Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The dating diaries & 49 Seats!

I never count my calories because life is too short to starve yourself too much. My fav indulgences are often not on the "healthy" list like bubble tea and fast food! Being a foodie is probably the key reason to why I exercise like mad ! On days where I eat slightly more, I will make it a point to run longer distance the next day or add in a pump class. So eat first, exercise later.. or exercise first, eat later! 

Weekends is the only time we date so it usually involves lots of eating hahaha. -stares at belly- We finally checked out 49 Seats, a cafe which was on our list for ages!

Wore out my new romper from TE, one of my fav online shops ;)

49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Road
 Tel: 62254332

Nearest MRT was Chinatown and we made our way there right after our movies. We watch at least 1-2 movies every week because there's not much things to do in Singapore haha. Do watch the Wizard of Oz and Jack & the Giant Slayer if you haven't because they are too too good!

Outside 49 Seats, right beside Drink Culture. Not hard to locate and you will be greeted by curtains and some out-door seats.

Pretty cosy interior with exactly 49 seats inside.
We didn't make reservations but were lucky to go in immediately at about 4pm on Saturday. I heard that there will usually be queues during dinner time so it's best to book ;)

Highlight of the place besides its famous pasta was the cheap cheap beer! *slurps*

I actually decided on my food before entering haha. Tom Yam Pasta!

Cheese fries were priced at $7 and they had 20% off that dish that day. Not too bad and the portion was pretty generous as well. If you like KFC cheese fries, you should like this as well.

My Tom yam pasta! Tastes really really good! They warned about it being really spicy so I opted for moderate spiciness. The spiciness was manageable so I will opt for extra spicy next time!

TC's smoked duck pasta. Love the creamy sauce!

The bill came up to $40+ for 2 mains, 1 side and two beers! Much more affordable than usual cafes I should say and the food quality is good! Will be back soon ;)


We are not fussy eaters and can eat almost everything from cafes, restaurants to hawker food!



Finally grabbed the Veronica blusher and too bad Betty is OOS! 
My first blusher purchase this year which is justifiable because of its packaging. Archie Comics is my fav comics during school days and bring back so much memories ;) I love the colour, it's pigmented as usually which adds a healthy fuschia glow on the cheeks.

In a dress I bought from JJ Market in BKK few years back. Still one of my favourite for its nautical prints. Just $8 can you believe it?


Overslept for my gym session so we did outdoor sports that day. We cycled for close to 2-3 hours on the roads that my butt hurts so much after that hahaha. Got a nice tan as well! Gonna cycle more as my pink bike is so underutilized! 

Been cutting down on my purchase by alot to re-wear my clothes more. This piece is from ASOS and just 6 pounds! Love its prints and how versatile it is, can be worn as a top too!

This post is getting long so I shall save the flooding of other OFTDs for the next post so as not bore you all any further. xx

Looking forward to this weekend's 2XU Half Marathon. It's my third 2XU race and their race tee is always one of my favourite - good quality and sleek! The organising has always been flawless and hopefully this year won't disappoint. It's been four months since the last SCM marathon and I can't wait for my first local run this year! Signed up for the annual Shape Run as well! The adrenaline rush and happiness when crossing the finishing line cannot be described in words :)

Have a good long weekend ahead!

Monday, March 25, 2013

New fav Sunscreen- Biore UV Watery Essence!

It's skincare talk again and today, I will be sharing more about something extremely important in our skincare/make-up regime - SUNSCREEN!

To be honest, I used to commit this horrible mistake of skipping this super essential step in my regime when I'm rushing for time every morning (almost daily). Every morning while preparing for work, I would just proceed to my concealer and eyeliner after my moisturizer without putting on the sunscreen. Big mistake as the sun is extremely damaging to our skin and spots may appear on your face when you grow older! I do alot of sports and morning runs so my poor skin was tortured under the skin directly. However after chancing on an article in Shape mag, I decided to be more diligent before it's too late! 

The reasons why I dread sunscreen is that it always seems to take longer than usual to absorb fully into the skin (zzzz) and sometimes cause a white overcast into the skin (double zzzz).  I have dry skin on my T-zones and often my skin felt oilier after putting on suncreen.

My ideal sunscreen was one with high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and light on the skin, but somehow I need to compromise either one aspect.

I am currently using the SK-II sunblock and Aqualabel sunscreen which I rotate around. SK-II sunblock has SPF 35+, extremely light-weight on the skin and absorbs well within minutes. It was my best friend so I used it during daytime. On the other hand, Aqualabel has SPF 50+ and takes longer to absorb into my skin, so I used it on days where I do outdoor sports.

