Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello September ;)

How has September been for you? Fab start to the last quarter I hope. I didn't realise that my last post was end August till I randomly logged in just now haha!

It's 2.30am while I'm typing this right now and I'm FINALLY done with catching up on my blogging deadlines. -insert peace sign- Interesting topics so do check back next week for more! Also it's the happiest Sunday ever because TC is finally back after a month of counting down. Greeted him with a shy hug at the airport earlier on and it felt really silly with my heart pumping so hard while searching for a familiar silhouette at the arrival hall. Honestly, a month didn't seem that long because my month has been really packed.


Sundown Ultra is coming up in 6 days and I was going through the racepack guide, looking at the 50km x 2 routes and trying to familiarize myself with the numerous pit-stops. The exciting part was the 5 stops with finger food, caffaeine and fuel to continue, with transition race packs like some amazing race. I hope there's sushi and hotdog buns! My parents were surprisingly supportive and have offered to support me at the 50km U-turn mark where TC & I would be taking a quick shower to change our clothes/shoes. The support from my family and close friends mean alot for me to take that leap of faith and hopefully my mind will take me through the 18 hours of distance to reach the buffet spread at the ending point.  Now you know how much I love food hahaha. #iovefood

Still, I'm enjoying the entire training process so far and that to me is important as I doubt I will train so hard for anything like that in future. The night runs have been therapeutic especially after a long day of work while getting greeted by the sunrise in the morning kick-starts the day. For this week, I will just take it easy, nurse my flu & perceptual sore throat, do more yoga, drink more water and of course, carbo load! Crossing fingers for good weather this weekend please.

Also, I had two days of flea market last weekend at Lucky Plaza. It was really tiring especially when weekends are meant to be relaxing but I was glad to clear most of my clothes to make space for more. For those who are asking, personally I felt Lucky Plaza is a good place for fleas as sales was better then the previous Scape and Holland V. The crowd can be really overwhelming as well! However don't expect to sell anything for more than $5 for clothes or $10 for accessories.


Some outfit pictures as well ;)


Mango striped dress // GG>5 cobalt heels


Super love this Hollyhoque knitted cropped top though I kinda wished it was longer due to my long torso. It's so comfortable like the name suggests with varying lengths of stripes. Wore it over Love Bonito's Taia Kate dress which kept me warm the entire rainy day.

HH sweater // LB Dress // Zara Heels // HK Bag // Diva Necklace

Wore the new Love Bonito Carly dress as a top tucked into an ASOS skirt. Bought the LB dress in black and it fits nicely with barely any allowances. It's pretty short so I prefer it as a top as well.. but I find their cropped top version too short haha. -dilemma-

LB top // ASOS skirt // Aldo Heels

Always happy meeting up with the girls and we talked 3 hours straight till the waiter hinted us "last order do you still want anything".

Another monochrome outfit.
Tracyeinny Dress // Swivelle Blazer // Newlook heels

A cropped top which I got from Hollyhoque as well, matched with the old LB skirt! I bought this in S but it was too snug so I exchanged it for M. Fuss-free exchange I must say ;)

HH top// LB skirt // Louvisa Necklace// C&K Heels// HK Bag

Trying to re-wear more basics.

LB top // Zara salmon pink pants (selling this!) // Pazzion Shoes

Last outfit of the post in Vain Glorious You's Dahlia Maxi. Absolutely love the floral prints and got my compliments from my colleagues that Friday. It's up for backorders at so get yours if you are looking for a quality and affordable floral maxi! 



Anonymous said...

Hi YT, may I know what colour is your Balenciaga Giant City in? Is it Anthracite?

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Hi, the shade is argent fonce! Similar grey to Anthracite but more metallic and less matt! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prompt reply YT! :) i really like the colour of yours! felt the black was too harsh and some were too grey. Find the colour of yours just nice... shall keep a look out now! :D

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

My pleasure, happened to be online hehe. Agree on that, I wanted something dark so that it's easy to maintain and suit my wardrobe.. yet not too harsh and dull so I didn't regret taking this colour! I got mine from Reebonz so keep checking there for occasional good deals! Don't rush into one hehe coz it's an investment for life! :)

Cassandra said...

Please please dont go, I went there and 60% of my bags and clothes were stolen. My friend brought 23 bags and 17 were missing. Another friend sold 2 jeans and all the rest went missing. The shoppers just swarm you like crazy. Some of them just took our items and simply walked away. It was a terrible Sunday. :( Just felt the need to warn you gals.. I am beyond upset..

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