Monday, July 29, 2013

SKII Pitera™ House event (1 August - 11 August)

Are YOU a fan or convert of SK-II's skincare? 

Good news, SK II Pitera™ House event will be happening at TANGS from 1st to 11th August! You can drop by and discover the birth of SK-II and its unique history especially with the upcoming long National Day weekend. Not forgetting the good deals that you will enjoy with your beauty questions answered by the helpful SK II girls! ;)

Also, Mediacorp celebrities Qi Yuwu & Rebecca Lim will grace the event at TANGS on Friday, 2nd August (7-8pm). So drop by if you are fans of them and hear what they have to share about SK II!

Psst, do check back this space as I will be doing a reader give-away worth $500/- of SK-II products!! ;)

Friday, July 26, 2013

20-Something Does NOT Have to Be 20-Everything

An article that I can truly relate to and would like to share :)

You don't have to have it all figured out by 30 (or really by any age, because life is a constant journey). During our 20-something years, there can be a tremendous amount of pressure to figure everything out. We search for answers to important questions like "What do I want?" and "What do I want to do with my life?"

I was on track to answering those questions in my 20's. I had a prestigious career, a man I loved who proposed, money, fancy clothes and so on. When I lost it all at 27, I judged myself as a huge failure. I went from having everything to believing something was wrong with me.
But nothing was wrong with me. And nothing is wrong with you, either, if you feel like you failed at something or like a failure because you haven't done enough. You're simply going through a normal rite of passage that you may even call your "quarterlife crisis." So, if you feel confused, like nothing is really "right," but nothing feels "wrong," either, don't worry, you're NORMAL.
This time of our life when we are supposed to be "having the time of our life" can be overwhelming and downright scary at times. It can also be a time of great discovery, freedom and exhilaration if you are willing to remove expectations from others, society and yourself to figure everything out on a certain timeline or according to a certain checklist.
Now I'm saying you don't have to figure out everything but you do have to do something. Your life purpose is not going to just hit you like a lighting bolt while you're sitting in Starbucks surfing Facebook. If you want to live a life of meaning and make a meaningful impact, it's time to redefine your version of "everything."
I spent the past month interviewing over 30 thought leaders and experts who are in their twenties and thirties as part of a free resource called the Quarterlife Upgrade. One of the questions I asked each one was "What do you wish you knew then that you know now?" Below I share some of the themes that emerged from the interviews to reassure you, inspire you and remind you that you are not alone:
  1. You will fail. Allow yourself to make mistakes. You will learn so much valuable insight and information from failure so stop playing it so safe. Not risking is risky.
  2. Don't try to be perfect. It's not only exhausting, it's impossible.
  3. Your parents may want you to do things the way they did them or the way they think you should do them. Follow your own path even if they don't agree (and don't worry, they'll get over it).
  4. There is huge value in "oh no!" moments. The things that don't go according to plan are often the biggest blessings in your life -- sometimes, it just takes time to clearly understand what the blessing is.
  5. Do things to stand out, but don't just do them to stand out.
  6. Live your life according to your deepest values -- don't make hot, rich and famous your goal, because you'll never be fulfilled.
  7. Youth does not make you invincible, but it does give you the amazing opportunity to create habits for healthy living NOW.
  8. SLEEP. Eat green foods and ditch processed stuff (if you do not know or can't pronounce the ingredients, don't eat it!)
  9. Enjoy your body and stop punishing it with your criticism and yo-yo dieting. Breathe, meditate, say affirmations and exercise.
  10. Ladies, get off a timeline! Let go of the pressure of your biological clock because stress has an adverse effect on your fertility.
  11. Chemistry is necessary, but not sufficient in romantic relationships. Make a list of your values and top five non-negotiables and DO NOT SETTLE.
  12. Friendships matter -- they contribute significantly to your health and longevity!! Ditch toxic friendships and put the effort into friends who inspire and support who you are and where you are headed.
  13. Don't date someone's potential. When someone tells you or shows you who they are the first time, believe them.
  14. ALL relationships teach us valuable things about ourselves and are a catalyst for growth. Even if they end, they are a success if you are willing to look at what you learned about yourself.
  15. When it comes to break-ups, let go! No ex-stalking or obsessing. Move forward and do not shut down your heart. Getting hurt in love is something we all experience.
  16. There is no one "soul mate." You will probably have multiple romantic relationships and the MOST important relationship you have is the one with YOURSELF. No one can complete you other than YOU.
  17. The trick to personal finance is budgeting and SAVING, but be limitless in your money mindset. Learn ways to increase and appreciate your abundance right now. Abundance does not just come in form of money.
  18. Answering the question, "What do I want to do with my life" is more often a process of elimination rather than a lighting bolt of inspiration.
  19. Have patience because opportunity and success come in real time. Overnight success is not possible and you don't have to love your job to be happy at it!
  20. The workplace doesn't tolerate slackers -- don't be one!! Be more than your job description.
  21. Entrepreneurs: make sure the business you are starting is solving a specific problem. The most important ingredients to being an entrepreneur are initiative and discipline.
  22. Burnout is not a badge of honor. Don't try to do it all, focus on the 5% you're great at and delegate the rest!
  23. Develop your personal brand -- remember your passion makes you unique!!
  24. Write down what you want to be known for. Make a list of your professional and character values and never sell out.
  25. Your thoughts are creating your reality, so you are either attracting things to you or repelling them from you. Be mindful of your thoughts!
  26. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and being so hard on yourself. Don't use Facebook as a torture device. Quiet your Inner Mean Girl or Inner Mean Dude and be your own best friend. Seriously, be nice to yourself!!!
  27. You're a grown up now, it is time to lovingly cut the umbilical chord with your parents and live YOUR life.
  28. Learn the language of your intuition and how to recognize when your heart is speaking to you and then how to respond once it does.
  29. Find a cause that you have an emotional tie to, educate yourself on the mission and get involved. Service is a key ingredient to happiness.
  30. Adopt a "what can I give" versus "what can I get" mindset. That is how you truly make an impact on the world.
Credits : Huffingtonpost


