Friday, December 19, 2014

Celebrate Xmas with SK-II

For SK-II fans or peeps who have yet to checked their X'mas shopping list, here's a piece of good news for you!


From 19th to 21st Dec:-

1) Full day double points
2) Received a 10-pc gift set with a min purchase of $500
3) Receive a 10-pc gift set (full size) with a min purchase of $800
4) Spend $500 on SK-II products in a single receipt at SK-II TANGS Orchard or TANGS Vivo to join in the SK-II Festive Party on 21st Dec at TANGS SEVIIN.

For the festive party, you can enjoy food, drinks and even a free makeover at the party from 2PM to 6PM.

See you there!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Counting down.

How time flies, it's just THREE days more to the big move this weekend. Major packing going on especially with the hoarding of makeup, skincare, clothes, bags, shoes over the many years.

And the two months renovation process has officially ended! Not sure if I would miss the tedious process, endless messages with our ID, travelling around to source for items with the hubby, pulling our hair out and many more. Now, we are just glad that this is finally OVER and we can begin our staycation before Christmas! We won't be spending our Xmas at our place so we have skipped a full-sized Xmas tree this year for a tiny one for the mini house-warming!

The honeymoon couldn't come at a better timing though we wished we could have stay longer at the new place. Our last trip together was in Taiwan more than a year ago after getting our casual shoot done which seems like ages! Really looking forward to three weeks of couple time overseas! Throwing aside our work, errands, commitment behind for a white Christmas finally! :)


& i've updated my carousell (@ruffledwhiteskirt) with many items, all going cheaply! will keep posting when i find time to do so.. help me clear my wardrobe! <3

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dear Running,

Chanced upon this article by Coach Jenny and while reading it, there was a warm feeling in my heart. I couldn't have said it any better.

Running & I were never friends, not even acquaintances. It was an activity I dreaded and avoided like plague during my school days. Even during netball trainings where running is a crucial portion to improve our stamina, it was always something I was dreading. Whenever it started pouring during trainings, I will be rejoicing in my heart on the successful attempt to avoid that boring activity of staring into blank space and torturing my legs. It brings no results and no satisfaction, unlike a game on court where there's scores and a goal-post.

Right now, running has became a very integral part of me and I can't imagine my life without it. Not best friends yet, but a friend that I see for at least 4 times a week. And not equivalent to breathing or eating but it now ranks above shopping, which really says alot due to me being an ultra shopaholic (main reason that I started this blog). I used to breathe clothes, bags and shoes and still do, but I have found running to be a more therapeutic, cheaper and less stressful activity. I feel free when I run, free from stress and thoughts that hold me bondage. It has offered me a ray of hope, helped me to build confidence and made me smile on my worst days. I owe my current optimism and grit to running, all thanks to my best friend who casually invited me to sign up for a race 5 years ago.

I may be slightly late to say this - but better late than never. Happy Running Day. Thank you for changing my life for the better. Thank you for never judging me.

You made me smile at the end of race even during the most painful stretch or under the hottest weather, just like last Sunday's Standard Chartered Marathon.


And here's the article that speaks volume and runners can totally relate.

Dear Running,

If you would have told me that I’d be writing a thank you note to you 20 years ago, I would have laughed out loud. That’s because I used to hate you. You weren’t the joyful activity that I know you to be now; instead you represented punishment and pain.

I was made to run when I missed a volleyball serve or a layup on the basketball court. I wrongly associated you with negative vibes, and for that, I’m sorry.

The funny thing is, once we were properly introduced and I got to know you over time, I found that I not only enjoy but love you and your many benefits. You’re not so painful after all. This taught me that all good things come from the effort we put into them.

It surprised me to learn that you welcome runners of all levels, ages, and sizes, which was fortunate for me at the time because I was very slow and chubby. Perhaps this is why you’re so globally popular. 

Your open arms have inspired me to reach beyond my self-perceived limits and to authentically connect with some pretty cool people, with whom I can talk about anything and everything (like chafing) and receive a deep level of support when I need it.

Thank you for helping me build confidence and self esteem.

Thank you for aiding me in losing the weight I carried as a protective barrier.

Thank you for making me smile when life’s sadness rolled into town.

