Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's more than just numbers

I've posted a similar entry on my dayre weeks back but I thought a blog entry would be better since there's no limitation to the number of text :)
Weight can be a misleading indicator of one's "fats" and shouldn't be taken that seriously. Yes, the lower the better of course but it didn't mean that all the numbers consists of all fats! You can weigh 2 kg heavier than before but it's highly possible to look even better as muscles are much HEAVIER than fats. Your clothes fit much better than before and you look toner, due to the difference in fat mass composition.
Before I picked up exercising years ago, 45kg used to be my dream target. I did all sorts of methods like skipping meals to reach my "target" but I ended up looking really unhealthy, sunken and pale. And the thing about crash diets, not only is it NOT healthy, you end up eating more in the next meal to "make-up" for the last. 

Only when I did the fat analysis in the gym on my last year of universary, I realised I was on the wrong track as muscle mass is a better indicator.

My body fat percentage was at 21.2% and my weight was hovering around 51kg before I started my exercise journey!


This was me in 2009 and yes, I still love my bubble teas.

I was pretty flabby especially at the arms and legs area, which can be pretty obvious in the mini dresses. Now, I still weigh roughly the same right now (+/- 2kg or so) but my muscle mass has increased significantly. Also, girls and guys have different body composition so it didn't mean you will look MUSCULAR if your muscle mass increase. I still love my fried food and sweet stuffs alot, it's almost impossible to remove them from my meals. The fat gained would usually be to my face and hips which are the harder areas to remove than the waist I feel. Thus, I had to do lots of cardio and strength training on binging days. It's better to be fit & strong than to be skinny-fat, so exercising beats dieting anyday!

Taken recently with a drop in body fat
For now, I exercise about 4-6 times a week with 1-2 off days for the body to recover. My current work-out regime consists of a 3-4 times run/cardio per week, 2 yoga sessions and 1 weights class. Strength-training is really important for a stronger core and tone up the arms & legs! On days where my hamstrings felt tighter and I didn't feel good, I increase the number of rest days or go for my yoga session instead. It's important to listen to your body while working out so that it will not injure your body in the process. Also, exercising wouldn't require too much of your time as a 20 mins- 60 mins allocated per day would be more than sufficient and could be done before work. I actually like morning runs more than night runs because it keeps me alert the whole day and I find myself finding more time after work to do my own things! Also, I try to twig my workout regime a little right now for better results so that my body wouldn't be conditioned to a certain level of intensity. Just do what you like and enjoy! :)

Everything has different body shapes so don't compare and ever feel inferior. No one can ever be judged for their uk size and confidence is more than just numbers. So just exercise, eat moderately and feel good about urself!

 “Live great and be healthy, it's more than just numbers!”


Anonymous said...

Definitely like this blog post on yours on our perception on numbers and the never ending quest to the "perfect digits". Muscle mass and body fat are good indicators of one's health level.

Exercise is a continuous process and once we stop, we lose our fitness level and go out of shape easily. =(

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

i can't agree more weixiang. exercising is a never ending journey and there's no destination!

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