So.. I was extremely glad to have an alternative sunscreen to be introduced to me. Thank you Biore for allowing me to be one of the first in Singapore to try this before it was launched locally! 

Meet Biore UV Watery Essence (SPF 50+)!

This sunscreen is the No. 1 Sunscreen in Japan and has won multiple awards in Asia and some of them are Japan Cosme in 2011, Top Beauty Magazine in Japan VOCE's Top Pick & Biteki Skincare Award!

So what's so fantastic about the product? Let's take a look at its claims:-

1) SPF 50+ and a superior long-lasting long double UV Block
2) Super light and refreshing, feels nothing on the skin
3) Hydrates & softens the skin (hyaluronic acid & citrus extract)

The above three points were enough for me to review it immediately!

Introducing Biore UV Watery Essence (SPF 50+) against my other sunscreens that I'm using now - SK 2 UV protection (SPF 35+) & Aqualabel sunscreen (SPF 50+)

After two rubs of the sunscreen into the skin with the first two sunscreen almost disappearing into the skin..

After the third rub, Biore UV Watery Essence gets absorbed instantly into the skin without being too creamy or greasy on the skin!

The best part about the sunblock is that it absorbs beautifully into the skin and has texture that turns into water when layered on. It doesn't leave a white overcast on your skin too!!!

So is SPF 50 sufficient for your skin? It depends on your kind of skintone.
To calculate the total protection time you get, here's the formula! 
For light skins, it's SPF x 10 minutes
For average skin,it's SPF x 15 minutes
For tanned skin, it's SPF x 20 minutes

So which means for tanned skins girls, SPF 50 x 20 minutes = 1,000 mins / 16.6 hours of protection.

It's now part of my skincare x make up regime!
Cleanser - Laneige/SKII toner - SKII Facial Treatment Essence - SKII Celumination Essence - SKII Skin Signature Moisturiser / Aqualabel Moisuturer - Biore UV Watery Essence 

Been using it for the last 2 weeks and I really love how it fits into my lifestyle. That's very important about a product as it needs to feel right and feels good on your skin! It glides instantly and save me alot of time, while protecting my skin. Also a bonus point would be that it also hydrates and softens your skin! My skin feels much softer after using it instead of oilier!

Using it after gym!

Using it before work!


Get your sunscreen now to protect your skin and for an invisible, weightless finish today!

Best part? It's retailing for just $18.90 and available at selected supermarkets/hypermarkets & pharmacies.

Now, you can exercise hard while protecting your skin with Biore sunscreen!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Always a daddy's girl.

Have always been wanting to blog about my family who meant the world to me :)

We do not show our affections in terms of words nor say "I love you" too often but we are still a close knitted family. My dad has always been a special figure to me since young and my fav man. He has always been that perfect man I look up to in life and I picked up his optimistic & positive traits. 

Dad always treats me even better than he treats himself and put my interest before his all the time. He fetch me to school daily during my secondary and JC days even if the location isn't exactly near his workplace. Back in primary school, he would buy our lunch before hand and wait for us to finish them up before sending us home. In secondary school, I wasn't the most diligent child and shown no interest in my studies at all. However, he saved up and bought me my first handphone, first disc man and pink sports shoes even if I do not deserve a single bit of it. My mum was always the disciplinary figure while he was the one who pampered and shielded me from everything. It was really a good balance. I'm glad I sorted my priorities right and did them proud in the end. Till date even when I'm in the working world, he would still make me breakfast daily. I will always feel touched seeing the bread on the table and even my colleagues called it the daddy's bread. Even in my mid-20s, he would still text and speak to me like I'm the girl he carried when young.

Once a daddy's girl, always a daddy girl.


We celebrated Dad's bday last weekend over dinner at his favourite place.
 Chilli crabs were always the compulsory dish for our family celebrations! We made it a point to celebrate each other birthdays just like how mum made the effort to cook daily for our dinners. However, this year seems ultra special for us to be with him to celebrate another year of growing older. While eating, I looked at his contented face and recalled how weak he was last year which broke my heart. To be healthy and having dinner together with us would probably his best birthday present this year.

Some of our old family pics which are still my favourite ;)

It's really exciting planning for my next stage in life and preparing for marriage & renovations but seriously, I can't bear to move out. It will probably never be the same anymore. Going to cherish the current arrangement and trying to make the effort to spend more time together with the family ;)

Lilo: "' Ohana " means "family." 
"Family" means "no one gets left behind."


