Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Race Against Cancer 2013 - Run for a good cause!

It was my first time participating in Race Against Cancer 2013, organised by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS).

Since young, I have always perceived cancer of any kind as something really scary. My first encounter with it was when my primary school friend lost his life to cancer many years back. He was barely 16 when cancer hit him and he lost the battle within months. I will always remember how active and lively he is, always wearing a grin on his face and donning on his scout attire. How unfair and helpless life was but hopefully he is in a better place right now. I know of several beautiful people who have battled cancer courageously and some have won the race. I chanced upon the run on social media and was glad of the opportunity to rally for them this time.
The funds from the race went towards various initiatives by the SCS so it's really meaningful!

The meaningful art installation at the starting point conveying message of hope onto the locks

It's been a long while since our last race together after Passion Duo Run 2011 :)

Our reflective gears under the flash from the cam!

The appearance of the cute mini super-heroes on stage made up for the late flag-off at 7.30am. Everyone was clearly feeling upbeat about starting as the weather was cooling with the sun showing mercy as well.

East Coast Park is a familiar route for many runners. Personally, I'm not a fan of the U-turns and flat gradient which could be demoralising and a hurdle especially when doing the full marathon. Nevertheless, runners were able to run at their usual pace as the route was smooth with minimal bottlenecks and no merging of lanes at all. "Please don't stop, I will be waiting for you", as indicated on the various bear motivation posters along the way to spur the runners on. The logistics were almost flawless with distance markers for every km, clear U-turn signs and cold ice-water distributed by enthusiastic volunteers to quench the runners' thirst. 

It was a relaxing 15km run along the beach together with other runners, pedal cyclists and cancer survivors. TC sprinted off at the starting point so I was running on my own and enjoying the race.


Credits to Running Shots, Eye-see-eye-shoot, Chasing Shots 

The best part of the race was when he waited for me at the 12km mark so we could finish the rest of the distance together. Small gesture yes, but I felt so happy that he was willing to follow my pace despite his much faster pace.

After spotting the last poster that wrote "You're Almost Finished, Press on!" at the last 200m mark, we crossed the finishing line. It was a smooth collection process for the medals, bananas and drinks. The cold Yakult came as a surprise as well all thanks to the sponsors. The organizers were thoughtful enough to arrange for a Milo Van at the carpark area and really, who could give up a cup of cold cup of Milo with unlimited top-ups after the run?

Completed! ;)


Well said.


 These medals were for those who are unable to run, those who have lost their battle with cancer, rallying for those are still courageously fighting against cancer and rejoicing for those who have overcame cancer. Keep fighting on and never give up!


I'm honoured to contribute my first article on Run Society  on the event as well ;)


Paul said...

Hi. I've been following your blog for quite a while and really enjoyed all your posts on your running and fitness routines. (Your fashion and make up posts not so much :P)

I've started seriously running only last Aug and had since run in more than a dozen events (including 3 HMs)

So it was a surprise for me (not to mention v cool) when I spotted you at the race. I tried to keep pace with you but u lost me at the 5K mark. ~lol~

Pls continue blogging cos I'm sure it helpful and motivational for people who are taking the same journey as you once did.

As a aspiring marathoner myself (jsut signed up for my 1st SCMS FM), sometimes when we are struggling with our training - both physically and mentally, we remember that our journey is not unique and many before us had also walked the same path.

I may be trying for 1st FM relatively late (in some races I'm considered a veteran!) but many has blazed the trail before me; and I'm determined to follow that same trial.

Your blog (along with many others) reminded me that nothing is impossible if we put our best effort and do it in a steady, disciplined manner.

Thank you for sharing and keep rocking!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Hello Paul!! You are a guy I presume? I rarely know of any guys who read my blogs except my bf and good friends, so I'm really honoured if my guess is right.
Okay I will try to blog abt sports stuffs more.. but my first love is still fashion hahaha. Ahh you saw me, so embarrassing. Say hi next time at future races okay!
It's definitely not late to pursue your dreams and congrats on your first step for SCM!!! Yes, the first will always be special and train for it as hard as you can. You can go for tempo, long runs (up to 20km maybe?) and interval trainings till the big day. Nothing is impossible and everything is about your mind!!! :)
Keep rocking too and thanks for motivating me further! See you at SCM!

firstlove88 said...

Hi babe,

Always admire you for being able to run so much and your determination and motivation is always so high up! :)

Any tips for running without stopping? Is it really mind over body? I've participated in few marathons but can't seem to be able to really run the whole marathon in one shot. Once I stop and continue, within another 2-3 minutes I need a break again. :(

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

fistlove88: hello jx i rem u!! Running without stopping takes practice and actually, walking fast can even be better than doing a slow jog! Try to run for 15 minutes first at a pace you are comfortable, then slowly increase to 20 minutes and soon u can reach 30 minutes! Train via timing instance of distance and one day, you can run longer timing without stopping and reach 10k!! When you get comfortable you won't want to stop to break the momentum so keep trying!
It's mainly about the mind but it's important to listen to your body and never force yourself. It's okay to stop or have days where you don't feel like running through out, any workout is better than none! :) keep going!

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