being the usual stubborn me, I insisted on doing the 10km and changed the category illegally just to experience the whole atmosphere. And I kinda regretted during the second km as it was the hardest 10k I have ever did. Had so much thoughts throughout the whole journey and unexpectedly, I was accompanied with the cutest bear ever. Disappointed for my first overseas race yes, but I'm glad to reach the finishing point in one piece in my pathetic state.

Many visits to Hong Kong before but this is the most intensive experience.
Definitely unexpected but really it's a a totally new experience that tested my endurance in a different way that cannot be exchanged with anything in the world.

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