I can truly relate to this article especially when it seems that time is ticking away every minute and I belong to the super fast-paced category. Sometimes in the middle of the night, a random thought would just struck me "I'm already in my mid-20s but why can't I narrate any of my accomplishments in life yet? I don't have any business, nor huge savings and do not make any difference to the society at all." What do I really want in life? To get married, then have kids, to continue my career, to do what I like to do right now... well is that a direction? That's just a direction that the society is directing us into, isn't it?

Well, that's right. We are all flawed in our ways being human and shouldn't try to be too perfect which can be really exhausting. At times, take some risks, laugh at yourself in silly situations. Most importantly, live your life according to your values instead of envying another girl's life on social media.

This week, I had a wonderful time catching up with my girlfriends that I've known since 13, people that you don't have to impress at all. We don't meet weekly but there were no awkwardness in the monthly meet-ups and you can pour your heart out anytime. We reminisced the school days, talked about the future and everything under the sun uninhibitedly without the need to hide our true selves or thoughts. Friends that you know will support you, love you for who you are, won't judge and truly wish you happiness without any tinge of jealousy. Each of us has came a long way in our individual paths and I'm truly happy to see each of them happy right now. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Race Against Cancer 2013 - Run for a good cause!

It was my first time participating in Race Against Cancer 2013, organised by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS).

Since young, I have always perceived cancer of any kind as something really scary. My first encounter with it was when my primary school friend lost his life to cancer many years back. He was barely 16 when cancer hit him and he lost the battle within months. I will always remember how active and lively he is, always wearing a grin on his face and donning on his scout attire. How unfair and helpless life was but hopefully he is in a better place right now. I know of several beautiful people who have battled cancer courageously and some have won the race. I chanced upon the run on social media and was glad of the opportunity to rally for them this time.
The funds from the race went towards various initiatives by the SCS so it's really meaningful!