Thank you for giving me something to strive toward, reach, and celebrate.

Thank you for the hard, humbling runs because I now know that these are the ones that have taught me the most.

Thank you for all the beautifully earned views and vistas, especially the Grand Canyon.

Thank you for inspiring many creative ideas for columns, books, and running adventures. 

Thank you for getting me up early for all the sunrises and the many long runs with wonderful people along Chicago’s Lakefront Trail.

Thank you for the swag, the medals, and the shopping opportunities. Who would have thought this tomboy would love running in a skirt!

Thank you for the stinky rides in vans during relay races, the pickles at the trail aid stations, and the s’mores and campfire songs in the staged races I’ve run. These little things are what make active memories for a lifetime.

Thank you for teaching me that passing the joy of running on to others will be my greatest reward in life.

And finally, thank you for always being there – whether fast or slow, home or away, sunshine or rain, short or long – your presence is a gift in my life, and for that, I’m grateful.

Happy Running Day.

Coach Jenny Hadfield


Friday, December 5, 2014

Great Eastern Women Run 2014

Throwback to the fantastic pacing experience at Great Eastern Women Run 2014 on 9 November 2014.

It was definitely one of the most amazing race experience that morning that I will look back fondly in future. 

We ran in the rain with thousands of ladies who pounded pavements, stepped on puddles and conquered slopes. 

One thing in common, noone gave up at any point and we crossed the finishing line strongly!

That morning at 3am gave me a panic attack really and I woke up with terrible cramps after the last 12 hours of running house errands. It didn't helped that I had carelessly left my race bib at HOME and only realised it half-way in the car! Thankfully, the cab driver drove like a F1 driver and I made it in time with the team. 

The colourful balloons were a happy sight at 4.15am with the joyful atmosphere. Tied the balloons snugly to our backs and we were all ready to RUN!

The 2:20 team before the race! (credits of pics to running department)

We headed to starting line and were surrounded by enthusiastic ladies despite the incoming rain. 5.30am seems like forever with the rain getting into our eyes and the helium balloons could not fly.. but we were all so excited to start running and complete the distance! :)


It was a happy sight seeing so many ladies running together which distracted me from the horrible stomach cramps and made everything worth it. Some of them were in colourful costumes as well which was a feast for the eyes.

The run felt pretty different from the last twelve weeks of training at ECP. It was a continued process of trying to maintain at a constant pace with the team to keep to our split timings on our wrists and trying hard not to be distracted by external factors like the crowd, narrow path at certain points etc. I was constantly reminded that we were not running our own races or going for our pbs, but running together as a team to achieve our targeted timing so others could follow.

We took turns to lead every 5km and to go for our water breaks. Soon, we passed the 10km mark and it was another half more to go! Despite the rather heavy rain that lasted for more than 2 hours, it didn't dampened any of our moods at all. We did what we can to cheer the others on and gave our high-fives!

A big thank you to the awesome Running Department support crew for supporting us physically with their loud cheers, food, coke, gummy bears etc. Not forgetting waking up so early on a Sunday morning just for us ladies and also, the roses at the finishing line!

The last 500m before crossing the finishing line hand-in-hand.. WE DID IT!

Credits of running pics to GEWR, Run Society, Running Kaki, Running Shots.

Mission accomplished. 2:18!

group pic!

Now, our turn to cheer the other ladies on!! It was a priceless sight seeing all the glowy faces & open arms of all the ladies who have pressed on and crossed the finishing line with their own efforts! 

Shoe-fies with the ladies!

With my sister who did her 10km whee!

Thank you for running with all of us at the race, we hope that we have helped you guys in one way or another.

My virgin pacing experience has been an awesome one, all thanks to the wonderful team-mates and RD for making it possible. All the trainings were all worth it, knowing that you did make a difference and seeing the delighted faces at the race.

And once again, thank you for the amazing experience #gewr2014 and reinforcing my addiction for running. Many times, I have reflected on the endless reasons on I am so addicted to this activity that made it so different from other sports. Can't be any more grateful by the life lessons that running has taught me and how selfless this running community has been that has fostered friendships.

