Thursday, November 7, 2013

November - Be Grateful

Finally, my favourite month - November. *big smile*
When a new month begins, dare to smile gratefully. Indeed, every day and every new month is a blessing. The incident about the 25 year old girl collapsing close to the ending point last weekend at the Nike Run was extremely shocking and the most dreadful thing to happen for any run. Would rather it rained that day with the entire event cancelled than to have her losing her life to the sudden cardiac arrest during her run. The sad incident happened on the same day as another death of the oldest female runner who died after her New York Marathon. It was sort of a wake-up call to me as well, to listen to my body and not to be so stubborn in many circumstances which I'm guilty of. We all run and exercise to keep fit, but we must always listen to our body's signals to give ourselves rest days if fatique and uncomfortableness kicks in.

Kick-started the new month with a run that morning and it was the best way to kick away the Monday blues for me. November is going to be extremely exciting for me: short get-away next week, Great Eastern Run 2013, birthday celebrations and also the wedding shoot.

Also, I've accepted a part-time role at Run Society to handle the various social media aspects which fits both my passion for sports and addiction for social media. It's pretty exciting to fulfil my wishful daydream of "exploring" a sports career so this will satisfy for now, since I'm too in love with my current career to do so. Still, very happy to be part of their team! [Follow them on instagram - @runsociety]

It's 6 months to the wedding and not sure if it's normal NOT to feel any nervousness or panic-attack hitting me yet. Perhaps I will experience when it's closer to the date. For now, I can't wait for TC to be back in a week's time to pick up the loose pieces of the wedding puzzles with me and detect the things I've overlooked by nature. Now, we are relying on skype, whataps to stay connected and to provide each other with support. I'm coping fine but there are silent moments at night when the "missing" feeling became extremely strong and wishing that he was right beside me.

I have already started on the feasting for the birthday celebrations and yet, trying to exercise hard and eat less. Oh the irony. Been diligently masking for better skin and trying to sleep before midnight everyday as well. Anything to look good for the shoot really haha!

May November be a good month for everyone before the last month of the year arrives. Smile more and think happy thoughts about people around you!


galleria said...

Felt so excited for you babe, seeing so many plans that had been lined up for you in Nov... It is also my favourite month of the year as it is also my bday month.

It is normal for not feeling nervous 6 months before your AD... It will build up slowly.. at this moment, enjoy the preparation process with TC..

Happy Birthday to you in advance and enjoy your trip & wedding shoot. Hope to see some snap shots of the shoot in your blog soon.. :)

firstlove88 said...

Jia you jia you! I remember you telling me not to stress up, now I'm telling you that too! Got to learn to chill to prevent ourselves from being a bridezilla! :)

Jaynertan said...

wheee, love this post babe!! congrats on being part of run society and goodluck for your wedding prep! <3

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

galleria: thanks so so much babe for the love and encourgament. will try to take it easy and enjoy the prepation!! :) will post some sneak previews on ig hehe.

firstlove88: congrats on your first race babe and engagement!!! jiayou jiayou to us!!

jayner: thanks babe for the love and all, i feel your sincerity and happiness!! all the best too!! :)

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