The meaningful art installation at the starting point conveying message of hope onto the locks

It's been a long while since our last race together after Passion Duo Run 2011 :)

Our reflective gears under the flash from the cam!

The appearance of the cute mini super-heroes on stage made up for the late flag-off at 7.30am. Everyone was clearly feeling upbeat about starting as the weather was cooling with the sun showing mercy as well.

East Coast Park is a familiar route for many runners. Personally, I'm not a fan of the U-turns and flat gradient which could be demoralising and a hurdle especially when doing the full marathon. Nevertheless, runners were able to run at their usual pace as the route was smooth with minimal bottlenecks and no merging of lanes at all. "Please don't stop, I will be waiting for you", as indicated on the various bear motivation posters along the way to spur the runners on. The logistics were almost flawless with distance markers for every km, clear U-turn signs and cold ice-water distributed by enthusiastic volunteers to quench the runners' thirst. 

It was a relaxing 15km run along the beach together with other runners, pedal cyclists and cancer survivors. TC sprinted off at the starting point so I was running on my own and enjoying the race.


Credits to Running Shots, Eye-see-eye-shoot, Chasing Shots 

The best part of the race was when he waited for me at the 12km mark so we could finish the rest of the distance together. Small gesture yes, but I felt so happy that he was willing to follow my pace despite his much faster pace.

After spotting the last poster that wrote "You're Almost Finished, Press on!" at the last 200m mark, we crossed the finishing line. It was a smooth collection process for the medals, bananas and drinks. The cold Yakult came as a surprise as well all thanks to the sponsors. The organizers were thoughtful enough to arrange for a Milo Van at the carpark area and really, who could give up a cup of cold cup of Milo with unlimited top-ups after the run?

Completed! ;)


Well said.


 These medals were for those who are unable to run, those who have lost their battle with cancer, rallying for those are still courageously fighting against cancer and rejoicing for those who have overcame cancer. Keep fighting on and never give up!


I'm honoured to contribute my first article on Run Society  on the event as well ;)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sponsored Post - SG Memory Bank #sgmemory

Singapore is not just a place that I call home, she's a place where I associate all my precious memories and happy childhood with.  

What is your favourite Singapore memory?

I was living in Bedok with my grandparents before shifting to a newer estate in secondary school. Those were the days where a dollar coin would bring a smile to my face and I would ponder if I should save it, buy some stickers, a Mickey Mouse pen or some twisties for a scratch-card. Not forgetting my favourite playground with sandpits just metres away from and the array of choices of hawker centres around. I would walk home everyday after school or walk to the National Library with my best friend to trade Sweet Valley/ Baby-Sitter Club/ Nancy Drew books with my library friends.  Those were the days, the memories. Things were much simpler and smiles seem more genuine. I also associate these memories with my grandparents whom I missed dearly as well. My late grandfather would be sitting at the spacious void deck area with his Bedok khakis while my late grandmother would be sitting in front of the bulky tv watching cartoons with me even though she didn't understand a bit. There were no handphones nor pagers back then so I spent my free time yakking on the phone with my friends, practising the piano, poring through Archie comics or gazing at my gameboy. Till date, I will still visit my neighbourhood and even though some things have changed, those fond memories will always stay within me.

One of my favourite memory would be the old playgrounds with sandpits which is a rare scene now that brings back fond memories of my childhood days in the 90s. I was such a gungho tomboy and would get bruises on my knees every now and then but they didn't bother me at all. I ate my lunch on the Monkey Bar and proceeded to the "elephant's trunk" and then swung myself as high as possible. Simple pleasures. It's a great shame that today, most of them were demolished with only a few of them forgotten and others being replaced by the new plastic playgrounds with rubber mats.

Still remember these Sailormoon cards? In primary school, I would visit the card machines in my neighbourhood to purchase them twice to thrice a week. Somehow, it feels really exciting back then anticipating with bated breathe after inserting that 20 cents coin. Like entering a lucky draw. On lucky days, I get magic glitter cards which would be displayed proudly in my album. Not forgetting the numerous machines around my estate that spins out toys, idol cards and random stuffs. 

