Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy March! :)

HELLO! -waves-:)
Yes, I'm still alive & kicking hehe! Woke up on the first working day of March feeling thankful for all the angels in my life who have kept me sane in moody days and make me laugh louder during happy days. Very random but yes, I'm very grateful to have crossed paths with these people who have made my life so beautiful! 
Back from Tokyo last week as well and I'm already having serious withdrawal symptoms. It's my first time there and I have already left a piece of heart there as well. I will definitely be back very soon- for the culture, lovely memories, marathon, food and people! Will try to blog about it by March! :)

The lovely sakura lonesome tree that ended the trip so well :)

And the main purpose of the trip was the race. Yes, I did my first World Major Marathons!!!



Yesterday's #ootd for a day of shopping in town!
TC is returning in 5 hours time and I am so excited to be back in his arms! Somehow or rather, the 2 weeks apart seemed much longer than the few months apart in the past. Absence has definitely made the heart fonder :*)
Be back to blog soon!

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