Running is never a competitive affair or about new personal bests all the time, but the process of being humbled by the distance in every race & overcoming the odds on your own. There's no bad races, every race IS an experience.

Very inspired by all the ladies of diff age groups whom I've crossed paths. 

And indeed:
 Run with love,Impossible is nothing.


good luck to everyone who is doing #scms2014 this weekend! we will all survive the last race of the year together! :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st.

Woke up on a rainy morning to December, my second favourite month of the year. The month of spreading the love and joy before bidding goodbye to 2014. 

November has been a blast as well with lots of feasting and simple birthday celebrations with the loved ones. Very blessed! And also, three races as feeble attempts to burn away some of the calories with Great Eastern Run being the main highlight.

I'm very excited about SCM this Sunday marking the last marathon of the year. Not much trainings this time round apart from the GE pacer trainings and the LSDs were only started ONE month before (rain is not an excuse). Will just enjoy the process to take it as training for Tokyo marathon next year.

And also, the much-needed honeymoon break with the hubby. Our last trip together was last year in Taiwan which felt like ages. The past two months for us have been the most hectic ever - rushing from places to places, settling the loose bits, liaising between many parties and running endless house errands just to get our nest done up. I've been updating on the house progress on my dayre randomly coz it's SO convenient, will do a more thorough entry on my blog when I find the time.


And now, it's 99% near completion and the good news is that we will be moving in either this week or on the third week just before our trip. It's the best reward for both of us, just lying down on the sofa and thinking about how "far" we have came from the day we collected our keys.

All the efforts worth it at the end. :*)

"Don't hold yourself down with things you can't control." 

Birthday celebrations used to be about throwing parties, planning fun themes and expecting presents in the teenage days. Now, it's all about having good health, close group of friends for keepers and quality time that matters.

For this year, it has been a relatively healthy year and I'm really thankful for that. Gave myself an advanced 28th birthday present two weekends ago with a 28.29km clocked (yes i'm that old hahaha!) with the SCMS pacers. Every km clocked is a gift and I've learnt not to take my legs for granted despite my slow speed. Hopefully my legs can take me through the next 30 years to come for longer distances to come.

As years go by, I've learnt that planning gatherings are not as easy as everyone would have their own schedule and commitment unlike the school days where we would just hang around after classes. Extra effort and time would have to be set aside by each and everyone to maintain the friendship that makes it so precious. I'm very blessed to have these angels in my life year after year and witnessing each other growing older (but still young at heart).

First celebration with my dearest JC gang on a very rainy day to start November. It wasn't the pizza or chicken wings that made us happy but the company. Feels very much like the Bangkok trip in August.

Oh Vola Jumpsuit // Forever New Heels // Zara Bag

Mega thanks to our dearest S for the gift card!

Scorpio buddies forever!

With the RD group at the BBQ a week before the GE race - the amazing feel-good people that made long distances less daunting and more fun. (pictures credit to dave)

  With the dearest pinkies on birthday eve indulging in our favourite sushi cuisine.

body-con dress from VGY

Thanks to the girls for the birthday treat at Shabu Sai. Love the japanese hotpot!!

VGY dress // Gripz Loafers

The best present on the actual birthday was the quality time spent with the hubby for our rare weekday date. We've been spending so much time on our house so the day felt really magical, just focusing on each other and finally catching a show together. Thanks love!

Do we look alike?!

Birthday dress c/o VGY Store. Really like how chic this piece is without looking overly formal. It doesn't require any alterations for me as well!

VGY Store dress // Mango Heels // ASOS Clutch

The gorgeous T&C tree at MBS, my fav!

Todai Seafood buffet, served with crab legs and fresh sushi!

Our tradition - icecream brownie yearly.

Monthly gathering with the dearest knitties at Duxton and a surprise cake.
 Our third Christmas soon!<3 
(thanks to kx for the group pic!)

ASOS dress & sandals // Zara bag

At the annual D&D with my dearest colleagues turned friends who made work so much more fun. It's been 3.5 years so it's my four dinner and dance. Was a lucky night as well to win some vouchers that came in handy haha!

ASOS peplum top & skirt // Ferragamo Heels// Mango Bag

ASOS dress // Ferragamo Heels // Celine Bag