Friday, October 4, 2013

October : Do more of what makes you happy

Hello October, the start of the last quarter in the year.

This month's mantra - Do more of what makes you happy.
Indeed. Many times, we spent too much time dwelling on trivial things, not giving people the benefit of the doubt and get worked-up over issues or people that didn’t concern us without realising. A close childhood friend sent me this quote last year – Run faster, eat better, sleep longer, try harder, aim harder, love more, day by day get happier. I was looking through my old Instagram pictures recently and this came as another silent reminder again.
And it’s 8 months to our next major race - our wedding! Time flies and I’m engaged for almost a year. We have started on our "trainings" and the process can be really exciting yet nerve-wrecking. Project #RaceTCYT will probably be the biggest project that we are embarking together (other than the house that’s coming next year) and like what our marriage councillor said “Enjoy the process because it will bond a couple further if done right”. Despite our differences in style/characters, we have discussed and agreed on the rough idea for the wedding, allocated the tasks to work on it concurrently. I’m tapping on his strengths for his neatness, organisation skills while mine will be more on creativity, communication and wacky ideas. So far, guest-list, venue, casual shoot and vendors checked. Doing up the guest-list took us at least two weekend together pulling our hair out due the under-estimation of tables  as we want to include all the close people & relatives who have played important roles so far. Still, I’m glad it’s finally done and next-up will be the gown fitting! Now, I’m crossing fingers that there is at least one gown that I will look good in for my outfit-of-the-day-night. Our parents and my sister have been really supportive and I know I can count on their support till next May!
I started walking in a straight line one week after my last Ultra-Marathon but the left ankle & right feet joints still hurt during my interval trainings now. Trying to take it easy for now by going for at least 3 yoga sessions per week so hopefully the legs will recover fully! Also, I will be doing an impromptu Newton Challenge Run (32km) in 3 weeks’ time to kick-start the SCM Marathon training, thanks to Pink Apple for the sponsorship. It’s four more races till the end of 2013 and I cannot imagine life without running right now. Also, I'm very happy at the opportunity to tick another item off my bucket list next year which has been on my dream list. (cross fingers) You only live once!

This is one of the rare lengthy post without much pictures and I pretty much enjoyed just rambling on so more to come maybe? The next one will be on fashion after the last few sports posts. Have a good weekend you all! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where you sell stuff from online shops that's you don't like? Thanks!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

carousell, blogs, fleas or fb forums!

Anonymous said...

Hi,may i know what size you wore for asos skirts n tops?
Loved the floral blue skirt n white tops.
Love all your outfits! keep the photos coming!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Hello! All the sizes are in size 6 :) thank you!

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