Tuesday, February 18, 2014

15 days of CNY #OOTD

In a blink of eye, CNY is over.. which means the feasting and all halt temporarily.
Back to the exercise regime - eat clean & train hard!
I had fun dressing up this CNY as compared to the last, trying to make-do with the new pieces in the wardrobe or recycling the "worn once" pieces but with a new combination. 
Day 1 

LB tube dress// ASOS Clutch// Gojane heels
Day 2
ASOS Dress// Taiwan Necklace// Ferragamo Heels// Bysi Clutch
Day 3
ASOS Dress// Zara bag// Taylor Says heels 
Day 4
H&M top// ASOS Skirt// Taylor says heels 
Day 5
LB Norah Dress// Zara heels
Day 6
ASOS Dress// Louvisa Necklace// Celine Bag// Zara Heels 
Day 7
ASOS Heels// Black Dress (trades from val)
Day 8
LB Debbie Dress// Melissa Wedges
Day 9
ASOS Dress & Heels// Hongkong bag 
Day 10 
VGY romper// TB Vest
Day 11

CWC top// The Nine Dame skirt (sponsored) // Coach bag 
Day 12
Oh Vola top// ASOS skirt// Mango heels 
Day 13
LB dress// Zara bag// Melissa Heels
Day 14
ASOS lace top// HVV pants// Gojane Heels 
Day 15 - Vday/ 人日

TTR Top // Oh Vola skirt// Melissa Heels 
And the post-CNY outfits! :)
Missypixie tank // Labellavita tank// Taiwan Necklace 
LB romper// VS Bag// Melissa Shoes// H&M earrings

End of the outfits spam! :)

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