Thursday, October 31, 2013

A print a day.

I've been donning alot of prints recently instead of the usual block work dresses for a change.

It's not hard to pull printed items off for work without looking too unprofessional but of course it depends on the work culture. To avoid the outfit looking too cluttered, I usually let a printed item to let it be the focus point while keeping the rest simple. For weekend, it's another different story, you can clash the prints with bright colours to make you happy.

Fashion is all about yourself and having fun!
Recent outfits (Instagram - @eyeletskirt)

Another fab skirt scored from ASOS paired with a black peplum.

Oh Vola peplum // ASOS Skirt // PS1 Bag// Newlook heels

Wearing the printed mini dress with a leather skirt for some colours!

ASOS Leather skirt // Zara heels & bag

Dug this ASOS heels bought super long ago which matches almost everything!

Agneselle Top // ASOS Skirt & Heels // Celine Bag // TE necklace

Running errands on the weekend in a sponsored Annora Cut-in Illusion romper from VGY.  As per its name, the romper cuts at the right place and is extremely flattering, giving the illusion of a tiny waist. No accessories required and I love it to bits!

VGY romper // Oh Vola Wedges// Taiwan Necklace // RM Bag

One of my oldest dress to date from Supre. I went through a Supre/AE/VS spree in the past so I am still hoarding many clothes from the sites haha.

Supre Dress// ASOS Belt // BKK Blazer // Zara bag// TE Necklace

In a sponsored Abstract Floral Skorts from The Nine Dame matched with a worn-to-death knit top. Item available on the web in size M. Quote "yingtianx2" for $2 discount off all final orders.

The Nine Dame Skorts // H&M top// BKK necklace// DP clutch

Also from The Nine Dame, an embellished peach basic which is fully lined.

The Nine Dame Top // BKK shorts // Agnes B necklace

In a lovely printed dress from Love Bonito launched recently. Material is not as thick as the past LB shift dresses but the prints definitely made up for it!

LB Dress // BKK necklace // Zara Heels// ASOS Bag

Another printed dress from Love Bonito, quality is super good!

LB Dress // Zara Heels// Celine Bag

Addicted to printed pants.

ASOS Top // H&M Pants // Zara Heels & Bag // TW Necklace

Going casual on weekend with embellishments and beads.

SMooch dress altered to top // Ms Selfridge Shorts // RM Bag

Thanks to Adolfo Dominguez for the lovely navy armswag. Check out their store at Paragon!

H&M tee // KY Skirt (selling!)// Pedro Shoes// Zara Bag

Been wearing my Taylor Says heels alot and loving the purple motif base especially. Despite the height, it's really comfortable due to the platform and leather soles.

LB Wilhelm Dress // Zara Bag // Taylor Says Heels

The full black outfit that day because I only had 30 seconds to get ready.

Mango Dress // Celine Bag // Taylor Says Heels

Casual Friday in comfty jeans.

American Eagle top // Zara Jeans // Mango Heels // Lipsy & Agnes B accessories

The saddest day in the week because he's leaving for a month (again). Picture taken at 4.30am so pardon our expressions haha.

Ms Selfridge Top // Bershka Shorts // TB Necklace

One of my favourite outfits in this post. I've a thing for white pieces and white pants give a very fresh feel I think if it's the right cut and not too sheer.

Lovisa Necklace // Ms Selfridge Top // Zara Heels

Another good buy from ASOS - the yellow perspex wedges! Totally love its colour and how bright the colour was, which go well with monochrome pieces. It was so comfortable that I carted out the black one to break the "one item one colour" rule.

Lovisa Necklace // ASOS Wedges // Zara dress & Bag

I like the crop tops-pencil skirts combination coz you don't get the bulge at the skirt when you tuck your top in haha.

H&M top // Lovisa Necklace // Love Bonito Skirt // Zara Heels // ASOS Bag

Will be back to post more next time. Have a good day! :) 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Newton Challenge 2013 : Only the best completes

It's amazing how situations always turn out better than expected with a positive mindset. I didn't intend to participate in this Newton Challenge 2013 at all but I was glad I did so. Two years back, I did my first Newton Challenge alone which wasn't a good experience as the continuous loops of ECP were a challenge to the mind and legs.

Just few weeks ago, I decided to take up the 32km challenge as part of the training for December's Standard Chartered Marathon. The quick decision was made just a week after I swore "never to run at ECP in awhile" at Sundown Ultra so really, never say never.

