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Thoughts on KOTR // Lola's Cafe


Last Sunday, I woke up at 5am and headed to Esplanade Area for my 3rd Adidas KOTR race. All thanks to my dearest daddy for fetching me there so early in the morning. However, the weather didn't show mercy at all and it poured heavily with lighting and thunderstorm up to 8-9am. 

When we arrived at Esplanade, we were surrounded by hundreds of hopeful runners clad in their colourful race tee all just sitting around while waiting for some positive updates. It was a gloomy sight as everyone just wanted to run but the rain showed no sign of stopping at all. That was probaby the worst scenario in any race and not even the lack of medals (informed by Adidas 10 hours earlier) or lack of water points could match. We were all crossing our fingers even though we knew in our heart that the chances of running is super slim. No longer IN.

These were the SMSes I got from Adidas KOTR:-

6.30am - NEA reports continued thunderstorm. For the safety of all runners, 16.8km race is now postphoned to 6.50am. We will continue to update all runners on FB and SMS.

(At 7.00am, we were informed verbally by road marshals/organisers that the 16.8km was cancelled and runners could choose to join the 10km category at 7.30am. )

7.10am - Due to unforeseen weather conditions, we regret to announce the adidas King of the Road race is officially cancelled. We apologize for this inconvenience but the safety and health of runners are our utmost priority. 

So yeah, that's it, it's cancelled. We decided to head to the gym (all thanks to Nick who drove) since we were all up already! Did a 10km run on the treadmill and even though there's no finishing line nor scenic view, it's better than nothing. Any run is better than no run. Most importantly, we had fun despite all the negative events in the morning! Still IN.

It was my first time encountering a cancelled race in the last 4 years. There were two times which it rained as well, but the difference was that it occurred half-way and not pre-race. I still remembered running in the heavy rain during Sundown Marathon 2012  for close to 3 hours after it rained at the 21km mark at ECP. There was no shelter and all we did was to speed up to reach the finishing point. What an experience it was, extremely cooling but water was dripping into our eyes affecting vision. The other race was Yellow Ribbon Run 2011 which we ran in ponchos hahah.

Runners were naturally disappointed as they have paid for the race, trained and some even turning up for the event. However, to ask for a refund or compensation angstily was way ridiculous since T&C stated clearly that there will be no refunds in the event of bad weather. Also, the volunteers and organisers should be the ones feeling even more disappointed after all the months of preparations, with the race logistics, road closure all done. It is not easy putting together any race, whether big or small with lots of sunken cost and effort. Shape Run 2013 was post-phoned due to the haze that was foreseen in advance, whereas who could tell that it will rain that day? In the event if KOTR was to proceed despite the nasty weather, the health and safety of the runners would be at a stake and who would be liable. Not to forget the negative PR to face after making that difficult decision. The medals have been ordered so mailing to the runners as a token of participation wasn't something wrong. For those runners who feel that it's a form of mockery, you can just throw them away. The only thing I felt that could improve was the delayed notice of their Racepack Collection which could be improved so that runners would not be left guessing. Also, the SMS received on the lack of medals a day earlier was pretty alarming and showed some oversight on their part. 

Just sharing my point of view after the whole event despite the disappointment. There will be other races so let's move on and yes, see you KOTR in 2014! ;) -cross fingers-

Here's us at the gym with happy faces teehee.

I'm looking forward to the Omega Love Your Heart Run this Saturday for a 10km run, slots courtesy of Run Society . Crossing fingers for good weather this time round!


Freshened up at home and met TC after gym for brunch! Introducing Lola's Cafe which is just opposite Kovan MRT and popular for its price-friendly menu and good food. It was an impromptu decision and thank goodness, we waited for 15 minutes for a seat.

This time round, I tried its Eggs Benedict and it's super good! Such a gem tucked at the North-East area as there are not really such quaint cafes like that around my neighbourhood. I will keep returning and the next time round, I would love to try their desserts! ;)


5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893


Pretty heart-warming scene seeing an Eurasian guy with his daughter sharing some bonding moments outside the cafe.  


Our green tea latte

Cosy interior with warm lightings

We ordered truffle fries (ate too fast so no pictures of it) with two mains!  

MINE. Eggs Benedict!!

Better than it looks!


With just 25 seats available, it's better to make reservations especially on weekend. 

Recent outfits and trying to rewear my stuffs more often! ;)

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KY mint top // GG>5 skirt // Newlook Heels

Bysi Top // CWC top // Newlook heels

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Dad's vest// BKK shorts // F21 top and necklace


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Paul said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the cancelled KOTR.

It was my first cancelled race too though I have only started joining races since last yr.

While I was disappointed at the cancellation, I surprised myself a bit by not only taking things in my stride; but I decided to do my own KOTR round GBTB and Geylang PCN. It was an awesome run. Not quite 16.8K but 12.96K is not bad.

I was take aback by some of the negative comments and demands on Facebook and sgrunner forum. Even more disappointed that some senior member seems to encourage by adding unnecessary fuel to stroke the fire.

Maybe because I still relatively new to running, I only see the positive side of the running community; so what happened was an eye opener from me.

The thing is nobody forced us to spend $50 to sign up for the race. So why complain about so many things after it has been cancelled. I would bet you that the same horde of people who complained will probably sign up next yr when KOTR 2014 comes along!

I'm happy at how I dealt with the disappointment of the cancellation and managed to achieve something positive anyway. I always read about how running can have a positive impact on your life. It was not until that morning of that wet 11 Aug 2013; that I finally encountered something close to that.

It would not always be a smooth journey in life; and our attitude does makes a difference when we hit a road bump. Frankly I'm not sure I would have reacted the same way before I started running seriously.

Lastly, there was a lot of complaints about the oversized tee but it seems to fit you well! Did you have to downsize?

What's next for you? The coming weeks is going to be a challenge for me as I'm doing 4 races in 4 weeks! Have you attempted something so crazy before?

And thanks for the head up on Lola's Cafe. I never knew about this place even though I stayed at NE of Spore all my life. Will check it out one day!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Paul- Hello Paul! Wow thanks for taking the time to leave a comment ;)

Yes, I guess runners felt disappointed and this was the first time.. but I concur with your thoughts, it's unexpected and noone wanted the rain to occur. So it brought out their bad side to rant about wanting a refund which was ridiculous because race pack and all logistics were collected and settled. That's good at least u have a run and we don't need any medal for that! ;) Yes, they will definitely join year after year, just like runners who went back to SCM even after complaining about the poor logistics and expensive price haha.
I took the smallest size and it was still ok, though sizing is definitely bigger than the last two years of KOTR. Hope urs fits okay!
Wow, 4 races in 4 weeks! Let me guess, AHM is one of them? I've not attempted anything like that but my next crazy Ultramarathon is in 3 weks and I'm going to be so dead for it.. I've tried 42km few times and this 100km is pretty crazy really.
I stay at the NE too! Check out Lola it won't disappoint ;)

Paul said...

Yeah. I'll be running CSC Run, AHM, POSB Run for Kids and then Yellow Ribbon Run. It sound pretty crazy when I first signed up for it but I think it will be fine.

I've read about your preparation for the Sundown Ultramarathon; and honestly I cannot comprehend what running 100km will be like.

All the best for your ultramarathon! 加油! You can do it!

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