Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birthday "Surprise" & Studio M Staycation

Every October, I would fret about making birthday celebration plans for the boy because somehow, it's really hard to surprise him. On his first birthday when we first got together four years ago, I planned a romantic picnic at Henderson Waves and thought it was the perfect plan ever. There were fruits and sandwiches packed in a vintage picnic basket and all, but I came to realise it was not the kind that he really enjoyed, more of the kind I liked. So, the subsequent birthdays became much simplier where we either celebrated with his friends or just the two of us at a dinner place. Presents were the hardest to purchase because unlike me, he don't lack or need anything at all. For now, we drop each other random presents as and when we like instead of saving them for occasions and somehow, random gesture of love (big or small) are the best really.
This year, I decided to plan something slightly more fanciful since his birthday was near our anniversary and that he would be going on another business trip soon. The initial plan was to go to Les Bouchons but I realised last minute that they do not serve lunches on weekend. Immediately googled for restaurants near Roberston Quay and chanced upon another steak place, Bistecca Tuscan  Steakhouse. I was glad to be able to get a table near the wall at the last minute before booking a staycation for Studio M Hotel.  

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse
25 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238969
+65 67356739

The restaurant wasn't too hard to locate and we were greeted by friendly waitresses in front of a rustic gate entrance. There were tourists sitting at the alfresco area but we decided to stick with indoors since it was rather hot at noon. 

Here's the steaks ordered -Boneless Ribeye (350g) & Filetto (200g)


Ordered some sides and wine to go along which they served with some pretty interesting sauce.

The mandatory "pre-food" pictures hahah.

I'm no gourmet or steak expert but we felt that the steaks were really delicious, tender and flavourful. We preferred our steak to be medium-done and it exceeded our expectations. Also, the kitchen is glassed in and you can observe your steak being cooked in front of you. One of the best steaks I've had in awhile. Service was excellent as well with the waiter giving us the right amount of attention. The restaurant was not crowded and it was the right ambience for conversation and some private moments for us. Definitely a place I might considering coming back for special occasions in future and the quality of the food definitely justify its higher price tag. Paid about $85 per pax.

I called in informing them that it was for a birthday celebration and the lady was nice to arrange a tiramisu cake for us, which was much appreciated. The dessert was served right after dinner.

And some pictures together in the restaurant taken by the waitress before we left ;)


Spotted a vintage bike at the door entrance as well!

In a simple Love Bonito's Carly dress. Love that black dresses never go wrong with red!

The next plan was to bring him to Studio M for staycation which was the tricky part. So, I told him casually to pack his things for a "family chalet" at night which he didn't suspect anything initially. However, he kept wanting to text my parents if he should prepare any "BBQ food" or do some grocery shopping which I quickly declined. Phew. After lunch, he asked what's the plan and I said my parents will be picking us up in front in 30 minutes time. We walked towards Studio M and I was racking my brains if I should say I needed a toilet break inside. Then he looked at me and said "Come on, it's a staycation inside HERE and there's no chalet right?!". Game over for my not-so-flawless acting haha!
3 Nanson Road , Clarke Quay / Riverside,
Singapore 238910
Room with a view of the Clarke Quay area.
The room was pretty tiny as compared to other staycation experiences but the highlight of it would be its two-level design. The bedroom was on top and the sofa was on level 1 with the toilets. Pretty interesting initially but walking down the stairs at midnight for some toilet business can be quite troublesome for the lazy me.

Headed out to a bar at midnight for some supper and soccer action.

Our favourite part of Studio M would be its swimming pool and breakfast area for sure. Service wasn't too good as the staff wasn't responsive to our needs but it could be due to the huge crowd on weekend. Breakfast was mediocre but the view made up for it.


Breakfast with a view.



Not a place that we might return but it was definitely a good and relexing weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi YingTian,

I am interested to shop with Taobao, however i have no idea how to! I heard a lot of LB's clothes are inspired from asos and are also sold on TB, how do i find those sellers? and which agent do you normally use? Thank you :)

Mace said...

hey yingtian! i think your tastes are getting better and your ootds are getting sooo pretty! haha or i guess your taste has always been great but it's simply getting more and more to my liking. love all your outfit shots. do keep them coming! i always wanted to do blog posts like yours, with all my fashion buys and ootds, but have been giving up halfway too many times.

shall just stick to reading and marveling at yours :D

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Anonymous: hello! my friend and colleagues order for me via peeka so you can use them as agent! for sellers, i usually type "zara" or "topshop" or "shoes" as my main keyword. use the chinese translator it helps! :)

Mace: HELLO! thanks so much for leaving me a comment to encourage me to post up more. This blog was set up for my passion for fashion and sports and I'm glad you like it! Sometimes I feel lazy to take ootds not wanting to bore my followers here or instagram. Please do up your blog and let me know your link I will follow!! I think my taste is so much better now coz when I look at my past fashion pics I can cringe sometimes at the pairings haha. Thanks for the encouragement babe! :)

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