Monday, May 6, 2013

Going casual!

The weather has been so scotching hot recently that my maxis and jeans may never ever see light. I usually go with shorts on weekends. Slack I know! Too many shorts but somehow for every piece, it's same same but different. The pockets, shade , crochet, lace details and all made a difference somehow :P

Agneselle Top // LRH HWS

Zara Nautical Shirt // Cotton On Denim // Balenciaga Bracelet

Crochet top // BKK shorts // ASOS Bag

Mango Sequin Top // Topshop Shorts // Gucci Bag

Pastel colours are still my favourite because you look younger instantly haha.

Bysi Top & Skirt // Pedro Heels

Trusty blazer in the office over any dress!

H&M Shirt // Bysi Blazer// Cotton On Skirt // Newlook Heels // LB Belt

SMooch dress // Louvisa Necklace // Miumiu Bag // Zara Heels

Utilising all my basics in the wardrobe!

TTR Racerback // Bershka Lace Skirt // Forever New Wedges

Hoarded this ASOS dress in red & black because it's so silky and flowy!

ASOS dress with own inner slip // LB Belt // Kenneth Cole Watch

My oldest pair of heels so far from Zara. Love that it's patent with pink heels, three inches and prim& proper enough for work!


So glad to be able to catch up with old friends and it's been ages since I saw 10! -waves- Somehow, I'm really quite introverted at heart so I would prefer maintaining friendship over making new friends anytime.

Wore the dress that I bought in Hong Kong's Agyle Centre (Yes, I know the posts are not up yet in case you are wondering hahaha). It's just $5 and I love the mesh details! ;)

HK Dress // Hollyhoque Wedges // Louvisa Necklace

Not really what I will wear all the time but it's good for a change sometimes :p

Off to town for my favourite Koh Grill and his first time trying! Book before going to prevent queues okay!

Ironman3 was great and we liked it better than the previous one. I thought the casts looked better in here as well! We managed to walk away with a cap because I was the first 30 pax to buy the IMAX tickets oops.

Have a good week and we are in the fifth month in the year already, so fast!

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Yi Ling said...

Haha hi Ying Tian! It was great fun catching up with you and Mel the other day too. Hope we can do another one soon! =D