Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Of workouts & running

Taking some time off my dayre entries to update this little space. Thanks to the 1,200 readers who have been checking this space daily, appreciate that! :*) Sorry for the slight delay in replying emails, I usually read all the emails at one go before I start flagging and replying. The quick questions (fashion usually) will be replied first while those that require longer answers/thinking comes later! :)

Also, I've finally twigged the layout alittle after two years since I started blogging, hopefully it's much neater! I've added tabs on top as well for relevant posts on two areas that I love - fashion & fitness. Will start to sort out the travel posts when I have time, maybe soon!

How time flies- it's two more months to Sundown Marathon, my 4th year participating! It's the same month as my wedding which means killing two birds in one stone - looking good for the big day and training for the race! This time round, I've decided to forsake any running schedule and to just follow my work schedule/condition/mood that day instead of forcing myself to adhere to whatever that was arranged. Somehow or rather, it works well and I've been working out 5 times a week, as compared to 4 times if I followed my schedule. It's roughly in this sequence (10km run- yoga - easy 5km run - strength-training/spinning - interval run/hillwork-  yoga-  LSD run) which works personally for me without feeling burnt-out at the end of the week. It's important to realise that what works on another might not work on you so it's best to listen to your body and twig your workout regime accordingly. #sundowntraining

My colleagues are currently all hooked on this Focus T25 workout challenge and initially, I wasn't sold until they started telling me how effective it was and the amazing results. I mean, how much can you sweat in 25 minutes I thought? Last week, they finally coaxed me into doing it and this HITT programme is really no joke. It consists of many gym basic workouts like burpees, calf raises, abs exercise, squats, jumping jacks but when you put them all together for 25 minutes, you sweat like mad!! I'm on my day 5 of Alpha series and so far so good, hope to move on to the Beta/Gamma after a month. Yesterday was one of those days where I almost gave in to temptation not to do it. I returned home at 11pm and according to the schedule, it was double cardio day - which means doing two videos that involved lots of jumping! Decided to just proceed with it and by midnight, I was sweating like crazy and felt so good after a shower before bed.

Last week, I attended this running talk by Journey Fitness Company and the tips that they shared really helped. These are among my favourites that I thought I would share:-

1. Run SLOW to run fast - Incorporate easy training days with your usual LSD, hill work and interval trainings. Training doesnt meant that you go at the fastest speed ever, but you need to slow down yourself to run at a slow speed to perform well on race day.

2. Do not over-train- Many runners tend to over-train for the big race day but it might end up back-firing. It's important to scan your body before every run on your condition. Don't be afraid to cut short the distance or change your regime accordingly to suit your body as you might do your body harm if you over-exert yourself. Cross-train (yoga, swimming, strength training) if necessary and give yourself off-days!

3. How to burn more fat - Make sure that your heart rate is kept at the optimal fat burning level for higher efficiency to burn fat!

4. PBs will come when you least expected it - By doing your usual trainings and putting in effort, your fitness level will improve and you will end up surprising yourself with a PB timing be it for 5km/10km/42km. At times, runners ended up being too stressed out over their targeted timing that it affected their morale and performance.

5. Carbo-loading- Often, this is just an excuse to "eat". It is a mis-conception that you need to EAT as much as what you burn before race day. However in our body, there are actually sufficient "fats" stored in our bodies that is beyond skin deep to be used as energy/fuel for us during our runs. Thus, it doesn't mean that you need to load rice/bread prior to that as proteins/good fats like nuts will work. For ultra-marathons, the runners are able to survive a 16 hours run well despite eating minimally throughout the run. This goes the same for energy gels.

6. Eat right- Eating right before and after work-out helps to maximise your performance. Do not eat a heavy meal an hour before as your body will end up feeling tired instead.

7. Run in loops - It might be boring as compared to the long running path but it works better due to two reasons. a) you can time and pace yourself better by looking at your timing clocked for loop 1 & loop 2 etc b) for any reason if you want to cut short the distance, it's easier to do so as compared to doing a long route with no sign of u-turns. There are days where I had to cab home just because I ran too far and didn't have the energy to return hahaha.

Standing in awe of the beautiful sun-rise which is a reminder how lucky we are to be alive

Joined the other runners in town last weekend for Earth Hour. I usually run solo except for days with TC so it's a refreshing change to follow such a big group! Despite the humid weather and the frustration of having to constantly worm your way through the crowd, it was still an enjoyable 21km run admiring Singapore's skyline. And I guess, these fellow-minded people are the ones that understand your craziness and encourage you when the going gets tough.
Ending the entry with some of my favourite work-outs to strengthen the back! Works well to reduce the back flabs and can be done anywhere :) 


I especially love this tricep chair dip because it helps to reduce your "bye-bye" arms and can be done anywhere with a chair! Just make sure that your arms are kept inwards and the knees are at 90 degrees. For toning up of biceps, there are various exercise can be done in front of TV with just dumbbells/water bottle.

Never sweat the small stuffs, start your day with a good sweat instead!
PS/ There will be a give-away entry (make-up, sports items etc) coming up this week so check back soon!!


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Hi, do you follow the T25 workout via the dvd? how did you get the dd pls? Thank you!

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