This year, the race tee came in a vibrant mix of pink, yellow and turquoise along with a pair of socks.
I arrived at the starting line at Big Splash in East Coast Park at 5am with three hours of sleep, all thanks to my sweet dad for waking up at 4am to fetch me there. Was very touched on the silent support that he has been giving me in his own ways and always putting my interest before his. The weather was extremely cooling and I was glad to start the race early before the sun is up. Somehow, I felt rather excited for the long distance ahead with no expectations. Think positive, think positive, I told myself that. 
The sleepyhead at 5am and surrounded by pink runners & enthuastic pacers with balloons  

Joined the second wave at the starting line and off we go at 5.30am! 
It feels good to pound the familiar pavement again, this time round without TC. My mind was free of everything, no pressure nor worries nor stress. That's my favourite part of running and joining races - you do it for yourself and no one else. The banana and gel point at 7km came as a pleasant surprise and I was glad to fill my empty stomach with some food to take me through the other distance. There were distance markers for every km with plenty of water points. Also, the colorful balloons held by the Newton pacers were a lovely sight, together with the bright yellow jerseys of the SCM pacers who were doing their trainings at ECP.

My personal target for the distance was 3:30 so as to work towards a sub 5 during the coming full marathon. I decided to go at my usual half-marathon pace for the first 22km and was surprised that my legs could somehow maintain the speed and even speed up a little for the last 10km. This is unlike the sluggish and "not-so-fresh" feeling that I experienced for my long distance races and it's all thanks to the mileage clocked from the trainings.

Despite two distances taking place concurrently, there were no bottlenecks at any point. The usual ECP route felt okay and I didn't feel bored surprisingly. The glares and heat from the sun came to me at the last 5km and that's when the "sumptuous spread of food" as promised by the organisers via sms became my main motivation to cross the finishing line strong. Run with your legs and then it's running with your mind!

Pic credited to Running Shots. Taken at 25km, with the last 7km to go! 

After  crossing the finishing line, we were welcomed by volunteers and given a cold towel (such bliss!), medal, bananas, drink and a blue finisher tee. Every race is different and the sense of satisfaction deprived from crossing the finishing line makes everything so worth it.
True enough, the array of food choices didn't disappoint. There were subway sandwiches, subway cookies, beancurd, nasi lemak, oreo cookies and even cold ice-cream!



Here's a shot with Zorro who was a common face at races and he's amazingly fast despite his attire. 

 I've conquered the distance! ;)

Finished the race 8 minutes past my target but still, very proud of myself for waking up early and putting in my best effort for the timing!

The beautiful medal!

"Only the best completes" was the tagline for the run that day which was so apt because everyone IS a winner for finishing the 18km/32km.

However, it won't be possible without the best race organisers as well.Thank you Pink Apple for the race slots and making the race so enjoyable and I can't wait to be back next year for another round of Newton!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shape Yoga By the Sea 2013

This is my second year joining in Shape Yoga By The Sea after the first awesome experience last year. 

It's a happy and calm feeling to start the day fresh by practicing yoga so close to nature, in front of the breath-taking ombre skyline with so many ladies. Something that's somewhat different from being in the indoor studios surrounded by mirrors. Like what the Pure instructor said last year, count your blessings to be fit enough to travel out of home, to have the discipline of waking up so early, to have the money to register for the event and to encourage yourself for every pose done.

Cabbed down to East Coast Park with dearest Mel that Sunday morning and while walking to the event site, we could not resist taking pictures of the beautiful skyline. It was probably the first time we were both meeting at 6am since JC and more to come especially with Shape Run being this weekend!

Personally, I liked it better than the last Shape Yoga in the Park despite the heat that morning. Will let the pictures do its talking especially with the skyporn pictures that require no filter at all.

The gorgeous view that greeted us that morning.

Both bare-faced and happy!

With dearest Caddie, my fellow partner-in-crime by waking up on a rainy day PH to hit the gym at 8.

Our second yoga event together after the last at Bishan! 

Managed to psycho my colleagues to come along that day for their first yoga session as well teehee. Only realised that Veron & KX were in the pictures only after that haha!

Starting our practice with the sky becoming less dark.

Lovely sunrise despite the heat.


Another fellow lulu fan and second time meeting Jayner!

Ended the session with a group picture with the gorgeous Tara Stiles, who led the second part of the session with her chirpy and energetic voice.

Our post yoga fuel at Penny University that requires no introduction. We wiped out our plates in less than 15 minutes and swopped our ham & salmon around teehee. The coffee is pretty decent as well, will definitely be back since it's at the East!

Penny University
402 East Coast Road 
 Num - 9008 9314
Daily from 08:30 - 18:00


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