Psst and guess what brought a smile to my mum's face?

Hello to the new personalized magnets on the fridge all thanks to Tinytiles for sending me these!

These customized Ceramic tiles magnets are the perfect gift for mum since most of her time is spent in the kitchen whipping up yummy dishes for us.

Just submit your photos to Tinytiles and they will convert your photo memories into 4.5cm x 4.5cm tile magnets. These pictures can be from your instagram or any pictures from your camera. Just make sure that it's not too grainy as pictures are clear for the best effect. I love that it's hand-made and such gifts are often the most meaningful, like a hand-written card.

Here are the close up pictures that I took of the ceramic tiles. Instead of the common glossy paper that some websites are offering, they are like tiny floor-tiles with your photos printed on top of it ;)

I would say that the quality of the photos is comparable to the previous Portagram pictures I have ordered.  Taking in consideration that the ceramic surface is not as smooth as paper, it is not the super sharp effect that you see on your iphone screens. There's a rustic feel to the overall effect which I like!

Yes, we all love taking photos everywhere we go but more often than not, these photo memories get forgotten after we save them in our hard disk or host them on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram etc. So if you miss the physical touch of prints and wish to reminisce about the good ol’ days, you can consider this personalized printing service to turn them into tile magnets at an affordable price! :)

Available in non-magnets options as well :)

To get 10% off your orders, quote "eyeletskirt" & like their Facebook page right now!
*Applicable only for orders with 6 tiles and above

Get yours today!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unrolling the mats with Lululemon!

Lululemon's Asia Yoga Tour is taking its practice on the road and unrolling their mats all over Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore!

All thanks to Caddie who informed me about the amazing event :)

It was my first time hearing of such an event and it's amazing how yoga can connect the world together, just like running. Have attended numerous world-tour concerts, but never something like this!  Missed the one in Hong Kong so I just had to attend this one-off class held on the rooftop of Prelude Rooftop Bar. It's free and you just have to bring your own yoga mat along!

It's my second out-door yoga event since 2012's Shape Yoga by the Sea. It REALLY feels good doing yoga outdoor and not inside the yoga studios! I've signed up for 2013's Shape Yoga at the Park in April, can't wait!

Lovely weather that day of blue skies with fluffy clouds.

Mandatory tourist shots before reaching the bar!

Mango Cardigan // Agneselle Forest Dress // Melissa Flats

With Steph and the pic was taken by a tourist who told us "girls must take more pics. people often not taking enough pics. you can delete if you don't like but if you never take you cannot take again." ERRR. How true? Maybe lor.

Reached the location and did our registration at the door early, before getting changed!

Lots of yoga instructors that day and they are really very inspiring!

The mind is everything, what you think, you become.

It's Steph's first yoga class!

With dear Caddie & Sara, fellow yoga fans whee!;)

Class started and it's about 1.5 hours. I find the sequence pretty manageable like a normal Hatha Yoga lesson. Of course, there's something romantic about doing these favourite poses under the clouds and facing the Merlion. Even inhaling and exhaling felt much easier ;)

End of lesson and guess what, we get to keep the Lululemon Yoga Mats!!!! Of super good quality, anti-slip and slim. Of course, we were happy girls that day ;)

The DJs that day

Beautiful skyline even after the sky has turned dark.

Seriously, I never thought I would like yoga since I'm energetic and can hardly sit still for more than 5 mins. Funny how it changed my life completely after chancing upon it four years ago. To me, it's not just any workout, but yoga is working on yourself. Paying attention to your finer sensations within the body is the surest ways to steady the wandering mind. The yoga mat became an avenue to end all negativity, stress and anger accumulated in a day after the integration of body, mind and soul. Namaste.

Ending the session with wine and super yummy pastries, all on the house!

Fav was the lemon tart!


Reunited with Val & Sher at Koh Grill & Bar over yummy sushi, which was the best way to end a stressful Wednesday! They were previously at Suntec before being really famous in Wisma itself.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877 

Introducing the die-die must order - Shiok Maki! Ordered in all generations hahaha. And really, it tastes as good as it looks, super super super yummy can!

These soft-shell crab handrolls were pretty disappointing and unforgettable really.

Noodles were quite good despite the lack of raves about it.

Group pic because we were all in pants and unplanned for! ;)

Wanted to wear a LBD that day but that morning, I just felt like donning a all-white outfit. I'm super random like that hahaha.

LB White Top // H&M Pants // Prada Bag // Mango Sandals

Going on an accessories roll as well with these new babies from Hong Kong and from Lovisa!