Friday, January 10, 2014

River Safari & Zoo trip

I guess it's true that when couples stay together for a period of time, they start to look alike. Didn't used to believe in it but I get quite abit of feedback from friends that we are starting to speak and look alike (hopefully it's not a bad thing!).
In Singapore, there's really not much to do but I like hanging around in the parks instead of shopping centres for a change. Our weekend dates usually revolve around window shopping, movie marathons, food trips and sports. He's not a fan of cafes nor shopping so I usually do those activities with my girlfriends instead. There are times where he initiates to do so just to make me happy so in return, I didn't mind accompany him to watch his kind-of movies or do his kind-of shopping haha! We both believe in spending equal quality time alone and with our friends as well, but gatherings that involve partners at times can be pretty fun! And as cliche as it is, it is true that when you are with the right one, even a simple bus trip can be pretty fun! :)

It's been years since I stepped into the zoo since my schooling days and so, I agreed instantly when TC asked me out for an excursion to River Safari & Zoo for his company family day. It was a weekday and it was pretty fun to see the animals upclose!

Breakfast at Ah Meng Kopi - overpriced and nothing special. Toastbox anytime!
River Safari first!









And the highlight was the pandas of course!

No pictures together with the pandas so this was better than nth

Bought home two pandas magnets to be placed on the fridge for fun 

Jiajia was sleeping and Kaikai is nowwhere in sight.

And of course, the mandatory panda BAO! Nothing special but instagram worthy.

My fav- the tigers!

Now you see it..

And now you don't!





It's like Gardens by the Bay, not a place to go frequently but once in a while the excursion can be pretty enjoyable! ;)


And some of our couple pictures recently while attending weddings and parties!



Have a fabulous weekend and meanwhile, add me on dayre/instagram (@eyeletskirt) for bit-size updates! :)


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