And these are my favourite childhood all-time snacks which could be bought in less than a dollar! 

It's no wonder why old-school theme cafes are so popular now :)

So, what would today's children look back in nostalgia 20 years later? 

Would it be the McDonald's toys that are trending right now or the EZlink cards that we are so familiar with?

Singapore Memory Project (SMP)  is a whole-of-nation movement which aims to capture and document precious memories related to Singapore from individual Singaporeans, companies and groups. 

They have taken the initiative to create this Singapore Memory FB application for Singaporeans to contribute their memories of Singapore. It is a really meaningful project and these shared memories can help in community bonding via similar memories and experiences.

 I went through the gallery and many photos struck a chord with me. It was like walking through my childhood days with the familiar Lao Fu Zi Comics, Bookworm club, Satay fish sticks, Polar Snack and more. Yes, I'm proud to be from the Generation Y!

These are my favourites from iremembersg


Here's how you can share your photos memory at Singapore Memory FB app which is really simple! Just click on the link above and then submit your pictures via desktop upload, facebook or even instagram pictures.


Type in your captions and then click submit!

And you are done! :)


Besides Facebook, the #sgmemory hashtag can be used on your Instagram or Twitter pictures as well. You can access some really interesting pictures shared by fellow Singaporeans and here's 13,245 of them already! This online public engagement platform encourage Singaporeans to share their stories through the popular social media made possible by technology in the modern days. 

So what's your memory? :)

Relive those memories today & you can stand a chance to win $200 vouchers!

Free SG Memory iOS application from Apple iTunes app store

Happy sharing!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Advertorial - Just Tangy

Today, I am going to introduce my new favourite wrist-candy from Just Tangy


If you find the website familiar, yes it's the same shop that I have previously blogged about which ships authentic CC Skye accessories to your doorstep in less than 3 working days. I have been following them on Instagram and am delighted to know that they have brought in Daniel Wellington watches!

Daniel Wellington Watches is made and imported from Sweden, promising the best and highest quality of workmanship and material. They have gone around Europe, UK and Australia and now, Singapore. Just Tangy has stocked their male & female watches for your convenience and you will be glad to know that shipping is free! ;)

I have plenty of watches at home which I rotate depending on my outfits. These are the kind of watches I like and usually pick:-
1) Any parts which are rose gold in colour (straps/surface/clasp)
2) Minimalist and clean look (Kenneth Cole, Casio)
3) Bracelet watches (favourites are from Guess, Moschino, Monfae)

It was love at first sight for the Daniel Wellington piece as it fits both the first and second category, something minimalist yet classy for daily wear. I was torn between the red/navy piece AND the brown one. After much consideration, I decided to proceed to get the red/navy piece since I do not have a similar piece yet. It's in my favourite nautical theme and comes with a clean white watch surface with rose gold frame! The timeless brown piece on the other hand was simple, chic and there's this understated beauty about it. And yes, this watch is not a sponsored piece and I paid for it before taking up this advertorial! ;)

Sarah was friendly as usual in her replies and upon checking out the item from my cart, I received it the next day instantly. Fast delivery and item courier to my door step!

All watches comes with the Original Daniel Wellington Giftbox and Authenticity Card. Perfect for giving away as presents as well!


Look at how gorgeous it looks with the rose gold frame against the clean white surface and nautical straps! 


I was so happy with it that I wore it for the next few days and it matches my outfits pretty well! For work, I would just wear the watch on its own with either my favourite pants or a dress. 
Here's a shot on a Friday with a black simple dress and piling on the armswag and watch. 

It's versatile as well to go together with your other arm pieces without clashing too much as well.






Also, you do not have the burst your bank by getting more DW watches if you cannot decide between the various colours. There's accessories available with various straps for you to change as and when you like! Yes, that's the brown one I'm eyeing.

For the pink lovers!

Psst, for CC Skye fans, you will be delighted to know that they have launched a a new colourful series of screw bracelets!!

Not limiting to CC Skye bracelets & offer is not valid for DW Watches.

Happy shopping!